November 16th, 2012 | 142 Entries

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142 Entries for “institutions”

  1. The institutions that we have established as a society have led to much conflict in society.

    By Christie Caulfield on 11.17.2012

  2. I drove up the hill towards the giant brick faced monolith. It had bars on the windows. windows that trapped people behind them until the end of their days. Our car slowed to a halt at the front door, a woman in a uniform greeted us and helped me out of the backseat. “You’re going to be here for a long time”, she said…

    By Mr.Writesabit URL on 11.17.2012

  3. These institutions were made to provide students with a better education, not to beat them. Do you realize how angry this makes me? They hit a child! That’s NOT okay! How could any one even attempt this? You need to be shut down, sir! You are horrible!

    By Maya Celeste on 11.17.2012

  4. They stand tall, They’ve been here forever and that’s not something that will change anytime soon. Some are powerful. Some are just run down. Those that remain inside are either taken care of left to fend for themselves.

    By Christie on 11.17.2012

  5. The dank hospital room was horrible and cold and empty. There were people everywhere and all of them just wanted the opportunity to be themselves but were trapped away. They wanted the chance to get out of here, out of the white walls and white floors and white corridors. The doctors wanted to get away from them as well as they slowly made their rounds. There were too many patients to each doctor and too few people willing to help out. No funds. No chance. No hope. Each patient found themselves angered by the situation they were in but nobody seemed to know what to say to them.

    By Emma on 11.17.2012

  6. When I think about institutions I think about education. The sharing of wisdom and knowledge and knowing the difference between the two. Simply A Space To Experience The Knowing.

    By Kevin Isaac URL on 11.17.2012

  7. instiitutions suck dick. Instiitutions take your money, leave you out in the cold to hang and dry. They dont care about the individual, they care about what they can get from the individual. Not all are bad, Just 99 percent of them like the 99% they steal from.

    By j p on 11.17.2012

  8. there were all different institutions
    but what
    did they mean?
    to you

    By k on 11.17.2012

  9. Who wants to be institutionalized, Institutions create banality and boredom. Bring an end to institutions.

    By Gary McNaney on 11.17.2012

  10. Institutions lines the road. The Science Institution, the Archetecture Institution, the Art Institution. I walked down the alley, wondering where I should go now.

    By Iam Me on 11.17.2012

  11. We sit on the bus and it isn’t so much fear but jealousy and anticipation that keeps our backs against the seats, not looking at the schools we pass or the dreams we might have- later, later, we say. The buildings aren’t yet ours.

    By Saudade on 11.17.2012

  12. doctors

    By alice on 11.17.2012

  13. lock me up
    hide me in these walls
    crush my spirit
    i will shine brighter from limitations

    By brose URL on 11.17.2012

  14. You argue about
    The institutions of family
    That no matter what
    You’ll be there to help
    Frack that
    Uses keep using
    Whiners keep whining
    Do I want that around
    Sorry dear
    The shallow end of the gene pool
    Needs some cleaning

    By recogirl URL on 11.17.2012

  15. institutions are insane. Institutions, like conventions, are nice to visit but better to break out of. Institutions are not good for life.

    By Emily on 11.17.2012

  16. Institutions. forever structuring a society that would be in chaos without. so many

    By Natalia Day on 11.17.2012

  17. my eyes are fine
    the mirror says so
    my hands are clean
    my hair is straight
    my heart is pure
    my eyes are fine
    my eyes are fine
    my eyes are fine
    i’ll claw out yours
    if you say otherwise.

    By isa on 11.17.2012

  18. In support of public safety (or so we claim)
    We, citizens, do humbly here decree
    That there shall be a tax throughout the state
    (Which some (them) claim to punish the wealthy,
    Who don’t deserve the burden of supporting
    Those under they, who they can’t keep affording
    Lest expansions on their mansions they forego,
    And play their golf without that eighteenth hole)
    To fund improvements for our schooling system;
    These funds shall be quite set aside for aught
    Outside of that, preventing use of them
    For means outside the realm of teaching thought,
    Excepting ‘course, our prison institutions;
    If schooling fails, those must provide solutions.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz on 11.17.2012

  19. it’s like we live in all these glass boxes and even when we want out, we keep ourselves inside. and it’s hot and uncomfortable but being outside is too large. brick walls and broken thoughts.

    By bryn on 11.17.2012

  20. Isn’t that somewhere that put you when they can’t decide what to do with you?
    Sure, it’s easier for them
    But not for you

    In reality it’s probably the last place you should be..

    By Myf Ruakere on 11.17.2012

  21. A schoolyard
    A prison
    I think and I believe
    but I know these desks carved with lovers names
    these letters and numbers
    are a shady misnomer
    a broken system in which
    everyone loses

    By Zoe Brouns on 11.17.2012

  22. As much as I abhor the college process, and as unbearably tedious as it seems to me, I must say I am looking forward to nothing in life quite as much as leaving my home for one of these institutions.

    By Nastya on 11.17.2012