September 5th, 2009 | 340 Entries

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340 Entries for “bleep”

  1. its a sound made by computers or other electronic gadgets and its used to signify the completion of a job or to show that there’s an error somewhere in the info you have entered,

    By janani on 09.06.2009

  2. What the “bleep!”, what do you think you’re “bleeping” doing? You son of a “bleep”.

    Censored life. Does it really make it friendlier?

    By zizizit on 09.06.2009

  3. bleap. blop. computer talk. we are becoming computers. becoming fat, lazy, computer-using Americans. but that’s…okay? because we’re getting “smarter,” right?

    By Kate. on 09.06.2009

  4. what the blep? no that isn’t bleep that is blep a blep is tiny mark a bleep is a deletion. why the bleep does anyone bother with a blep? sleep sounds like bleep, but sleep is

    By bright autumn on 09.06.2009

  5. What the bleep is this, she shouted? I’m so sick of you being a jerk and then acting like you are God’s gift to women. You know what, you freaking bleep, you suck. You need to get a life and stop terrorizing everyone else’s. You are a low life bleep who can’t even take care of himself

    By Nikki on 09.06.2009

  6. Censorship. Watch what you say, my friends. You know they do. They will take your words and capture them. No longer your breath. Your thoughts.

    By beautane on 09.06.2009

  7. Bleeeeeeep. That is the sound that I make when I have nothing else to say. Like when someone asks me an awkward question. Or when I run out of things to talk about that I like. Or when I miss you so much that I can’t talk.

    By Shaun on 09.06.2009

  8. what the bleep do we know…more about the law of attraction. I am learning so much and new ideas and thoughts come to me daily. new teachers are attrcted to me and I am learning to deliberately create and to fork in the direction of what I want. there

    By lynda on 09.06.2009

  9. A short sound that transcends into my brain; a dull, ever-prevailing utterance that drives my burning annoyance. What is your purpose? To inform? No; you only serve to make others miserable. I do not appreaciate your e

    By Anonymous on 09.06.2009

  10. Your such a stupid bleep!

    By Linda on 09.06.2009

  11. To bleep is to curse. Obscenity is always a bleep.
    Bad connotation. Use better vocabulary.

    By Elation on 09.06.2009

  12. Bleep. I’m at University, isolated and angry, a drug addict with no friends getting more and more detached. They’ve asked me to bleep my weekly student radio show. I refuse, hoping somehow to become a visionary, a rebel. Break moulds. They simply replace me with R’nB hour.

    By Anonymous on 09.06.2009

  13. What the fuck?

    By jake on 09.06.2009

  14. There is sound in everything. There is sound in the wind, in the rain, in the endless chatter around you and the purposelessness of your job, your school, your life. There is sound when you think there is not. Sound in your thoughts, sound in the tranquility of silence. Your gears wind and churn and you are left with a murmur of nothing.

    By anna on 09.06.2009

  15. there’s beauty in disaster.

    By Alexandra on 09.06.2009

  16. I miss you so much it hurts. It’s all I can think about, all I can hear. I can hear it around me, choking me, pretending to be the words I need to know. It’s empty, though. You’re not coming back and I know it. What I don’t understand is how I can still hear you, even now. Even now. It’s not fair.

    By lynn on 09.06.2009

  17. repetitive and redundant.

    By blaise. on 09.06.2009

  18. Bleep, what the bleep? I don’t know what to say about bleep. Maybe I could write about blip or blimp or bowl or sheep but bleep? Not really a thing but an anti-thing.

    By Cynthia Davidson on 09.06.2009

  19. I couldn’t get the sound out of my head. It permeated every thought, ever attempt at an action. Pulsating, repeating, bleating the same ryhmical pattern of noise. My concentration fixated on the sound.

    By Amy Cluggish on 09.06.2009

  20. Bleep is a form of word that people use when they are angry or just hate to use words because they hate life. Really it’s for people who hate life. I men, people who hate life at any given moment. You know, celebrities? They’re not supposed to say things that generate this wrod. But when they do it’s a firestorm and people think they’re bad people, when really, they’re not. They’re just like us. They just get caught on magazine covers, and man, that sucks.

    By Anonymous on 09.06.2009