November 15th, 2010 | 187 Entries

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187 Entries for “ivy”

  1. Isn’t this a type of plant? I have heard of poison ivy, but I am not sure if there isn’t an ivy that is not poison.

    By Karina URL on 11.16.2010

  2. Poison Ivy is a very nasty thing. It makes you very itchy, irritable and it is just a not fun thing to have.

    By Tyler on 11.16.2010

  3. When I was in elementary school there was an old white house across from our playground. The house was covered in ivy and looked really scary from the outside. The lady who lived in the house wore this old, red wool coat. It was really long and we thought she kept fingers and weird stuff in her pocked. We called her “The Old Lady Who Eats People.” When she used to pass by my house, my brother and I ran in the house and looked out the window until it was safe to go outside. One day she hissed at us.

    By Corey on 11.16.2010

  4. The ivy covered the house like a hnad stretching over a ball. It creeped along the sides of the house, it’s sinewy muscles extending over the white siding. It covered the window of my room so that the light that entered through it was dim, broken and enclosed.

    By Emily on 11.16.2010

  5. when i see poision ivy i run to the house and try to wash it off as fast as i can with ivy scrub.

    By Frank on 11.16.2010

  6. it reminds me of that one batman movie where uma thurman is a beast and all pretty and that reminds me of George Clonney what a hottie gu looks great in anything that he wears. So ivy also reminds me of poison ivy which reminds me of nastiness

    By Jen LaFontaine URL on 11.16.2010

  7. piosen ivy hurts. ivy looks weird. ivy stings. ivy smells funny. ivy makes u go to the hospital

    By ikaika URL on 11.16.2010

  8. the ivy grew on the wall. it was green. ivy was in festing the old building.

    By jace URL on 11.16.2010

  9. runs down the trees as a thin, river of green. So bro. So much flow. It wraps itself around the tree as she wraps her legs around me and we exist.

    By Chip on 11.16.2010

  10. I think ivy is a very pretty thing, my grandma has some and i love to go and look at it all da. It is a verypretty plant!(: To me if you don’t oh well deal with it!

    By RaeRae URL on 11.16.2010

  11. A beautiful green plant that is called ivy
    people use it as a ground covering
    i use it as a room decorator it is beautiful to me
    the greek use it as a hat

    By Lil_Schwag URL on 11.16.2010

  12. ivy is a plant
    ivy has three litters
    sometimes people think its poision ivy
    ivy is used for lots of things

    By stephy URL on 11.16.2010

  13. Ivy crept up more ivy
    from seasons of past habit
    with no where else to climb
    but off and out
    towards light and sky
    easier to twist and hide in the remnants of the past
    and assured of ascension
    than to venture outwards

    By Mel DuPont URL on 11.16.2010

  14. Ivy growing up the trellissweabving a twisted path up toward the sky, creating latice work of nature, hiding whats underneath, protecting the contents. Green and natural such a coy web it weaves.

    By melmcca on 11.16.2010

  15. accending
    reaching for the unknown
    out of grasp
    always extending, but not overly
    and hiding
    creating a ladder to unparalleled heights
    unsuccesful in drowning out the light to those within it’s path
    creeping, weaving, winding
    tendrils of hope

    By Curious on 11.16.2010

  16. The ivy grew up the building. i was laying on the ivy. i saw the ivy. ivy is a green color. the ivy was tall.

    By Richy URL on 11.16.2010

  17. The ivy curled up and along the brick of his home. It was a mask, hiding the rot of those bricks, stealing the attention away from the weeds in front, and covering windows covered in grime. They were a beautiful mask, though, however deceptive they were. Isn’t that the way it always works, though? she thought.

    By Elizabeth URL on 11.16.2010

  18. rooftop club in san antonio.

    By rey on 11.16.2010

  19. i was walking along a bank of a rr han in hand with my most loved one….. i was on top of the world and feeling .’hey. i am the luckiest woman’ but i never knew he was taking me over to the poison ivy

    By neema on 11.16.2010

  20. ivy is a plant that grows as a vine that you could climb if its big enough that is oh ya and also ivy is like poison ivy wich is bad for you and you should not eat it you should not eat ivy in general

    By Mikki URL on 11.16.2010

  21. the ivy slope in the backyard went in and out during the winter. sometimes, we climbed, fell, and tumbled down. othertimes, we scraped up the dirt and became the king of the mountain, for a second, before getting yanked below again.

    By robert stapleton on 11.16.2010

  22. Ivy come with me! I shout to her as i run out the door.

    By Gwyndolin URL on 11.16.2010

  23. The old house down the street had ivy crawling ‘cross the walls. I had wanted to hide out in the backyard with the broken down patio and the trees choked by weeds. My parents told me to stay away from that property, that I’d only break my leg or get arrested. I went away, and both happened. I never learn my lesson.

    By megan URL on 11.16.2010

  24. it’s itchy. and beautiful when it climbs up walls. its a girls name. the girls whos names are ivy are usually very small and pretty and dainty. it reminds sam of england. cause there is a lot of ivy in england and she had a friend in england named ivy. ivy is super awesome. the word is in purple and purple does not go with ivy.

    By Meredith on 11.16.2010

  25. Like an ivy
    A thorn forgotten
    She stings me
    But it’s good
    And the ivy shall remain
    And I feel no pain

    By Thomas Fuglestad on 11.16.2010

  26. Ivy covered the front of the building like a cancer. He took a deep breath and knocked on the door. The paint was peeling and the knocker was rusted so he used a closed fist. He waited, bouncing nervously on the balls of his feet. The sky was concentration camp grey today, like the universe knew the business to which he was attending. The door creaked open.

    By Julie URL on 11.16.2010

  27. what a waste of space really. ivy can be so generic…and such a blah filler…when i think of ivy i think of cheesy fluff/filler at the top of an entertainment center of in vases or wall pockets. i’m not a big fan of ivy!

    By Amy on 11.16.2010