September 4th, 2009 | 175 Entries

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175 Entries for “index”

  1. gutless?

    By nedkelly on 09.05.2009

  2. Index. I look at your index finger. It’s pointing at me again.Blaming.. I wonder, are you really sure of what you’re accusing me of?

    By Ekilow on 09.05.2009

  3. NO! just watching

    By xxx on 09.05.2009

  4. So… see you next week?

    By nedkelly on 09.05.2009

  5. we will see

    By xxx on 09.05.2009

  6. i wish there were an index of all the bones in the human body; the artistic bone, the smart one. one for each emotion and thought.

    By secret siren on 09.05.2009

  7. an index of my writing is an index of my photographs. I find myself creating indexes and documentaries whe I should create expressions, distortions and poetry through my images.

    By oscar on 09.05.2009

  8. a place where u find words i once went to the index to find a recipe for meatballs and it was delisouce my family loved themit was funny my three year old ate like five of them but it was an easy recipe as well i wish

    By Bonnie on 09.05.2009

  9. Indexes hold information. You go there to find what you are looking for, and they lead you to the answers you seek. Indexes are organized, helpful, and comforting, like a library. What a useful thing.

    By Shelby on 09.05.2009

  10. I look for the book and unable to find, I turn to the dusty old cabinet and look for the index card. The one that might tell me exactly where the book is I’m looking for. After hours of digging something screams, “You’ve found it!” yes the card I was looking for. I go for the kill but the book isn’t there. Its already been checked out…

    By CJT on 09.05.2009

  11. she flipped through the index at the back of the book, frantically searching for the info she needed. her assignment was due in five minutes, and she had been foolish enough to tell herself that it wouldn’t take more than one or two.

    By hanna on 09.05.2009

  12. i use index cards at school for projects….what do you use them for?

    By kfjghshg on 09.05.2009

  13. deep beyond the loose leafs
    of well-labored
    That’s where you’ll find me.
    Directing every last idea.
    And if you’re in a bind,
    you’ll be glad I did.

    By NuSol on 09.05.2009

  14. An index of names. A rolodex. Index cards and indices. The Dow Jones Index. The SP500.

    By Anonymous on 09.05.2009

  15. She buried her index finger into his chest to emphasize her point. There would be no going back after. Finally, it was over.

    By Paulie on 09.05.2009