September 3rd, 2009 | 352 Entries

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352 Entries for “stereo”

  1. i love my stereo because it connects me to the latest sounds and styles in the music world. whenever i’m really down, music always makes a difference (even when i think it won’t) and my stereo is how i “get there.” what would i do without it? and an ipod is sometimes just no substitute.

    By stephanie on 09.04.2009

  2. the stereo in my car is not working properly. I asked my dad to buy a new one. The Funny part is that, he didn’t even listen to that… I dont know why he was always like the same. He have to change his attitude first os all. THen I thought os buying a new Stereo, from my salary. ins-ha allah i will buy it at the earliest.

    By fadi on 09.04.2009

  3. It was seven thirty am, and I was hardly awake, but I had to go to class. I figured a good way to wake up would be to drive at a high speed while playing electronica music at the loudest my car stereo would allow. It definitely worked, I woke up. But now, twelve hours later, my head is still throbbing.

    By Annie on 09.04.2009

  4. i’m writing in stereo. sucking in stereo. like the figgs.

    By jen on 09.04.2009

  5. Ummmmmmm yeah.

    By Anonymous on 09.04.2009

  6. Stereo sound. Acutely attuned to my environment. Nature speaks, but softly. Hard I try to listen to it. Hard I try to lessen the tendency of human nature. The more I cried over the failure we human have created on ourselves.

    By Olivia Griselda on 09.04.2009

  7. Having a great set of headphones is key to hearing the best of music production. I never liked ear buds until recently, because you couldn’t hear great stereo sound.

    By POB on 09.04.2009

  8. a stereo is a box that makes music i’m not sure who made it but i am sure that i know a lot of people that have them. The sound that comes out of them is based on the CD that is placed inside

    By garrett on 09.04.2009

  9. I listen to the stereo rarely. But everyday, deep inside my office, I get surprised by somebody who knocked and yelled and finally just came in because I was rocking out with the headphones on.

    By Sare on 09.04.2009

  10. I love to listen to music on my stereo. I crank it up and enjoy. The only problem that I have is that my stereo head is not working.. Time to buy a new one

    By Beaudge on 09.04.2009

  11. turn down the stereo
    block out all sound
    i don’t need to hear “im sorry”
    from all around

    By Myst on 09.04.2009

  12. My stereo bumps hard, all the way from Compton to South Centeral. Actually I don’t even have a stereo. Why would I say it bumps hard? Who would say that?

    By Hoody on 09.04.2009

  13. stereo steroe staring at the ceiling listening to music music consuming an empty void but still once it is turned off then once again returns. I am thinking 80’s people walking down the streets listening to rap cool stuff like that

    By Alex on 09.04.2009

  14. i turn it on and the song plays again, the song that reminds me of you. a tear falls down my face and an ache forms in my heart and for some reason even though it hurts i don’t shut the stereo off.

    By anonymous on 09.04.2009

  15. i absolutely love my stereo… it’s big and loud… and with the sub-wuffer, the bass sounds so good… I love having my stereo blasted at the loudest volume possible… It’s awesome

    By MoonSeeker on 09.04.2009

  16. The stereo was playing some classic myles davis as I sat there in my arm chair with a glass of single malt. I thought to myself, where does the time go?

    By david on 09.04.2009

  17. two pair: cheeks that bulge with each smile

    two pair: thighs white, labial

    twins are mine

    By Anonymous on 09.04.2009

  18. few things in life provide as much joy as the ability to recreate live music in the comfort of my home. the recreation of a musical moment in time – amazing.

    By ag on 09.04.2009

  19. Your not my annie

    By Tiger Ear on 09.04.2009

  20. He punches “play,” and instantly–miraculously, almost–Bowie’s alien melodies come crackling forth from dusty speakers.

    By Tamasin on 09.04.2009

  21. stereo blaring in the empty street

    No noise

    It fuzzes out amongst the garbage


    the last tidbits of reality

    the last vestige of humanity




    By Max on 09.04.2009

  22. Every morning I ride with the stereo, i have lunch with the stereo, I meet people like Terry Gross every day for my ride home. The stereo is a small link to the world.

    By Mr. D on 09.04.2009

  23. a stereo is what you listen to music about and you can do other things

    By Anonymous on 09.04.2009

  24. i listen to my stereo on a friday night when i am at home. sometimes i’ll just put the radio on and i’ll let the stations take me somewhere. other times it’s my ipod. it’s always that friday night release, after a week of work.

    I sign loudly along with the music, I yell sometimes. I can feel the tension just melting out of me. The speakers surround me in the room and I feel very zen once I turn it off.

    By Samantha on 09.04.2009

  25. my life is in stereo. i hear sets of voices in my head; one is offering fun and good times and a massive hangover.

    the other chides me to behave, to follow the good book (of my choice) and to never do anything that would make my mother ashamed.

    the third reminds me that all decisions have consequences, and to think long before i do or say anything.

    far too often, i listen to the last one, that says, “fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke”, letting me go my own way into that dark night.

    By quin browne on 09.04.2009

  26. stereos piss me off !! mp3 is much better …. jeez !!! and the always look so daym ugly !! things need to be prettier !!!!! damn it

    By thomas on 09.04.2009

  27. not this again !!! jesus christ !!
    stereo stereo we love you stereo !!!!

    By Moo You on 09.04.2009

  28. i got a new stereo and then my brother was like i want it and i was like no cuz its mine then my dad was like give it to him cuz hes more awesomer than you and yeah so my life sux donkey dick.

    By pattar on 09.04.2009

  29. You make a lot of sound
    It makes the thoughts in my head go round

    By Anonymous on 09.04.2009

  30. Music in stereo. Both ears. The left is different than the right. .But does it matter which ear hears which side? My children say that they can swap the ends of their headphones and it makes no difference! Are they crazy? The left side is the left part of the band if you’re looking at the stage, the right side is the right side of the band as you are looking at the stage. If you swap them, the music is inside out!
    In the olden days Mono was the way. Stereo brought both ears into play. It matters. Especially when the worm eats into your brain.. the Pink Floyd song that sounds like a worm eating through your head from one side to the other in the song Brain Damage.

    By Bert Poly on 09.04.2009

  31. this is a stereo playing music. just record and play.

    By whats up on 09.04.2009

  32. the kind of incessant buzzing that once was a life light to the wearied mind now sounds as an ugly hint of reminder shown clear by a seeing eye brightening the corpse lying on the floor and the blood on hands clenching on a knife with similar stains. loud never seemed so loud as today.

    By kuri on 09.04.2009