February 17th, 2011 | 572 Entries

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572 Entries for “tangle”

  1. I have already done this… I shall not again. For we are already so damn entangled, I know not where you stop and I begin… Yet, the dopamine has its pull…

    By Ella Lussuria URL on 02.18.2011

  2. My hair untangles as I run my fingers through the strands. Our fingers tangle as I whisper “I love you.”

    By Jromzzz URL on 02.18.2011

  3. We twist and tangle, through the night. Stars above lost their glow for it belongs to you and I. Twist and tangle, til we’ve forgotten everything about who we used to me. My eyes will watch as my love out grows me.

    By BrandonAlec URL on 02.18.2011

  4. chopped, disjointed. tangled. words, falling out my mouth before I think them, sucking on the split ends of straw- like hair, fear rising in my stomach as i pray, hope everything will be ok.

    By lydia on 02.18.2011

  5. hair in my face all over her body, feely fdancing in e the wind with the sun on her body next to the ocean, obave the sand, in the bar she sees me i feel her shes laughing and i am not crying

    By cliff on 02.18.2011

  6. entiwined, entranced, the jumble of our lives. Link hands with me and we’ll leave this empty place. Our vines bring meaning with their mess, their leaves, their trimmings on the floor.

    By Halo on 02.18.2011

  7. I hate getting tangles in my hair. When I try to get them out I get scared im going to rip out my hair and go bald. (Time with the tape at work!!) :S

    By Kimberly on 02.18.2011

  8. I am tangled in your hair, you are tangled in my legs we are tangled in each other’s minds. I love you

    By Bob on 02.18.2011

  9. I can always feel you in my hair, tangle. I know you’re there, laughing at me, threatening to ruin my day. Good for you that I have a solution.

    I’m just going to leave you there. That’s right- leaving you there. Not even going to say a word about you. Not going to think about you, agonize over you, or anything else. While I often stride for perfection with my hair, I know that I have someone who doesn’t care about the way it looks. That knot in my hair? No big deal for him.

    So I’ll deal with it, too. That’s the least I can do.

    … Or maybe I’ll just brush you out tomorrow. Baby steps, tangle. Baby steps.

    By Ky on 02.18.2011

  10. A knotted mess that creates problems. Sometimes it’s in your hair… sometimes it’s in your yarn… Sometimes it’s in your life. It is hard to straighten out and requires a lot of effort if you want to straighten it out. If you don’t fix it, it gets more and more intense until it’s so challenging that the only way to fix it is to cut out all strands creating the tangle entirely.

    By pinkbassoon on 02.18.2011

  11. We fall to the ground, laughing. The liquid gold sunlight pours down on us. It is a perfect moment caught on film, way baen film was still the norm for taking pictures. I wonder at the people in that picture. Do they still exist somewhere or has the worlde too far for that now?

    By DoingTheWriteThing.Wordpress.com URL on 02.18.2011

  12. tangled, in a mess that couldn’t be repaired. the knots and strands entrapped and binded together their apparent love. but she was lying. she couldn’t tell the truth or look at him in the same way. he was free and loose, but she was dead in the water.

    By :) URL on 02.18.2011