September 28th, 2012 | 251 Entries

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251 Entries for “hundred”

  1. and one tales to keep myself alive. one hundred and one ways to charm a guy. ‘accidental’ touch. a good yarn. lots of smiles (ninety-eight). lean in.

    By lolaglass URL on 09.29.2012

  2. After hundreds of days, I finally found a friend to help me cope with my suffering. His name was Rat Poison.

    By Joaquin J. Santana on 09.29.2012

  3. I saw a hundred men charging down the hill, screaming battle cries. I slowly raised my blade and yelled myself. I led my group of 20 to meet them. Today we die.

    By Will on 09.29.2012

  4. i can name one hundred reasons why i am falling in love with you, hell, maybe thousands.. i just hope one day ill grow the balls to tell you how i feel..but for now,, ill post it on the internet i am in love with you Troy <3..

    By bxbombshell URL on 09.29.2012

  5. Notes waved through the air and onto the floor. She scrambled, trying to gather all the hundreds back into her purse.

    ‘Oh my,’ she muttered, dusting her knees as she stood again. ‘It’s just not my day, I suppose.’

    By genahtastic URL on 09.29.2012

  6. there are a hundred ways to do anything, to get stuck on one way is the narrow minded way. Keep an open mind, your way in never the only way, whether you like it or not.

    By eyeinthesky on 09.29.2012

  7. Do I want to be third in the One Word lineup??? No! I want to be one hundred!!!

    By Chezrobin URL on 09.29.2012

  8. a hundred is what i wrote yesterday about. :/ i wanted something different but anyway.
    i had got 100 % marks in maths in highschool and that felt great :i just notised hundred word is full of curves. lol

    By au1688 on 09.29.2012

  9. one hundred bottles of beer on the wall and then the hippo drank one so there were only ninity nine bottles like in the song about bottles of beer on the wall.

    By rachel on 09.29.2012

  10. boring number using as a stepping stone for bigger numbers scientic notation hundred dollars used on street names a lot like old hundred simple two zeros

    By Shelby Flowers on 09.29.2012

  11. I already did this one. I guess the site is a few hours behind in terms of time zone. It got me thinking about the distance between me and others. It can be measured in time zones, miles, years, life experiences. A hundred different degrees of separation.

    By Soft URL on 09.29.2012

  12. Hundred was yesterday’s word, was it not?

    I remember sitting on the couch and writing about wishes a hundred wishes past.

    By Cynthia URL on 09.29.2012

  13. One hundred days.
    That’s all it took—
    One hundred laughs,
    one hundred smiles—
    They fell in love.
    Passion consumed them.
    One hundred days—
    would turn into a lifetime of memories.

    By Theresa on 09.29.2012

  14. Hund red. Dog rot. Ein roter Hund, lief kugelrund mit schiefem Mund zum Meeresgrund, wo – oh Wund – er landete im Haifischschlund.

    By LotteZwo URL on 09.29.2012

  15. There were things like “make a list of a hundred things you love about a person”, and I thought, how do people DO that? I still can’t do, I dont know, 20, and I’ve been in a relationship for 11 months WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?

    By meep? on 09.29.2012

  16. It seems like yesterday when my big accomplishment of the day, my proudest achievement, was being able to count to one hundred. It seemed like such big deal to my wee little mind. Now as I’m older, the vastness of hundred has been replaced with billions and trillions.

    By wgirl URL on 09.29.2012

  17. smaller than boundless, the amount of times i’ve missed you in the last second, the number of things that remind me of you, how many dollars i wish i had, beautiful piano intros i haven’t played in so long, how many more days until i’m home for the summer, how many holes in my heart, 100% incomplete, how many hours i need to sleep

    By anonymous on 09.29.2012

  18. One hundred. Two hundred. Three hundred. I kept counting until I reached a thousand. We were out numbered three to one. But it had been like this before. And we had come out victors. Why should this time be any different? Then I remembered. They had magic. And we didn’t. We would be obliterated in seconds while they all went back home to their families. One hundred. Two hundred. Three hundred. I started counting again.

    By Breanna on 09.29.2012

  19. Did you know that the letter “a” does not show up when the numbers are spelled out until you reach one thousAnd. Hundred (no “a”), twenty two (no “a”). Pretty useless fact, right?

    By Amris on 09.29.2012

  20. There was no accounting for the people milling around. One, two hundred, maybe? Josh watched the blank faces passing him in the street. They all looked the same and suddenly he decided if he was going to survive, he’d better look just like them….blank, lacking emotion, without a sense of self. He fell in with the nearest group and started walking toward the edge of town.

    By Cim URL on 09.29.2012

  21. a hundred people cross this street every day. some go to work, some take their dog on a trip, and some just wander around with no good cause in mind. a hundred people, not one of them i know.

