November 14th, 2010 | 232 Entries

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232 Entries for “junkyard”

  1. cars, garbage, fet bloke with smelly armpit, smashed window, greese heads getting parts for there volkswagon gulf

    By oliver fergusson taylor on 11.15.2010

  2. Standing in the junkyard, I was overcome with an impending sense of dread. Looking over the rotting hulks of steel and glass, the image of past industry seemed to remain in the rusting skeletons.

    By MrGsClass URL on 11.15.2010

  3. Standing in the junkyard, an impending sense of nostalgic dread seem to wash over the steel jungle. Looking over the rotting hulks of steel and glass, the visage of past industry seemed to wash over.

    By MrGsClass URL on 11.15.2010

  4. He lay there in the scrap pile, staring at the sky as he did most days. His thoughts were miles away, thinking of all the broken machines around him. Broken like he was. They called him Junkyard and that’s how he felt. A pile of broken metal, rusty and sharp. Worn down. Used up. Discarded. So, he came here everyday, stared into the sun, and broke down more every time they yelled through the chain link at him.

    By Bishop Chave URL on 11.15.2010

  5. “Look at that dog, Honey. I looks like it came straight from a junkyard,” I said as we drove past a natural foods store. The dog was small with matted fur, perky ears, and eyes as big and bright as the summer sky on a perfect day in July.

    By Chris Rogers URL on 11.15.2010

  6. I always believed the junkyard was haunted, but I never thought it would affect me. However, the day my friends and I went to check it out was the last day

    By Cassidy M. on 11.15.2010

  7. a place where people out there garbage and it piloes up and rots and smells disguisting. serouisly, it stinks. i hate junkyards but you find so many cool things that other people had before like an old book. its so awesome

    By Alex C. on 11.15.2010

  8. I hate junkyards. They smell bad and look bad. But sometimes, I think that the junkyard can be a place where people can find interesting things. One person’s junk can be another person’s treasure. You could find many things there such as a very old thing that could be expensive if you sell it.

    By E on 11.15.2010

  9. junkyard in the house, piles of last night’s refuse making stinking homes for rats and smells and yellow peels. this is the way we could live, the way we will live when we refuse to face ourselves in the mirror with presence and instead push away the trash we’ve created.

    By Alex Light URL on 11.15.2010

  10. Junkyard is a stinky place sometimes it depends what is in the junkyard like garbage is stinky. I dont really know what it is.

    By AG on 11.15.2010

  11. A junkyard is a big area full of trash and garbage. It is also known as a dump because of all of the trash.

    By Robert M on 11.15.2010

  12. a yard where junk is stored. sometimes, kids say that there is an old cranky man works there with his big dogs. anyone jumping the fence is sicced.

    By Leo K. on 11.15.2010

  13. A junkyard is a huge area of land that is where you can put your old worthless items that nobody wants.

    By JamesH on 11.15.2010

  14. I wish I didn’t have to use my own words when I write here. Every time a word pops up all I hear in my head are song lyrics that pertain to this word.

    Junkyard, though, I’m drawing a blank with.

    Junkyard – makes me think of the Barrens in the book “IT,” a place to play and a place to find trouble.

    By Mrs. Mitchell URL on 11.15.2010

  15. I scanned the junkyard. I didn’t know what the hell I was looking for, a spare something. I didn’t know anything about cars. All I knew is that mine was broken and I was fucking screwed. You couldn’t get anywhere in America without a damn car. What was I going to do? I was already eating sandwiches just to make it through the semester.

    By theafterdream URL on 11.15.2010

  16. It’s a junkyard over here. All the things are tossed away with no order. It’s like an hurricane has passed and nothing has an order. The depression it’s getting worse, really worse. I even thought about killing myself sometimes.

    By Maia URL on 11.15.2010

  17. This is a sample.

    By Drinda URL on 11.15.2010

  18. A junky yard. A place where unwanted things are kept, normally broken and trashed cars, couches, stuff like that

    By Willis on 11.15.2010

  19. A junkyard is a very dirty, discusting place. Sometimes there’s a junkyard dog that hangs out there and bites you if you get to close.

    By Tyler on 11.15.2010

  20. A junkyard is not a good place to be. This is where all the junk goes to. Nasty things come here. Things that don’t work come here too.

