February 20th, 2010 | 164 Entries

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164 Entries for “hook”

  1. book, cook, nook, look, fook?, gook….racist slur…..

    By MikeO on 02.21.2010

  2. i was hooked on a lady once, that was a great time. she was so wonderful and i will love her forever. in face i think her fva movie was peter pan. this was a long time ago tho, bit still. what a lady!

    By sam on 02.21.2010

  3. Hook. Nothing good really connotates with hook. It’s a villain in peter pan. Its the last thing an innocent fish sees. It’s something a young boy or girl does when they don’t go to school. You can get hooked on drugs or even on someone.

    By guterz on 02.21.2010

  4. With just one breath, im hooked, intoxicated by your presence, your smell, an illusion of love pulsing through my veins, i dont love you, i just kiss you, and soon i wont even do that.

    By dalton on 02.21.2010