    By gal on 09.29.2012

  22. Wishes, hundred wishes! Hundred opportunities and desires. Hundred choices and reasons to stay and live.

    By Ana on 09.29.2012

  23. I hate telling my friends something for a hundred times..

    By Ana on 09.29.2012

  24. a legion of somebodies. a clasp of hands, how many fingers.. a thousand give or take. what have those hands done, what useful and useless things. if we could live to a hundred that would be enough, that’s what james said once… a hundred years, so long, so short, but it passes easily enough, like all, it passes.

    By omar URL on 09.29.2012

  25. a hundred miles i have travel in the insides of your love how can i not know that i love you if with hundred miles i have love you ur mind is mine ur love is not but a hundred years i will wait for your real love too shown. thanks for ur time ur words and love even if ur dreams are not mine ur time will always be mine.

    By silka on 09.29.2012

  26. hundred is 10 * is also 1000/10…
    hundred in year terms is called a century….
    there are 2 zeros in a hundred…..

    By Anusree on 09.29.2012

  27. People. Hundreds of people everywhere, anywhere we can go. Hundreds of differences, that some people can’t overlook and that weight other people down everyday. Hundreds of choices, hundreds of paths to take and explore. Hundreds of dreams, hundreds of thoughts. Meeting, evolving, dissolving: growing together.

    By Sophy on 09.29.2012

  28. Its a number of little meaning. Triple digits. I don’t know why hundred is significant. I hope I don’t live that long. Though the world has only been around for 60 hundred years. I think. I’m losing my mind. THis is impossible! Hundred sucks! I want a better word. Ugh! So frustrating…

    By Aaron on 09.29.2012

  29. I didnt think that hundred could be written in different ways till I have looked at this site. it is now probable that numnbersd mean different things when weitten in words, just as hundred is for me now.

    By Abel on 09.29.2012

  30. It was only a decision i had wanted to take a hundred times before. But the time kept postponing it till now. One hundred times ans still i will not give up. It is to live a hundred years s.

    By Abel URL on 09.29.2012

  31. there are a hundred acres in the hundred acre wood. those are a hundred acres of winnie the pooh and piglet and eyeore and rabbit and kanga and roo and christopher robin. and even in those hundred acres, they still have each other. they’re never so far away as we are from each other right now.

    By Kimberly on 09.29.2012

  32. There were a hundred ways she could tell him. But why couldn’t she do it? She sighed. None of them seemed right. Not even out of a hundred.

    By Fred URL on 09.29.2012

  33. I wish I had a hundred dollars.

    By Windy URL on 09.29.2012

  34. How many hundreds does it take to buy her life and other worldly cliches? I need a job, a house, a wife. Something to do and feel and roll between my fingers. Could money buy me that? How many hundreds, really?

    By Wendy URL on 09.29.2012

  35. I am a hundreds of years old. My muscles have become hard and brittle, adhered together. I have lived lives… generations of lives. My mind has been broken billions of times to the point of extreme aloofness. I have loved hundreds of times, and I suppose we choose the loves we think we deserve because the love I have felt over the hundreds of years of my existence has never been reciprocated.

    By Windy URL on 09.29.2012

  36. Hundreds of bees swarmed her as she left the house. The setting sun blinded her as she went out on the porch. Each and every bee swarmed her liked they loved her. Loved her like the sun loves the earth.

    By Maren Bredesen URL on 09.29.2012

  37. There are that many reasons to die in my opinion. I couldn’t find a hundred reasons to stick around that are for me. All of the reasons to live are connected to the strings that others want to keep attached to me. They only want that because they don’t understand wanting to be dead in the way that I do. I never got over wanting to die and wanting to end everything. I was sent away and I had to talk about it for awhile and I was made to go to day programs. I feel unsuccessful because I failed at killing myself. At least if that had happened shouldn’t I be like everyone else and just be so excited to be alive and be around. No, it doesn’t work like that. Not for everyone at least. Some people walk around not as excited to be living but understanding that it’s not okay with everyone else for them to be dead.

    By masked habit on 09.29.2012

  38. “One hundred seconds,” I tell him “That’s all we’ve got to deal with this.”

    Daniel’s face is impassive. I know, that’s how he copes. But at a time like this, when I need as much help as I can get, that stoicism is infuriating.

    “Are you even listening to me?” I shout. “If we can’t last this long, then we might as well give up. It’s only going to get worse from here.”

    For once, I see a tiny flicker of life in his eyes.

    By Fiddo URL on 09.29.2012

  39. man army marching towards a castle in the rain, hopeless, but forced to continue, thinking of home and warmth and fires but stuck in the cold, rainy muddy marshes of the south.

    When will this war end, the line running through everyones minds, every second of every day.

    When will this war end?

    By anya on 09.29.2012

  40. a hundred men and women lay there, afraid to move. They did not know what would happen next. Who would go? who would stay? Who would live to see another day?

    By trkstr67 URL on 09.29.2012