October 20th, 2016 | 75 Entries

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75 Entries for “iron”

  1. hjklffggjhgl

    By Mrs. Gordon on 10.20.2016

  2. down deep in the caves
    there was a glint of light
    i saw it
    i saw the iron
    as joy rushed through my body
    i ran towards it with pickaxe in hand
    mined it
    went up
    smelted it
    crafted my sword
    and moved on

    By Amber on 10.20.2016

  3. Iron out the creases in my life
    blow steam over the problems and gently smooth down
    spray water on the bigger things
    and they too
    will disappear
    oh no
    a stain
    that cannot be fixed by ironing
    so wash
    and rinse
    and dry
    and iron
    and repeat
    and repeat
    and repeat
    and soon
    there will be no more wrinkles left

    By Daisy Leason on 10.20.2016

  4. It is a solid word it is used for swords and ect. it can be very useful its mostly used more weapons. There is also two different types of iron.

    By Kadin on 10.20.2016

  5. I had to work to survive. I worked under a blacksmith who was always very kind to me. I learned how to make swords out of iron, steel, copper, and all different kinds of metal.

    By Jaedon on 10.20.2016

  6. “Why don’t you grab that iron over there, and flatten your nice church pants for tomorrow.” “But Maaaaaa! I don’t wanna” Billy said through his tears.

    By TessaAnn on 10.20.2016

  7. Dean sneaks around the building, an iron crow bar in his hands as he looks for the ghost and young girl trapped with her. Michael was in the graveyard, finding the grave that held the ghost’s body. Once Dean finds the ghost, he swings the crowbar, slashing the ghost in half and making no her disappear. He quickly picks up the little girl who was with the ghost, and starts running towards the entrance of the building. Meanwhile in the graveyard, Michael finds the grave and digs it up, throwing salt, gasoline and a match on top, setting the bones on fire. In the office building, the ghost screams and tries to attack Dean, but is quickly sent up in flames, killing her. Dean then takes the girl back to her mother, who was working on the other side of the building, completley oblivious to what had happened.

    By Deandra on 10.20.2016

  8. Break down the iron and steal
    Iron and steel
    Iron and steel
    Break down the iron and steal
    You need not worry

    Feel not the wounds it makes
    Wounds it makes
    Wounds it makes
    Feel not the wounds it makes
    You need not worry

    Do not scream and cry
    Scream and cry
    Scream and cry
    I am by your side
    You need not worry

    By Ami on 10.20.2016

  9. “There is nothing,” he crooned, eyes drawn to iron. He was intent on ruining. Intent on tyranny. She watched in fascination as the storm of him swelled.

    By H URL on 10.20.2016

  10. Ironing is something I have never been a fan of. I have never done it consistently, but I see the need for it. When I was working in John Yarmuth’s office, I used to work with a woman who really loved to iron, she did it every day, and instilled that in her kids, too. She told me that she got them mini ironing boards for them when they left for college, to put in their dorm rooms. I laughed because it seemed so silly but also so practical.

    By Hailey Donovan on 10.20.2016

  11. iron is a cool thing you can make a lot with it and a lot of things are made of it not alot of bikes are made of it because its heavy and i think its a really strong peace of metalnn

    By cobey on 10.20.2016

  12. I like pumping iron, doing things like playing to.

    By kameron on 10.20.2016

  13. Winter the coldest time of the year.
    Feels great on hot sweaty days you wish it was winter.
    Ah winter on hot days you want it to winter and on cold rainy days you want heat just me ive been there every single day. Winter is beautiful the coldness and the white snow flakes hitting your face winter snow on the fresh green trees.

    By Bella Thompson URL on 10.20.2016

  14. Veins pale blue beneath the cover of skin as hemoglobin, rich in iron, carries oxygen. Upon a small scratch, flows blood red with valor as they go to battle to cluster.

    By Stella on 10.20.2016

  15. the iron bars are is light the iron is good for you the iron is in your phone

    By jonathan on 10.20.2016

  16. “OUCH!” I screamed, as I brushed my hand on the hot, steaming iron. My mom rushed up stairs, and looked at it. “You’ll survive” she said, “But its going to hurt.”

    By Samantha on 10.20.2016

  17. .I used the iron pickaxe to mine in minecraft and i was going to make more and my iron pickaxe brokeand i had to make a new one.

    By steven gower on 10.20.2016

  18. Iron is important for health. It carries oxygen around the blood and gives us life! I’m sure it has other uses in the chemical soup of the planet, but I’m not sure what. Also, cast iron pots are heavy.

    By escargotnoel on 10.20.2016

  19. She knew that it wasn’t a good idea. But she had already made up her mind, and her iron will wouldn’t let her do anything else. People talked about her behind her back, but she didn’t care. The only thing she cared about was getting to her goals; proving herself to the ones who didn’t think she was good enough. Because as long as she knew that she could do it, it didn’t matter what anyone else said.