    By Karina URL on 11.15.2010

  21. A place filled with junk. Why to people throw stuff away. They can just sell it. I bet someone somewhere would by a can from me i would just say i’m famous and everyone would by my junk. Haha

    By ash on 11.15.2010

  22. A place where they keep trash, and maybe old items somebody use to owe. And many other things. But does smell gross.!

    By sofia blanco URL on 11.15.2010

  23. Junkyard can be used for putting trash in, or stuff that you don’t need can go in there. But sometimes you have to pay to get the trash in.

    By Charlie1 on 11.15.2010

  24. Wow I hate junkyards they smell very bad sometimes and you can also see a bunch of rats sometimes. If my dad asks who wants to go there with him when he takes the trash there.

    By Dudley on 11.15.2010

  25. My office looks like a junkyard. Despite the time I spend filing and organizing, within days it is back to a chaotic state of dumped articles that have no where else to go. Coats, baskets of magazines, free weights, satchels, purses, hats, dog leashes, boxes of things to be filed…all find their way into this 10 x 10-ft space where I try to write.

    By Andie on 11.15.2010

  26. Is a yard that has a lot of junk. People usually go to junkyards to find things that can be reused.

    By Remington URL on 11.15.2010

  27. It was the shittiest fucking place I ever did see. A man wore a turncoat and a flange-filled hat of wool. Alas, this was the fateful location of my trivial end. I sought him, like a tiger on the trail of whatever they hunt in Siberia.

    By itilf on 11.15.2010

  28. a yard with a lot of junk (usually). Most often associated with rabid dogs and cranky old people. Junkyard.

    By MrGsClass URL on 11.15.2010

  29. Thew junkyard was silent in the moonlight. It was bright, much brighter than I had anticipatedi t would be when I was thorwn into the pile of usless trash to the left of where I now stood. One of my legs was broken, I was pretty sure, the landing had been a little rough. Groaning, Istretchedb until it made a sickening popping noise and limp ttoward the nearest form of shelter- an old beatup looking chevy that was every bit as discarded as I was.

    By neonchandelier on 11.15.2010

  30. trash, cars, oil, glass, metal, gears, parts, discarded items, pipes, junk, fence, machines,

    By MrGsClass URL on 11.15.2010

  31. well first you take the reciprocal,l which would be 1/14th and then you multiply it by the parenthetic expression (x+19) and then you have the sum of the equation. YEAH!

    By MrGsClass URL on 11.15.2010

  32. Junkyard. Kinda reminds me of Fat Albert and his friends. Singing songs and just having a good time. Junkyard. Black kids. Kinda questionable. But hey it was back in the old times so anything made kids happy.

    By MrGsClass URL on 11.15.2010

  33. there was a dirty junkyard and it was messy having to clean it would be a mess and it was stinky. It was a lot of work trying to get this cleaned up

    By MrGsClass URL on 11.15.2010

  34. spongebob and the giant worm
    little rascals or sandlot
    lots of junk
    garbage man
    i have no idea

    By MrGsClass URL on 11.15.2010

  35. the sandlot. i loved that movie so much. i think one of the dogs was named junkyard. it also makes me think of well, junkyards

    By MrGsClass URL on 11.15.2010

  36. My junkyard is sad, my lemontree stop blosoming, it turned out itself to a superproduction logic and forgot about producing flowers, since then, no more than lemons. I want my flowers back.

    By Marielisa on 11.15.2010

  37. i think of the movie sandlot. i loved that movie as a kid. i’m pretty sure that one of the dogs name was sandlot. it also makes me think of one mans trash another mans treasure

    By MrGsClass URL on 11.15.2010

  38. I remember when my little cocker spaniel bested some junkyard dogs. He surprised all of us. The junkyard dogs were coming after us and Phantom chased them back under their own fence. He was our hero that day! He did the same with a coyote another time.

    By Jade URL on 11.15.2010

  39. In the junkyard, there is an archive of past happiness, joy and ancient toys of the mind and heart to surround your senses with the testimony to the past. I love to peruse old junkyards and touch the items that might have been in the hands of an ancestor. Junkyard’s lament .. oh what a concept!

    By lanie URL on 11.15.2010

  40. A large place where things that aren’t wanted anymore are thrown. Sometimes you can find things you need there as well. I think there is some irony in there somewhere about that. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, isn’t that the phrase? I guess its all subjective.

    By Aaron URL on 11.15.2010