September 27th, 2012 | 270 Entries

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270 Entries for “breath”

  1. I find it harder and harder to breath as the dirt piles upon the casket that I am trapped within. The few rays of light that still shine are quickly covered up, and I begin to know true fear.

    By Phillip Hamik on 09.28.2012

  2. The fog puffed upwards, swirling in tiny violent yet silent tornadoes. The push of every breath seems to beckons the world to see his existence and pave his wave through the mire.

    By John Komarek on 09.28.2012

  3. you brate with your lungs and you have to that, if not, you will die…. I don

    By Tilda on 09.28.2012

  4. The many states of my breath are all related back to you. Sharp, quick inhale when I hear your voice, when I know you don’t love me, when I sense something that reminds me of you. I smell you everywhere. Deep relaxing belly breaths when I am resting in your arms after so much love making that I feel so torn apart, so blissfully exhausted, when I know you do love me, when you want me, when you need me. I breathe only for you, I breathe only because of you. You are my air, earth, fire. You are my spaces inbetween.

    By Windy URL on 09.28.2012

  5. breath so frwsh that everything gets blown away with the wind like a stzrong autumny spell cast over leaves and hurled through the grass…it’s beautiful, yet unvisible, like the breath iof Gid, his Serafins, like ether. Who was ether? He was the unseen wind that carried you away from me.

    By kimberleyaurelia on 09.28.2012

  6. I take my last breath, slowly and painfuly. Death has found it’s way into my heart.

    By Zachary Williams on 09.28.2012

  7. One breath
    That’s all I could steal
    One breath
    As I walked by
    I breathed deeply
    You has tacos
    I could share that with you
    We have never met

    By recogirl URL on 09.28.2012

  8. I watch your breath in the winter. Your baby efforts frosting in the morning air. I wonder about your future and if you will love me as much as I love you.

    By Diane Huisingh on 09.28.2012

  9. breath. just let it go. dont let yourself hold on to it for it will ruin you in the end. breath. that’s what you always crave. the air in your lungs, giving you enough to live for another second. breath. just give in.

    By Kat URL on 09.28.2012

  10. Pain filled my lungs, I was unable to breathe, I gasped for air as I sank lower in the murky waters of the swamp, WHIP, something hit my leg, I tried to scream for help, but my lung began to swish as water filled them, unable to breathe. I took my dying gasp

    By TiffyBear on 09.28.2012

  11. Just let it out, I said. You see, she was screaming in the backyard again and I was on the porch drinking. Not drinking to the point where I was screaming yet, but she was screaming because I was drinking and vice versa. Symbiotic I think they call it. This was marriage for the first few years. Then we grew up.

    By Bryan URL on 09.28.2012

  12. Your life starts with a single breath then multiple to follow. Life passes by, but your breaths is what counts. In the delivery room you are told to breath, it brings new life into this world. You play your first soccer game, although focusing on making that first goal, your breath is what keeps you going.

    By tei on 09.28.2012

  13. Oh if only I could take just one deep, cleansing breath of relief as I stand choking on all the hostility that cocoons my soul.

    By Chezrobin URL on 09.28.2012

  14. i take a breath as i walked across the street. all i thought of was losing you. so i continued to breath. in and out. you’re the thought that devours my every waking moment. but i just breath, waiting for you to be in my arms again, forevermore.

    By Tyrynn URL on 09.28.2012

  15. “A breath of fresh air and a slap over the head” is what my mother used to say. Jesus, how I hated that… Caused some big bloody messes…

    By Find X URL on 09.28.2012

  16. Without breathing is the absence of breath
    And life itself, the concomitant of death

    Was life breathed into us
    Or did breathe we breathe into it?

    By Touring the heart URL on 09.28.2012

  17. to take air and be alive, to have the option yo live on this planet and to have a good education and to share it whit you’re family and friends and you’re loved ones.

    By Novak David on 09.28.2012

  18. It’s easy until it’s not.
    Until there’s something other than air filling your lungs, until it’s water or fire or pain, endless pain,
    and you can’t stop it, can’t even try
    it’s a release, at the end
    when you’re least expecting it
    tilt your head back
    let the foreign substance in

    By L URL on 09.28.2012

  19. I let it go. Something I didn’t know could hurt so much, but it did. It stung my lungs like nothing I’d ever felt and when the tightness took a hold of my throat it took a second to realize that I was crying. I was crying and I couldn’t stop and no amount of deep breaths were every going to make it better.

