September 29th, 2012 | 217 Entries

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217 Entries for “fawn”

  1. There was once a girl named Fawn. She loved all animals, and had bright orange hair. She doesn’t care what people think of her, which makes her unique. People think she’s strange, and often talks about her behind her back.

    By irock12129 on 09.30.2012

  2. like a doe with a swollen belly,
    we begin out of feeling and necessity.
    like a ripened moon,
    we bloom fuller on a forest crown.
    like the birth of an animal,
    we bleed through no open wounds.
    like a newborn deer,
    we stumble and eat mouthfuls of dirt.
    like love, if it can,
    it will grow steady legs and walk away.

    By isa on 09.30.2012

  3. A fawn. I don’t know what a fawn is but it won’t stop me from writing about it. Or looking it up. I just think of words that rhyme but it still doesn’t satisfy me. I am not satisfied with a lot. I think it’s good to have at least one aspect of your life that meets satisfaction.

    By Kent on 09.30.2012

  4. what the fuck does this mean? Is it because I never looked upon it? Is it because you blocked the view? Well it may as well be the end.

    By gogo l on 09.30.2012

  5. The lonely fawn looked up at the hunter with wide eyes, “How could I kill something this harmless, something who, like me, is so needing and so broken?”
    He looked at it’s broken leg and knew then what he was going to do.

    By Makari on 09.30.2012

  6. a young baby deer. like Bambi. young and nieve. cute and gentle. adorable and fragile. at the prime of its life with spots. like freckles

    By Celine Holland on 09.30.2012

  7. i felt like a fawn
    alone in the bar
    the only person not pouring liquor down my
    the only one not looking to
    hook up
    but happy with the offers and ambiance of it all

    By Jessica Grant on 09.30.2012

  8. Fawn rhymes with yawn. I am so sleepy right now—
    Trying to get work done in the library, but so far….
    not being too productive…
    Also, my fingertips are numb and tingly—
    I have no idea why and it is freaking me out.
    Fawn rhymes with yawn—
    I want to be back in bed…

    By Theresa on 09.30.2012

  9. the fawn wanders through the forest. surrounded. alone. where will it go? nowhere. everywhere. who will find him? no one. someone. it wanders. alone.

    By maryn moor URL on 09.30.2012

  10. Young and timid it wanders without looking for consequence. No danger, no hazards. Just warmth and peace. Food on tap. Life is good.

    By Louise on 09.30.2012

  11. Fawn was a girl. Beautiful, gorgeous, and pretty. She was all that Rick wanted. Annoying, stupid, and best of all, a little slutty.
    “Why can’t I get her?” Rick asked Bob one day.
    They were sitting on the couches in Bob’s living room. They both gulped down the beers in their hands as Two and A Half Men played on the TV screen.
    “Why can’t I just be Charlie Sheen?” he says. “Look at him. He gets all the chicks he wants. I’m much prettier, ain’t I?”
    “Well that’s a TV show,” Bob finally replies after a long pause “This is real life. In real life, girls don’t like being treated as objects.”
    Rick frowned. “How would you know?”
    “I don’t, Rick, and I’m a male, so I don’t think I ever will. I’m just quoting my ex on this.”

    By Kait1994 on 09.30.2012

  12. Some folks might be thinking about Bambi right now, but me, I’m thinking of a snivelling syncophant. They don’t call it brown nose for nothing.

    By marylee on 09.30.2012

  13. fawn rhymes with dawn. and in the dawn we party. i love to party with all my friends. we have an amazing time. i dont know what i would do without them. friendship is so important to everyone. i feel bad for people who dont have any friends.

    By Jenny on 09.30.2012

  14. i had to admit it.
    i was stuck
    i was possessed by the beauty of his eyes
    of his smile
    of his laugh
    of his hair
    of the way he said my name
    of how he walked into the room.
    of the way he made my heart skip two beats
    of the way he made those stupid butterflies come back every time he winked
    i was struck
    i was paralyzed.
    i had to admit it
    i was stuck
    i was fawning over him.

    By Annabelle on 09.30.2012

  15. A small animal that has four legs that lives in the woods. being small and can run all around the woods. brown with white specks and also black specks. tender loving easy to breed run all over the place

    By Stephanie on 09.30.2012

  16. sanji fawned over nami day by day. fawn also rhymes with lawn. and moan. which sanji does everytime he sees her sunbathing by the lawn.

    By rafi on 09.30.2012

  17. The fawn lay peacefully in the meadow, hidden from the prying eyes of unwanted strangers. Dangerous strangers. The crickets, the tall grass blowing in the wind, the sound of the stream trickling across your earlobes; it’s intoxicating. Startled, the fawn’s ears perked up as quick as a bullet fires somewhere from the south. Panic. Terror. Adrenaline. Think. Act. Run. Run as if your life depends on it because it this particular situation, it typically does. Panic. Terror. Where to do? What to do? Panic. The strange boom came from the trees. Not safe. The other side of the clearing is centuries away. Run. Dash. Sprint like your life depends on it, because animal instinct knows, life does depend on it. Run. Terror. Act. Thoughtless action. Death feels close to this place.

    By CarltonShego on 09.30.2012