February 20th, 2010 | 164 Entries

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164 Entries for “hook”

  1. hook

    rhymes with like book

    but it makes me think of like fishing

    and at the same time, hookers

    hookers fishing

    hookers wearing fishnets fishing
    and catching fish on their hooks

    also song hooks

    By inceenetinai on 02.21.2010

  2. Is everything a baited hook?
    And are there locks on all doors?

    By Richelle on 02.21.2010

  3. There’s some hook with a worm on it. The fisherman must have thought there’s fish in this lake. I wonder why he thinks so. There is no fish in this lake. I’ve never seen anyone catch anything here.. why didn’t he inspect the lake before trying to fish? Is he blind? Oh wait he caught one?!

    By Auddi URL on 02.21.2010

  4. Hook as in his blue eyes were the first to hook me..then it was just a matter of time to slowly reel me in for the catch of his lifetime. Lucky, lucky people we are. A chance meeting by an observant eye of colors. My hair was his hook..wild bundle of red curls..many of men have done a second glance due to my tumultous hair.

    What’s your hook?

    By Kathy Fuller on 02.21.2010

  5. ah whtas going on???????????????????????????????????

    By smithy on 02.21.2010

  6. hook

    By shella on 02.21.2010

  7. hook is a movie i have watched with my family all the time! it brings back very good memories. RUFIO. the lost boys. i would watch it with my dad and sister and can still quote certain lines. brings back great memories. i wish i could go back to that time.

    By Sara on 02.21.2010

  8. The first time I saw him, I was hooked on him. So I said to my friend, “hook me up with him”……..from then on it was true love forever.

    By Emily on 02.21.2010

  9. the pirate in peter pan was named hook. i liked the book

    By kmon on 02.21.2010

  10. the movie. captain hook. fish hooks. hook hook hooker. hookers. prostitution. illegal? what do you think? should they be allowed to sell their bodies? are people really that lonely and desperate that they’ll sell their bodies? are people that LONELY to buy someone else’s body? what happened to bars and picking up? really?

    By gabby on 02.21.2010

  11. Very funny pictures

    By Uzresjdw URL on 02.21.2010

  12. is a captain in peter pan. he is very mean and cruel and hates alligators. i was scared of him when i was young because his hook hand is actually very creepy. he captures tiger lilly which i didn’t like and causes all of these problems and chaos.

    By Taryn on 02.21.2010

  13. hook? i got hooked on cigarettes first. then it was off to the races for me. herion and methamphetamine….eh but hook can also be like…hooked a fish. damn i love to fish. or it could be like…cpt. hook, which coincidentally, we call my buddy dustin that. don’t ask me why, because i really don’t know. but yep that’s all i got to say about hook.

    By Alana on 02.21.2010

  14. hook and liner is where it all started. i was never one for fishing, or for anything outdoors for that matter. i was simple. i was the stay in bed all day, watch cartoons on Saturday mornings, eat breakfast for lunch kind of girl. okay, so maybe i was just lazy.

    By foxx URL on 02.21.2010

  15. i am a lone fish in a dusty body of water. the hook grips my throat and i cease to breathe. “MOM!” i want to cry, but with no success. where am i going? who is taking me there? why is this happening? all i wanted to do was eat that worm… it looked so shiny. i guess curiosity did kill the cat.

    By Danielle on 02.21.2010

  16. Its a strange thing, the hook. It will get you places, sit there, help you and generally be the most unobtrusively awesome thing that you could possibly have. We take very little time to thank the hook for all it does for us, and yet it sits there and stays, helpful to the end. So I take this moment to say: Thank you Hooks, you have and always will be awesome.

    By John on 02.21.2010

  17. it’s pretty easy to get hooked on something. whether it be a hook itself, or a book or a television series, all you have to do is get close. many times, you may be hooked without even knowing it, in which case you will have to rip yourself away from said hook.

    By elan on 02.21.2010

  18. The hardened detective bought it. Her face softened in understanding. She bought my lies hook, line and sinker. I didn’t plan on getting away with murder. Sometimes these things just happen. You can’t plan for it. The perfect murder happens by chance. A series of fortunate events that lead to your hearts desire.

    By Hannah on 02.21.2010

  19. boy. thats what i think of.
    my boy.
    im hooked.
    im not sure if im in too deep
    i dont have a say though.
    hes got me.
    and id be crazy
    to leave
    im hooked.