    By Emily URL on 09.28.2012

  20. I hace a hard time breathing constantly. It is my number one somatic concern in life. Yet I think it is the most beautiful process of the human body. The idea of breath, of life, or exhaling relief. Anxiety and breath are correlated. Easier to breathe when happier, harder to breathe when nervous.

    By Stacey McGivern on 09.28.2012

  21. Step, Step, Step.
    Heavy breath fights to escape, but you must keep it under control if you are to win.
    Step, Step, Step.
    You have to pick up the pace to get your time.
    Step, Step, Step.
    The crowd roars as you approach the finish line, neck and neck.
    Step, Step, Step.
    You push for the finish as you round the last turn.
    Step, Step, Step.
    Now you let your breath run it’s course to sprint for the finish.

    By Beau URL on 09.28.2012

  22. Each breath I take, is a relief. That’ve taken one more breath. I’m surviving. Breathing should seem easy, but it doesn’t right now. I feel that my breath is stopped.

    By Milisha on 09.28.2012

  23. Je respire. Je vis. La respiration, la libération.
    Enfin, je comprends que les peurs ne sont que la création de l’homme.
    Je respire l’air enfin pour vrai. Je ressens le vent.

    Je vis.


    By Marie-Noel LaCasse URL on 09.28.2012

  24. My life depens on it. Everyone I care about needs it and I need them to have it, because if not, I would be all alone and I would be the only one to have it and the only one to feel it. I am one breath.

    By Mariana on 09.28.2012

  25. Peter and his two boys stood solemnly around the work bench. It had been a rough couple of months, watching their creator struggle with the loss of Delilah. The bedraggled inventor had poured his heart and soul into his latest work, a brass-and-gold-plated robot with artistic seams and what seemed to be the most promising innovations into human-like movement. All the programming was in place, the joints were functional, now it was just time to activate him.
    “You ready, boys?” Peter met the glowing gaze of his copper and silver creations, who unwaveringly supported him and each other. They nodded, Rabbit with a small smile of anticipation. “Let’s put the breath of life into him.” He reached deep into the brass chassis and made the connection to the blue-matter core. It hummed to life slowly with a small vibration, sending precious power flowing through the wirey veins of the metal man.
    Peter’s face lit up as he watched the systems power on, the core still vibrating in the chest cavity. The old inventor’s eyebrows furrowed as he donned his goggles, peering suspiciously as the core’s movement became more exaggerated and volatile. “That’s not right… Boys, get out of here!” He scrambled away from the prone figure on the desk, clinging to the Spine’s arm as he was dragged away from the site of the implosion.

    By floppybelly URL on 09.28.2012

  26. Something I forget to do…calming, refreshing. Taken for granted. Always. Its wonderful that we don’t even need to think about it….just breath. Words sometimes too easy to just say.

    By Karina on 09.28.2012

  27. the breath of life is breathed into man and we live to breathe again we cannot live without breath so it is waiting for us where we stand

    By Violet URL on 09.28.2012

  28. she exhaled onto the car window, making a patch of the world blur. it was roughly in the shape of her mouth, amplified and softened, as if drawn by lipstick smoke.

    she raised her finger and traced the glass with it; i saw her eyes through the lines.

    /come in/, was all the invitation i needed. i licked the back of my teeth and tasted my conscience, but her pulse was calling. i cannot resist the things that are louder.

    By h. b. URL on 09.28.2012

  29. air life energy power god love everyhting in just one breath . everything i want should be in my reach be compelete . a healthy human being like in the famaus novel by ayn rand atlas shrugged . a person having the vitality of a healthy human being .having the gift of D’Anancons. and the power to do do thing. make things happen. t

    By sharad on 09.28.2012

  30. Her breath. His breath. Cold in the icy air- hanging there like a bunch of frozen gray geraniums in the abyss between them. It was too cold to talk and who wanted to talk about it anyway. Shouldn’t they be happy enough to just be able to breathe. She wandered what it would be like- to grab that breath, that one he had just exhaled and that now sat like a book on a shelf in the frosty air between them- she wished she could grab it, fold it up and put it in her pocket, carry it with her forever. Because she knew- today, he was saying that they- were over.
    And then, the cold fact hit her. So she hit him in the face and as he lay there. Instead of speaking, blew one quick breath over him, to linger there.

    By terisa folaron on 09.28.2012