February 18th, 2011 | 401 Entries

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401 Entries for “invent”

  1. “I invented you! I discovered you, I made you, I built you. I brought you here, I inspired you, I believed in you. Why won’t you just look at me?”

    By rest URL on 02.18.2011

  2. the invented lie was developed in the dawn of history by two cavemen try to out do each in tales of the hunt. the invention of course was who speared the largest mastedon.

    By tim floto URL on 02.18.2011

  3. i invented myself in some abyss of my mind, i fashioned myself from the grey cerebreal nothingness. i made color from the echo of memory and sound from the lingering taste of feeling.

    By RK on 02.18.2011

  4. i like to invent things, weither they are simple or complex. i like to see creativity wither its from children or adults. invent means to create. i like to create i like to see creations. i wish i could invetnt a time machine. i wonder if its possible. i wonder if anything us possible with a simple thought

    By mireya on 02.18.2011

  5. the invented tale of the caveman was summed up in their cave paintings. alas the one telling the story was killed by a saber tooth tiger. how could he tell the story?

    By fats URL on 02.18.2011

  6. i always wanted to invent something. not even anything big…just something that would be known as something i invented. I’d want to tell my kids that their mommy made that thing. and they would think i was as smart as albert einstein. thats really all i think about when i think of invent. i dont know much inventors. maybe i do i just can’t think under pressure.

    By Cassidy on 02.18.2011

  7. He fumbled with a screwdriver his hands shaking trying to not disturb the delicate system he had created. The run down garage had boxes of all sorts and sizes, stacked high against two walls. The shelves along the right side of the building bulged with manuals, tools and various wires poked out between them.

    By klala URL on 02.18.2011

  8. He invented me. She didn’t realize it until it was over and he walked away, crushed rose in hand. Looking down at her feet she realized how much control he had. She scrapped the wet ground with her sneakers and began walking in the opposite direction.

    By Julia URL on 02.18.2011

  9. to invent. it’s a glorious freedom that has been afforded to humans. a way to better ourselves as well as express ourself and use our knowledge. without invention there wouldn’t be a human race today. It’s what furthers our race and will continue to do so.

    By ginger on 02.18.2011

  10. Thomas Edison invented the light buld, invention is the way of time. What keeps us going, what seperates us from the rest of time. With people inventing things. We would be stuck in a long time we could never get out of. Mnay great things have been inteved that have helped us. Sooo yeaa.

    By Chrissy on 02.18.2011

  11. You ever just, oh I don’t know… want to invent something? Maybe a toothbrush made out of cat whiskers, or a fart-powered balloon inflater? Can you imagine the glory? People would be lining up outside your door with cakes and dollar bills and stuff.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 02.18.2011

  12. It’s not an easy thing, inventing. It takes loads of patience, and thought, and things like that. It takes skill, and cleverness and an assortment of quick thinking and careful thought. It’s also hard to be the father of an invention. I speak from experience. It’s one thing to love your work, and a completely different for others to love your work enough to make it famous. It’s how the fifth industrial revolution started, and how life on Earth was changed forever. It’s how everything changed and living on Earth became impossible. It’s how life amoungst the stars became normal. All this because of one single idea. My idea. The world changed, and everything with it.

    By Hana URL on 02.18.2011

  13. This article by Bea Fields are right on target about how today’s leaders need special qualities in a wired world. A great read.

    By Jeannette Paladino URL on 02.18.2011

  14. She couldn’t help but wonder whether anyone would ever invent something that would stop her from thinking.

    By A Bananie URL on 02.18.2011

  15. you invent things. the lightbulb. cars. everything is invented. like, everything. i want to invent something. that would be pretty badass. inventing. making. creating. INVENT. thomas jefferson, samuel adams, and i dont know anyone else. but they invented things.

    By Sabrina on 02.18.2011

  16. I wish I could invent something useful and beautiful. It doesn’t have to be something tangible… I could invent a philosophy or a religion. If I were to invent an object it would be a brush with shampoo in it. So useful.

    By Ingrid on 02.18.2011

  17. I worked tirelessly for years. Never ending, constant thinking and assembling. And failing. But all of those failures finally paid off. I created something amazing, one that I will finally be recognized for.

    My name is Thomas Edison. This is my story.

    By MutantMike URL on 02.18.2011

  18. start smth new. new ideas, made real, make something new that no one has ever seen. MAr

    By Mary on 02.18.2011

  19. I will invent the understandable noumenon which is the real reality. I think so, don’t you ?

    La réalité est parfois si complexe qu’on ne peut la perseveoir que par les phénomènes que l’on invente parfois pour mieux décrire ce que l’on croit être la réalité mais qui n’est en fait qu’une apparence de la réalité.

    By John Smith on 02.18.2011

  20. Bringing things out of my mind and putting them to use. Making dreams come true. Helping mankind expand their horizions. Meeting the odds and beating them. People in cramped garages feverishly working on this that and the third.

