October 21st, 2016 | 26 Entries

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26 Entries for “certified”

  1. “Hello, I am a certified baby-sitter!” I said to the mom with 15 kids at the convention. I work at the daycare at the mall where it was being held. “Ok good!” she said a little to quickly and practically threw her baby at me and ran away. Now I just have to wait for back-up, since I was alone with 15 kids, ages 0-9. Great.

    By Samantha on 10.21.2016

  2. Wenn es zertifiziert ist, dann glauben sie dir, dass du es kannst. Denn du musstest ja eine Prüfung bestehen. Papier ist Papier, Papier ist geduldig. Papier lügt nicht. Oder doch? Jeder kann irgendwas auf Papier schreiben. Am Ende kann man gar niemandem mehr glauben. Nicht einmal sich selbst. Denn was weiß ich denn, warum ich vor zehn Jahren dies oder das aufs Papier geschrieben habe?

    By Eli URL on 10.21.2016

  3. hi

    By mirandasingsYT URL on 10.21.2016

  4. He said he was Board Certified; said he’d been to med school, said he could do the surgery even though he hadn’t picked up a scalpel in 15 years or so. He was the only one around who knew anything about what she had or how to cure it. What she had was gangrene and what she needed was for that leg to come off. There is a simple decision to make when there is only one choice available. Make it or don’t. It makes everything crystal clear; everything. “I can’t do it if I have to be awake,” she said. He told her he had all kinds of things back at the cabin that would knock her out but good. “Maybe even for days.” As long as she didn’t feel it, she would be okay. She didn’t think about what she’d look like after that or where she’d go or what she’d do. How she’d live with one leg. Probably the same way she’d live with two. If she was really unlucky.

    By rubyluby on 10.21.2016

  5. her glasses were thick and her eyes sharp
    features stiff
    shoulders up
    she was a doctor alright
    a certified one and you could look in her office and see
    with all the degrees on her walls
    with turn-lipped smiles

    By vanessa. p URL on 10.21.2016

  6. to be certified. WOw. what does that even mean. I was. certificate. legal. societal. qualifications. proof of knowledge. to be certified is to have proof. However who is providing that ‘proof’ is questionable’

    By Serenity Paing on 10.21.2016

  7. still certified.still learning. I can finally start creating. I just have to be certified first. I just have to get qualified. I just have to wait for someone to tell me I can do it. I have to await approval

    By Serenity Paing URL on 10.21.2016

  8. i’m a certified anxiety queen
    pulling up to the house in my limousine
    going to bed and crying
    why has god abandoned us

    By stranger on 10.21.2016

  9. “He’s a certified florist.”
    I harrumph. Certified florist, my foot. That man couldn’t name a rose if the answer was waved in front of him.

    By Shadow Writer URL on 10.21.2016

  10. Cara walked out of the towering skyscraper, an indifferent look on her face. The cameras swoop in on her, eager reporters crowd around her for the story. Is the certified or un-certified?

    By Kaitze on 10.21.2016

  11. He flashes his ID proudly and says, “yes ma’am, a certified chiropractor.” I laugh! A 20 year old certified chiropractor! Did he get into Harvard at 15? I turn briskly and leave the establishment before he can do my spine any harm.

    By Yahtzee URL on 10.21.2016

  12. license to get paid
    CERTIFIED education
    from loans, in debt made

    gilded print letters
    mere paper aeneous edged
    lingers as fetters

    it compels us to
    voluntary slavery
    the college degree

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 10.21.2016

  13. greeen beautiful smart inteligente alive live love amor breath run fly create eat kill born swim water earth fire

    By DAFNE on 10.21.2016

  14. Many people are certified in something. Fix people’s car’s. Take care of someone’s pet. Whatever. But me? I’m certified in something unusual. I specialize in taking people’s memories.

    By WolfKaiserin URL on 10.21.2016

  15. “You say you’re a certified public accountant?” asked Melanie’s date, as she picked at the plate of pasta with shrimp scampi in front of her.

    “Yeah,” replied Melanie. “I actually like it. I know it sounds boring, but – ”

    “It’s not boring,” her date interrupted. “Just because I don’t get it, doesn’t mean it’s boring. I mean, Hell, I’m a mechanic.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.21.2016

  16. Last week, I took a sixty-question test from the Federal Aeronautics Administration and became certified to fly a drone in a commercial setting. So I guess it’s true: I am certifiable.

    By Abraham Mulst on 10.22.2016

  17. Certified is a bunch of bull shit.. Someone else is qualified to give you a shiny label? Why should the person on the other end trust the certifying agency and not you? It cuts social and community ties.

    By escargotnoel URL on 10.22.2016

  18. She was certified to enter into a profession that she loved. However, the rest of the world didn’t see it that way. Teaching isn’t a profession to the rest of the world. It’s what you do when you can’t do.

    By A teacher on 10.22.2016

  19. i am certified to make you feeMokhl miserable. This life has enough proof that i am not trustworthy or even sane. I can lie, i am anonymous and I am insane. so fool no one but yourself when you take me as your friend. I am the system.

    By Enigma URL on 10.22.2016

  20. “I know what I’m doing.” He grunted, pushing down harder on my abdomen. I didn’t have to look to know that blood was still seeping out. “Really?” I asked. “Because it feels like you don’t.”

    By Emma URL on 10.22.2016

  21. She adjusted the framed certificate on the wall slightly to the right. Perfect. She swept her hand over her desk, wiping away imaginary dust and took a last look around. Great. This looks great. Like a real lawyer. She tried not to giggle with excitement. She raised her shoulders and sighed.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 10.22.2016

  22. i wish i was certified
    i cant do anything right in life
    fuck me man
    my self esteem is so low
    i look horrible
    i hate myself
    fuck this is depressing
    this post sucks…

    By grld URL on 10.22.2016

  23. “Hey” said Joe “I got certified.” what does that mean.” said Jacob
    “That means I have been congratulated for doing something” said Joe

    By Jaycee on 10.22.2016

  24. “I am a certified plummer ma’am”. He said, Mrs.Jones toilet has been clogged for weeks. She has been to every plummer in town but she had to call one outside of town. Luckily it was only two hours away in Salt Lake City Utah.

    By jaylen on 10.22.2016

  25. “I am a certified accountant!” Ed cried shrilly, despite the hubbub over his credentials. Meera remained unimpressed.
    “Then what happened to your taxes?” she wondered out loud, making him sputtered and shake.

    By Emgee H. URL on 10.22.2016

  26. Molly continued blubbering. Rachel released an ungratified grunt and faced the front. Without glancing at the signal, she shifted the car into DRIVE then accelerated, not realizing the flow of traffic changed. Her car guided forward. It wasn’t until the blaring, urgent horn blasted in the air that drowned Molly’s crying which Rachel turn her head.

    By kaye on 10.22.2016