November 14th, 2010 | 232 Entries

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232 Entries for “junkyard”

  1. He was a junkyard dog. Tough and used to his duty. This…”petting” was new. How was he supposed to react? His instincts told him to bark, run around and posture, bite….but it felt so nice……

    By blakkhawkk on 11.15.2010

  2. He picked up the flattened tire that was covering the object he so dearly coveted. Upon the removal of the tire, he realized that his mind had just been playing tricks on him. His goal to find food in this… junkyard… had been an unsuccessful journey. “Now what,” he thought, “there’s absolutely no food here and i have no idea where i am anyway”.

    By Christopher URL on 11.15.2010

  3. this has cars, planes, metal, old clothes and peoples rubbish. You never know what you can find here. Vintage items maybe that time forgot. There was once a show called scrapheap challenge and the contestants had to survive in a junkyard. It was surprising to find out that it is possible

    By Feora McQuillan on 11.15.2010

  4. a place where you dump your trash, and sometimes there are scary dogs there to protect it or scary people…with mullets…

    By Alon Sorenson on 11.15.2010

  5. The red dog rolled onto his back, knocking aside a few tin cans in the process. His fur was matted and muddy, leftover from the weekend’s steady rain that had soaked drop…. by drop…. by drop into the junkyard’s sandy soil floor. He yawned and stretched his paws skyward as a vulture made lazy circles in the now sunny sky. As the junkyard owner lumbered out of the office and yelled, the filthy mongrel jumped to his feet.

    By Alison on 11.15.2010

  6. Walking in the junkyard seeing all that has been left behind. Trash and treasure all in one little spot. Its so fun to see which could be of use to me.

    the US is not a world power with ping pong tables. The Chinese ping pong table is made from oak and has yet to rot.

    By D on 11.15.2010

  7. The junkyard looked horrible. And it was right outside our back door. Trash cans overflowed; cans and bottles were only partially bagged up, waiting to be recycled. Piles of old clothes waited next to the washer and dryer, waiting to be washed.

    By samantha hartman URL on 11.15.2010

  8. a place where people unload the large amounts of crap that we collect throughout our lives. if we never bought it in the first place we would not have a need of a place in which to get rid of it. stop polluting the world people.

    By CMJ101087 on 11.15.2010

  9. junk

    By joe on 11.15.2010

  10. There was once a small fox who got his forest nocked down so he had to live in a junkyard.

    By Liam on 11.15.2010

  11. a junkyard is aplace that you putt your yunk in. you might put a rusty car in a junkyaed or a chrushed can. do you ever wouder ? wells i n

    By charles on 11.15.2010

  12. a man kidnapped a kid and took him to the old junkyard. there he stole everything he had on him then killed him. the police found his burned chopped up. they took his unburned remains and cremated them. they never caught the killer he might be coming for you.

    By ca on 11.15.2010

  13. george came down to the junkyard to thow away his old television when all of the sudden a group of junkyard dogs came and chased him out.

    By anthony on 11.15.2010

  14. Once this kid was walking in a junkyard he saw a new car it was about to get crushed it was a nice Corvette all of the gates were shut he ran as fast as he could to get there before the Corvette got crushed. he was climbing up the gate and he heard a noise as bad as a beautiful pizza getting crushed it was the Corvette he was so upset.

    By Brian on 11.15.2010

  15. It is smelly it where people go when they are dumpster diving.

    By vpagliaroli8 on 11.15.2010

  16. its where the bad kids go and hang out. also where it smells.

    By JJP on 11.15.2010

  17. I stray cat scampered across the road during the night. Hopping over rocks, and crawling though pipes, the cat was looking for food. Suddenly the cat sees a large box! Filled with curiousity the cat runs to the box and crawls inside. Sticking its head into the box it sees so much food! “What good luck.” the cat thought to itself!!!