    By maya Barba on 02.21.2010

  20. …line and sinker,
    you reel me in.
    worms, fish roe,
    and happiness;
    you always have
    the perfect bait.

    By sylvia on 02.21.2010

  21. I was in a hook with this man.
    He took me fishing.
    We ate together, it tasted like mayo.
    After this hook, of fishing.. he took me to his place
    to hook up.
    We did stuff. It was weird.
    He was really tall.
    But get this, this wasn’t the hook up?
    Dear diary, my life has revolved around this hook!! Lol Hook?

    By Tasha URL on 02.21.2010

  22. Captain hook grabbed peter by the collar “Walk the plank” he called and the crew gathered around him. But Peter flew up into the sky. Damn I forgot about that said Captain Hook

    By R on 02.21.2010

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    By Nancy on 02.21.2010

  24. Hook.
    I made a hook today, complete silver.
    I made a hook today that I took with me fishing.
    I used this hook I made today and caught some wonderful fish.
    I took the fish and this hook home to whip up something delish.
    I love this hook of mine.
    And forever we shall remain.

    By Tasha URL on 02.21.2010

  25. You got me; pull me under like a mermaid.

    By Julie Moore on 02.21.2010

  26. the little groove. the little ear worm. the song. I hear the hook, and it pulls me in. no one can cook up a hook like jimi.

    By da on 02.21.2010

  27. hook is a word that I generally would not associate with anything pleasant. It’s long, it’s generally metal, and it’s association is something that could bring great pain in someone’s life. However, it could also bring life to those people, be it on a boat, or giving life to your clothes in the form of a reprieve from the floor. Because of this, a hook can have many components, it’s very diverse.

    By James on 02.21.2010

  28. Hook line and sinker. That’s how I fell for him. And in a way, the fishing metaphor is completely appropriate. He has complete control over me. He has me like a metal hook through my lip. There’s no escaping.

    By Rylee on 02.21.2010

  29. I don’t see a word, instead it’s just a green time line so I am confused which is a normal state of affairs anyhow which is why I am on stumbleupon.com

    By Dave on 02.21.2010

  30. Hooked. That’s what he was. Completely addicted to her. Everything about her drew him in. Her touch, her smile, her beauty. It was like a hook ripping through his lip. He was… Hooked. And all for a sick game that she was winning.

    By Katie B. on 02.21.2010

  31. I set the hook and thus began the fight of my fishing experiences. This had to be the biggest trout I had ever hooked on such a thin line and “no net” to scoop it up.
    I ran down the river while keeping a taut line so the trout wouldn’t snap the line and I fell several times…….

    By Dave Williams on 02.21.2010

  32. He has hooked me. Quickly but firmly. I have become stick on him like a scratch on a record and now I don’t feel like I can pull away easily. Painlessly.

    By clozznozz on 02.21.2010

  33. the hook of a fishing line comes down to capture the lonely, helpless fish, who despise of this horrific way to capture food. The hook is involved with many nightmares of death, fright and horror. Or, it could help you fly…

    By Penelope on 02.21.2010

  34. Very funny pictures

    By Bmfnnxit URL on 02.21.2010

  35. hook. what is it? what does it mean? I do not know what others think of the word. To some, it means the pleasure of a peaceful fishing trip, to others it may cause thoughts of being caught, trapped, or it may even be addiction, but I’ll never know.

    By Penelope on 02.21.2010

  36. hooked
    on it
    like a drug
    like heroin
    i thought it was different
    i wasnt like them.
    the addicts
    because it wasnt a drug.
    i wasnt snorting or smoking
    i wasnt injecting or drinking
    but there was no difference
    when i started to rationalize it
    defend it, protect it, depend on it, cry without it-
    i realized we are one and the same.

    By x on 02.21.2010

  37. I went fishing once with my dad… we caught a trout. We used bright shiny lime green bait, because a fellow fisherman at the lake said it worked best. We named the fish Entree and ate him that evening with creamed corn and vegetables.

    By Emily on 02.21.2010

  38. The hook in the fishes mouth was sharp as I tried to remove it and return the cold wet thrashing animal to the sea. I pulled and probably damaged the poor thing even more. What a sad thing to kill

    By epaets on 02.21.2010

  39. love

    By morganacheung on 02.21.2010

  40. hook in the hand. worm in the other. should i end its life like this? I take the hook in two fingers and slowly shove the worm into the spiked metal. it’s dancing in the water now.

    By julie on 02.21.2010