    By Rain Imber on 10.20.2016

  20. The swords that were made of stern iron now turned red and orange with rust as they sat on the table in the abandoned armory. In fact, it looked as though nobody had frequented these barracks in years. This intrigued Kevin, who ran his fingers across the flat part of one oxidized blade and marveled at the stain it left on his skin.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.20.2016

  21. “the heviest thing i have ever held” delly managed to grunt out.
    “it is pretty big” colin said

    By jaycee on 10.20.2016

  22. Iron the one of the world most valuable materials. We use it daily it can be a mineral like in your cereal. Or in our cars or bridges.

    By jaylen on 10.20.2016

  23. these iron barbs surround me
    moral is low
    health is pitiful
    but i mustn’t quit
    i cant quit
    not now
    not ever
    i must keep moving forward
    for my baby
    my baby baby
    i must do it

    for the baby

    By grld URL on 10.20.2016

  24. “Why don’t you iron your clothes after I do the laundry?”

    “What? Why would I do that?”

    “Gee, I dunno, maybe because it would make up for all the other housework you don’t do around here, you lazy bum!”

    “Well, sorr-y. Things haven’t exactly been easy since I started working full time!”

    By B.E. on 10.20.2016

  25. I want to be a person with the iron will. I will try everything to achieve this goal. good luck to me!

    By Aliceecho on 10.20.2016

  26. Grey metal flashing across fabric. Tired, crumpled clothing becoming new, pristine. Hours and hours spent, pressing the hot metal across sheets, trousers, shirts. The badge of the invisible. Grey metal, flashing across fabric. Dreams dancing in droplets of steam, uncaptured. Ironing, proving you’re part of a secret club; people nodding approvingly; but who is going to iron out your own sense of identity which lies crumpled in a heap somewhere deep inside of you?

    By story URL on 10.20.2016

  27. malleable but sometimes hard… like a person’s heart

    By Linne on 10.20.2016

  28. Iron is made out of something magical perhaps or is it something that isn’t magical at all? Maybe we are fooled by iron I say, I shout, I command, I yell into your face! So where is iron man lurking these days anyway?

    By Em on 10.20.2016

  29. i don’t know what it means, so sorry i am not that good in english, hope i will undrstand the next one :p oh ok

    By oui oui on 10.20.2016

  30. again why u don’t change this word
    well i translate it, i never use it when ever i need to buy dresses i look for ones where i don’t need to use it

    By oui oui on 10.20.2016

  31. iron deficiency is a lack of iron in the blood and is called iron deficiency anemia. i am worried that i dont get enough iron since i am mostly a vegetarian and iron is not absorbed well from plant sources. is it a bad thing that nutrition is the first thing i think when i see the word iron? should i be writing about laundry? why does it matter? i overthink things.

    By coffeeturtle on 10.20.2016

  32. something steely in your stomach. something you’re lacking. something you’ve never had. a love you never lost. black curls at the back of his neck. hands you’ve never held. music you’ve never heard. a room you’ve never cleaned. fear you’ve never shed. words you’ve never said. a dream you’ve never dreamt. sleep you never had

    By mara on 10.20.2016

  33. Steam was rising from the shirt when I pulled the iron off. The patch of shirt it had been sitting on was burned through. I pulled the plug on the old thing and continued my search of the house.

    By Emma on 10.20.2016

  34. clothes straightener

    By Joe on 10.20.2016

  35. n iron fist, comes from the group, does it rust and turn red or is that another metal its strong and powerful i think it is in the bible Iron is really cool. I have a castiron skillet in my drawer.

    By Anne Grant on 10.20.2016

  36. i like iron it is storng and powerful i have cast iron skillet and it is good for making cornbread which is yummy with chili on cold days. when i was little i used to iron clothes for a lady with three kids all their names started with a k I was scared I would burn myself

    By Anne Grant on 10.20.2016

  37. A valuable material in our World’s industries. We use it daily in our food for nutrients and in our cars. It can be cruial to our bodies.

    By jaylen on 10.20.2016

  38. I love the look of the necklace ,but i am allergic to iron and the necklace is made of iron.

    By jaycee on 10.20.2016

  39. Why must feelings have so much control over us and everything we do? You hurt me but I did nothing to you. It still hurts a little bit everyday but I am learning my lesson. You cannot bring me down, I am getting stronger by every second. You made me generate an iron heart, there, I said it. I loved you but I cannot do anything about it.

    By Alexa on 10.20.2016

  40. Iron is a metal, used in blades and weapons back in the ancient times. It’s also an element on the periodic table, and is usually seen up with gold, copper, and sliver at times. It was first used in iron-working with the Hittites.

    By Banana on 10.20.2016