October 18th, 2016 | 57 Entries

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57 Entries for “steps”

  1. the number of steps i took today didn’t burn as many calories as i would have wanted. more steps are needed. which means more running, first thing in the morning. i was reminded to work my steps as well. working on my soul and body.

    By coffeeturtle on 10.19.2016

  2. I have taken steps
    to improve music skills, but
    can’t match Brooklyn Duo

    By ! Haiku-man ! on 10.19.2016

  3. they go down to the beach where I grew up.
    Steep, uneven and concrete. they are shadowed in trees. At the bottom the dark passage opens to a bright beach, the light reflecting off the stones

    By Stephanie on 10.19.2016

  4. @ Lisa:

    ! Wenn Sie sich ohne Brücke, bauen Sie ein, oder nehmen Sie ein Boot!

    I always take STEPS
    the maximum precautions
    to prevent failures

    All steps are in vain
    for I shall forever fail

    …to quit yet again

    – ! Namaste !

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 10.19.2016

  5. Take it carefully, step by step. It’ll take a while to recover, I know. And I know that it’ll hurt, each step you get farther away. But you have to. It’s going to hurt, and you’re going to want to turn around and go leap right back into his or her arms, but please… don’t torture yourself any more. You cannot turn around, and you cannot walk back. Not unless you want to witness yourself wither away as the seasons pass day by day, month by month, year by year. The steps– they don’t have to be big and mighty. They don’t have to be life-changing, or anything of the sort. They just… have to get you safe. Alright? Step. By. Step. That’s the key….

    By Lucian Haigonvire on 10.19.2016

  6. every step he took was another reminder of the life he lived. a lifetime of regrets etched by the soles of his shoes. not even the sands of time could erased these.

    By lysander on 10.19.2016

  7. Little moments, little movements, I don’t know how many. Tip tip tap along, forward or backwards. By now, too much in this or that direction, knowing nowhere. nowhere to come.

    By K. Johnson on 10.19.2016

  8. An important step in the Archylte Steppes:
    don’t get stepped on by the Adamantoise

    By omqwat on 10.20.2016

  9. as i walk the step away from my bed, it calls me back. it doesnt know that i have to go miles

    By devyani17 on 10.20.2016

  10. Steps are taken maybe lightly
    perhaps sometimes largely.
    Either way the steps are constantly spiralling

    By Carly on 10.20.2016

  11. Steps are manual lift to elevate you to some another height.

    By Ritesh URL on 10.20.2016

  12. Running, panting for breath, I chased. The man in the black jacket was twenty, fifteen, ten steps ahead of me. I could see the sweat on the back of his neck. I closed in.

    By Emma on 10.20.2016

  13. she came home after school and said hi and she went up the steps to go to her room and she
    got her homework done and then she went down the steps and she spend some time with her family.

    By marisha on 10.20.2016

  14. The steps are rare, the step are cool, the steps can kill some one and everyone loves steps.

    By Dylan on 10.20.2016

  15. I have a hard time moving from step to step Ive never believe in steps I jump to frequently landing always on my face. But life is to boring not to take risks so Ill walk up to him and tell him that I love him,

    By Khyla Duarte on 10.20.2016

  16. Steps, you take them forward, you take them backwards. And you sometimes don’t take any. Where they lead you, you only know by taking them. Is it hard to take the steps that you should? Don’t know if they are forward or back? Just take and see. You’ll get there.

    By shruti on 10.20.2016

  17. It lightly pitter-pattered down the second-floor hallway but with such assuredness. No one had ever made such steps sound so in control. A pitter-patter… usually a carefree thing.

    By Zoe on 10.20.2016