October 20th, 2016 | 75 Entries

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75 Entries for “iron”

  1. I burnt my finger on my wife’s iron. it still hurts. i couldn’t get the wrinkles out of this one stupid shirt. I don’t know why i even keep shirts that are so brutal to iron; i never wear it or the two others like it.

    By Travis on 10.20.2016

  2. “Strike when the iron is hot,” her mother used to tell her. She wasn’t a black smith and she certainly didn’t like, or see the need, to iron clothing. But when she saw the young man sitting by himself and drinking a beer, she moved towards him, clutching the crowbar in her hand. She could feel its warmth.

    By chanpheng URL on 10.20.2016

  3. What to be said about Iron/Ferrous Fe.
    Its known for its hardness but rust destroys it.

    By Ritesh on 10.20.2016

  4. an iron hand wrapped around her throat in the comfort of her own bed.
    she could not move, her body numb and trembling.
    the intruder sat on top of her, static willingly.
    this should pass.
    it will stop eventually.
    it has to.
    it has to.

    By vanikey on 10.20.2016

  5. Without even a moment to realize it, she picked up the iron blazing hot.. and threw it at my face. Ill never be the same. i still love her.

    By Anaiis K on 10.20.2016

  6. Iron is a strange word, does it mean a metal or does it mean that you are strong? What does it actually mean? And is it anything to o with Ron from Harry Potter? perhaps it was Ron’s grandad? Our his son in the new play?

    By sonia on 10.20.2016

  7. Iron? is it the original name of Ron from Harry Potter?

    By soniaS on 10.20.2016

  8. Me Me Me, always so self important. Hardened, yes, malleable, yes. But there is a rigidity there in the utility of this, in the smell and character of the thing.

    By K. Johnson on 10.20.2016

  9. There is a sort of irony
    In caring too much you see
    There’s no proof it’ll be ok
    And you salvage what remains

    All to keep your hope intact
    Save it for rainy day
    Save it for rainy day
    When it might make difference anyway

    By Russ Buckit URL on 10.20.2016

  10. Iron and blood. Ale and weed. Parker and Posey. What. The. Hell. Is this all I have? Seriously. Jet, stop jumping on stuff, you cutie patootiey. I will tickle the loving hell out of you if you do it again.

    By Emgee H. on 10.21.2016

  11. iron, my heart shines, valuation
    comes nationwide, strides,
    fourthcoming, only when you see the truth behind the banner posted in your restroom exclaiming “dare”. figments baffling the brain like an a smudged dirty eraser robs paper of its purity, all around us, one emaciated, one not, trick or trot!

    By Milad URL on 10.21.2016

  12. no claws only nails
    Its good we have IRON tools
    to defend ourselves

    meager teeth, small fangs
    with forged iron we now reign
    more hunters, less prey

    By ! HAiKu-MaN ! on 10.21.2016

  13. There are many types of iron known to the world since ancient times. They include mild steel Ductile iron, Cast iron and Various alloys of iron.
    it has been

    By aalok singhi on 10.21.2016

  14. Pumping Iron, heaving, sweating, breathing, pushing, pushing, pushing. Must be strong, must be big, must be strong. Be a man, be a man, be a man, an iron man.

    By Loren Dean-Austin on 10.21.2016

  15. She sipped her water and tried not to think about the pill in her mouth. Didn’t work. She started to gag, restrained herself, and swallowed it down. Ew. She winced at the metal taste of the pill and the acid in her stomach.

    By Bridget Grace on 10.21.2016

  16. iron and bone are long-time lovers
    although bone sometimes chooses to kiss blood.

    By anothershadowbox on 10.21.2016

  17. I have to work to survive. Zombies were coming. My sick grandpa lying in bed dying. Will I Survive. U should have given me more time u nerds.

    By Jaedon on 10.21.2016

  18. Here she is at the board, slogging away. A champion of the steam setting, gliding, sliding, a hero of the most honorable kind. The collars are tough, the sleeves suck, the whole shirt is ugly as hell, but what the hell, that’s what a wife fucking does, no? Grab the hanger, get that sucker on it, next. Pants. His fucking oversized pants with a zipper on them that holds in what? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. These are the brown ones; he likes these better than the ones he wore to the job this morning because the brown ones make him feel like a real man, which, by the way if you give a shit, he is not. Flip off the steam, shove that thing over the pants, doesn’t matter if the wrinkles don’t all go away, he won’t notice. All he wants to see is the stuff done and folded, put neatly in the drawer. And remember, when you get to the zipper, remember that he can never keep the damned thing up. Who doesn’t know that?