    By Amber URL on 02.18.2011

  21. let’s invent something. or let’s not invent anything. and go back to the way earth use to be. without toilet seats or electronic train, without satellites and without cars. It comes with no pollution too. Or, let’s invent something that can suck away ALL pollution. That’s better.

    By looiirene URL on 02.18.2011

  22. I’ve never been inventive, sadly. I was always much better at following very direct directions to do a task, never very able to think outside the box in creative or inventive ways. I could never see things in that way.

    By TTGG URL on 02.18.2011

  23. I would like to invent a word. A dubious word that means something sexy. This word shall raise eyebrows and cause giggles.

    By Imperfect.In.deed URL on 02.18.2011

  24. Inventions help the world keep going. Without new inventions everything would seem to stop. The people must be pleased and in order to do that they need new stuff. New inventions keeps them running and keeps inventors paid.

    By Lauren URL on 02.18.2011

  25. Inventing something can you make you into a prized person. Why? You most likely will invent something that can take you places and can help out human kind. For example the person who invented the airplane or the toaster.

    By Karina on 02.18.2011

  26. i would like to invent sonmething new, somehthing that is both beautiful and useful. color light form and use. invent. somthing that doesnt seem to exist in this world anymore. its sad but oh so true. loss of invention, creativity is a sad development in todays world.

    By beth on 02.18.2011

  27. The girl she used to be seemed like a character of the past. She was new. She was popular. She no longer wore kanji pants and gap sweaters. When she looked in the mirror there was an entirely new person staring back at her. A person that did not reflect who she really was, but a mere invention of perfection.

    By mary on 02.18.2011

  28. Make it go or stay, Dane and sing, Make it loud or quite. Make it be still. Make it calming, or stressful, As long as it works Its fine by me.

    By Melody on 02.18.2011

  29. creatvity love hate worship despiration inspiration wondering confusion hope help advocate live assist join abandon change invent

    By mandymoose on 02.18.2011

  30. I inventing this wonderful contraption. It was make of simple things, everyday things that were sitting upon my desk. A pencil, a bunch of wrappers, a coffee mug, some sticky tack, to name a few.
    It wasn’t really a contraption.
    It was really just a blob I guess.
    But hey, atleast I managed to pass the time.

    By Destiny-Blue on 02.18.2011

  31. Does anyone invent anything anymore? Have we already come up with everything there is to possibly come up with?
    Has it all been done?

    By Beavatron3000 URL on 02.18.2011

  32. Why to invent a wheel ?

    well there is always a need for a better wheel somewhere.
    Why not make the things better ?
    There is alwaus a necessity for something better and then necessity is the mother of invention..
    So don;t stop inventing.

    By Girish on 02.18.2011

  33. invent a flying pen with wings that are blue
    yes! That’s a great idea said the guy in a suit
    Suddenly a spaceship crashed near the farm and killed a cow. The cow scream became so loud they had to cover their ears.

    By Santiago Parra on 02.18.2011

  34. That’s my problem, you see.
    I can’t invent
    string the words together until they swirl
    together making something magical and new
    — see can’t I find a better word than magical to use?
    Words have chemistry, the way they interact isn’t fucking MAGICAL,
    it’s magnetic, it’s animal magnetism, some words work better together than others
    you can’t put wrench and banana together and expect poetry
    it’s experimental, it’s trying not doing yoda
    it’s succeeding and failing and ripping up the paper and throwing it in the trash
    and missing, of course, you’re no kobe bryant now are you?
    the words won’t be strung together
    they don’t fit on the same string
    you can’t invent what won’t work

    By Melissa on 02.18.2011

  35. Inventors are remarkable people. Thomas Edison and Percy Spencer. Electricity and the microwave. Where would we be without them? Inventing is someone anyone can do with courage and determinations.

    By lila on 02.18.2011

  36. to invent something is the purest form of imagination. it helps the world to grow as a whole, and contributes greatly to our culture. Helping the world one step at a time, you should invent too, and help our world.

    By Lucas on 02.18.2011

  37. To invent something is creating whatever you need to survive in this ugly world surrounded by more people inventing more stuff until they become exhausted and they have to die, so their inventions become meaningless for the rest of the world, because no one understands them as good as they.

    By Dapi URL on 02.18.2011

  38. einstein and edison lightbulb cotton gin innovation the assembly line henry ford lambourghini the car model 1

    By Ansley on 02.18.2011

  39. I want to invent something to make me stop thinking of you. I bet someone already did because if I’m the only one who thinks of you this much there’s something wrong with me. I’m in love with you, fucking in love with you and you don’t even know it. You broke my heart when you ended it. I need someone to invent something to make me forget you.

    By maryjane URL on 02.18.2011

  40. albert einstein atomic bomb death brilliance destruction eco-friendly go green alternative fuel be smart don’t waste

    By Jackie Blanchard on 02.18.2011