    By Elizabeth on 11.15.2010

  18. There once was a girl named Molly. molly had just moved here and didn’t really know anyone. SHe went for a walk to try an dfind a pizza place for lunch. she made a wrong turn and she saw the a man, the man Said Why are you here empoyees only!. she ran away scared. she bumped into a girl named jess. Jess and Molly became fast friends. jess took Molly to the pizza place right down the road from her house. They talked for a while and they live right next to each other.

    By Tricia on 11.15.2010

  19. One day a boy was walking back to his house from school. He came across a junkyard and just stopped. He saw all these things and thought he could make something cool with these things. There was a piece of wood and 4 little wheels. So he went and got them and brought them home. Once he got home he went into his dads tool box and got all the things he needed and when he finnished is came out like a scateboard. Now everyday when he is coming hom from school on his scateboard he thinks about that junkyard and remembers that day.

    By Nicole on 11.15.2010

  20. It is where dogs are and it is messy and smelly and people can be members and steal things from their. But the dog can bite you if your close to it.

    By mace on 11.15.2010

  21. One day a girl saw a big junkyard and she dicided to jump the fence to see what the junkyard was like. She found out that it was smelly and that there were four dogs and they were very vishous and they bite they were chacing her and she fell over her laces. The dogs got closer and closer to her. Suddenelly, she got up and ran and jumped back over the fence. She thought to herself that was so scary im never going back over there again!

    By Niamh on 11.15.2010

  22. He called it a car lot. I called it a junkyard because all the cars were junk. I couldn’t kick the tires they were flat. I couldn’t slam the doors because they all needed gallons of WD-40 to free them up. And I couldn’t check under the hoods because there were hornets’ nests under each and every one of them.

    By Doug McIntire URL on 11.15.2010

  23. Their I was full with dirt, muddy and disgusting. All i could see are pills of “junk.” It was horrible! As i l on the floor, with a huge scratch on my knee.

    By hannah on 11.15.2010

  24. My lover left me in a junkyard. One moment they were there and the next the only things surrounding me were twisted metal and rust. I’ve been wandering ever since, looking through oil drums and puddles of chemicals. feeling my way over rusted pipes and hardly decomposed plastic. I lost my way but I don’t mind. The feeling of metal beneath my fingers helps me through.

    By Rai X URL on 11.15.2010

  25. Waste. An illustration of the wastefulness we are casually unaware of. We throw out so much…we disregard so much. Our possessions, people, thoughts, words. All of it. Sometimes, we live in an intellectual Junkyard…wastefulness we can’t escape.

    By Sarah on 11.15.2010

  26. A junkyard is a place where junk goes. All the junk, from all over town, goes to one place where it’s kept forever. Or is it? What happens to the junk once it’s there?

    Sometimes people burn it. Sometimes people will come by it. Other times…who knows?

    By Cory on 11.15.2010

  27. a cat went ti a junnkyard, she was abandoned so she lived there. she had many friends, like a hippo and a nice mouse. one day mouse went to cat and said, QUICK HIDE! so cat, not knowing why hid, and then there saw animal control.

    By Madison S. on 11.15.2010

  28. a place where your rubbish goes when they come to collect it if it’s not recycleable. Sounds like a place where druggies go. Made up of yard and junk. Junk is a metaphor for drugs.

    By rach on 11.15.2010

  29. A disgusting mess of stuff that no one really wants.

    By Katelin on 11.15.2010

  30. I get all my best parts from the junkyard. Honestly, the things people throw away! It’s a gold mine. Synchronizers! Primary buffer panels! With enough time, I could build a ship from scratch, fer nuthin’.

    By Mel DuPont URL on 11.15.2010

  31. Who hates those neighbors who don’t care about anyone else and have a junkyard! It seems like whenever you move to a new neighborhood to get away from that, there is one in the new one too!

    By Jolt URL on 11.15.2010

  32. trash, bad, smelly, stinky, big, junk, dumpster, heap,

    By Sophia Bastedo on 11.15.2010