September 28th, 2012 | 251 Entries

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251 Entries for “hundred”

  1. one zero zero days since she walked in that parlor, sat down and consulted, told them what she wanted. they asked /what/, they asked /how/, but the /why/ remained unspoken. it seemed self explanatory. she held her wrist out, waited while they readied their guns, their needles, no other color but black this time. they touched her skin and marked her, sharp as ever; the pain was dull in comparison to other pains. it lasted forever, it lasted twenty minutes, it was over. it left her fresh, raw, shiny even, those bold four letters. if she had more money, more guts, she would have asked for a scar.

    one zero zero days, D Y K E hasn’t faded one bit. even if it does, it would not stop being true.

    By isa on 09.29.2012

  2. What the hell is this? I wondered as I was faced with what looked like an anthill. God. That’s huge. HUGE. HUGEST might even be a better word. And they were so many lil’ stuff around it. Hundreds of small beings. Ridiculous. But strangely beautiful.

    By Steelflower on 09.29.2012

  3. A hundred reasons to love one hundred people:
    You’ll be a hundred times happier
    Hundreds of friends will you gain
    Maybe a hundred lovers can give you a good measure to know who you want to spend your life with.

    By jaime garcia on 09.29.2012

  4. The amount of time in a century.the time that is takes to live a life.a traditional life you may ask or one that ventures out of the norm and into a world where you see passion and strife and ecstasy .will you take those 100 yrs and live a life that’s so unforgettable that you’ll fill at ease when dying?

    By Stefanie on 09.29.2012

  5. there were so many trees there. I was by a pond and the sky was bright and blinding. The sun was a drop in the sky and there was a thick air that made breathing a task. There was so much grass.

    By -Stan- on 09.29.2012

  6. Even after so many times, I can’t seem to forget.
    This has to be the hundred time I put up with this
    But if anyone were to tell me to leave
    I couldn’t because out of all the time
    We put up with thee

    Thinking so much about the time we had.
    Most would forget like it was trash
    But I know it was more than mats.
    At least try to put up with that.

    By John on 09.29.2012

  7. There are a hundred roads to take, a thousand ways to get where you’re going. There is no one right and one wrong way to go. Where you go, your story will follow. Where you lead, everyone else will in turn go. Follow your own footsteps and carve a path through the unknown.

    By Julia on 09.29.2012

  8. And like a hundred beating hearts that were hammering before him, his own pounded against his chest. He licked his dry lips and in the next second, twisted the knife into his chest, stopping the only connecting between him and the mountainous people before him.
    And as he laid dying on the floor, he knew that even if his own heart ceased to beat, a hundred- no, a thousand- would beat in stead of him.

    By Yuki on 09.29.2012

  9. A hundred men stood face to face, each squared off against the other. The queen stood aside, watching. There would be death and bloodshed and she reveled in it. For her, they would die. For her, they would be born again in the field of battle. Mewling babes to grow and nurture and send once more into their rightful place – the grave. She flicked a curl from her shoulder and turned her eyes to the ravens circling, waiting.

    By Mairead URL on 09.29.2012

  10. there are more than a hundred people waiting in line at the drugstore. it seems that there was an outage and people ran short of everything, most importantly their medicines. it didn’t matter that carrie had already filled her prescriptions, she felt like she needed to plan ahead, to obtains her prescriptions for the future in case something like this hapened again. carrie was sad that she had to do this, her health was less than perfect and it seemed to be waning day by day. a man standing in line in front of her turned and asked why she was waiting so long with the others. she didn’t want to tell him that she felt anxious about the future and that she was fearful of running out. “oh, I just thought it might be wise to plan ahead,” was all she said. He nodded and wasn’t going to answer. then he said quietly, “My wife is dying, and i should be there caring for her. but she needs her meds and i’m afraid that if i lose my place in line i won’t be able to get them. carrie thought a moment. she noticed that his tennis shoes were ragged and that his pants were too large around the waist. “You go ahead,” she said. “I’ll keep your place in line. And if you don’t come back, give me the prescription and i’ll have it filled.” But he hesitated. He didn’t know her. Finally, he sighed and handed over the prescription. It was for a cancer drug. “I have to take the bus,” he said. “But I’ll be back as soon as i can. She made sure his name and address and phone number was on the little slip of paper before she said goodbye.

    By luaine URL on 09.29.2012

  11. When I was a teenager, I thought if I could just come up with the hundred most important yes or now questions that we could ask everyone, then we’d be able to make the world better :-)

    By Dan URL on 09.29.2012