    By ruby on 10.21.2016

  19. There were bits of iron all over the floor. I looked at it; shocked and dumbfounded with my feet firmly rooted to the ground. I asked myself,”What happened here? What was the cause?” As an investigator it is my responsibility to handle this mysterious case. But, how do I solve it?

    By zacc on 10.21.2016

  20. The taste of iron on the back of tongue was disconcerting. I didn’t understand what was happening, but I knew that the fist that flew toward my face wasn’t going to stop any time soon. But before it could reach me, a blast of energy had flown from my hands towards my assailant, blasting him backward before I knew what happened. I could feel the ozone in the air, taste the iron in my mouth, and I knew somehow I”d caused this.

    By KitKat on 10.21.2016

  21. The taste of iron filled her mouth. She cursed, spat. “Fuck,” she seethed, and glared at the unconscious form curled up beside her.

    By chi URL on 10.21.2016

  22. strong and cold and grey and steely and metal and underneath a softer substance and backbones and women and clouds and eyes and hair and nails and teeth and hammers and thoughts and unbelievable that i cant think of another thing to write WOW ok go team we can pull through this for another five seconds i hope ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    By gem on 10.21.2016

  23. I pummp my iron evey day so i can be strong and hethey and swet and i eat iron in my serlln so i can be strong.

    By gunnar on 10.21.2016

  24. /clang/
    All these were symbolized by the iron hammer that was striking the iron blade. The black of its impurity was dark and true, and as he lifted the blade it glinted dully in the flickering light of the furnace.
    The tongs gripped it firmly, and he dipped it into the bucket of water to his left. Steam rose in plumes as the familiar hissing echoed from its depths.
    In a few days, the blade would be mounted onto the crest that adorned the back wall behind the throne, just as black and impure as it was now. Their faction would fall, but it would not be this time.

    By The Wanderer on 10.21.2016

  25. iron, a material among materials. this is my first entry and came to see, wisdom and experience walk together, as iron can be folded and strengthened, so experience and Knowledge can.

    By lyrics on 10.21.2016

  26. Burn, flatten steam slave to fashion

    It never worked on my crows feet

    By smattc URL on 10.21.2016

  27. Iron is something we use every day.
    It is used in cereal necklaces every thing.
    it is weird to think …
    the ugly taste of necklace can be so good in our cereal!!!?

    By Jaycee on 10.21.2016

  28. Che cos’è il ferro? Un materiale duro, resistente, certo, ma questo solo all’apparenza. In realtà io credo che anche il ferro abbia un cuore fragile, anche il ferro è una persona, e ha un animo come il nostro, ama altri lingotti, ama altri materiali, il ferro è un tipo a posto, è dolce, non duro.

    By Cosmin on 10.21.2016

  29. Iron the same word as yesterday. But one of the most used products in the world. We use it daily there are vitamin pills for it and it can b in your food. But it is used in companies like to build cars an bridges.

    By jaylen on 10.21.2016

  30. The bars rattled as he shook them, screaming. His long dirty hair covered his eyes, but I knew that I would see madness if I looked into them.

    By Emma on 10.21.2016

  31. i was mining iron in minecraft when a creeper blew up behind me and killed me hasent anyone told a creeper to not kill someone in the back!!

    By Ashton on 10.21.2016

  32. The ironman championship was coming up soon and I just wasn’t ready. I had to make time to exercise or I was going to have another miserable experience. It just wasn’t in the cards to fail at this again but as usual, I waited until the last minute to think about how to prepare. Procrastination was not my friend.

    By egw on 10.21.2016

  33. a matirieal found in minectaft and reallife it is used for armour, craftin and weapons, its also in our bodys.

    By TheDragonVortex on 10.21.2016

  34. Irons are hot, and metal, and useless to write songs about. They are merely inanimate objects used for daily household tasks, except that most people don’t even use them daily. We don’t even use our iron monthly, and I ddin’t even know we had one until fairly recently. I certainly cannot write a song about an iron. Or could I? I wrote a song about a window? I don’t know, this is probably the least useful cue I could have gotten. But what kind of composer am I if I can’t take the challenge?

    By Margie URL on 10.21.2016

  35. iron is a metal witch is not found alone in nature. it is used to make a lot of thing like, cars and building structure

    By julia on 10.21.2016