February 19th, 2010 | 164 Entries

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164 Entries for “globe”

  1. She wanted to travel the globe. A globe full of so many unknown things and people. Full of rivers. Full of mountains. The globe: round, colorful, confusing, enveloping… is it possible that she would ever be able to go around it all?

    By Jocelyn on 02.20.2010

  2. It is round and pretty. I live in it, obviously. Or could you possibly mean the fake globe? I obviously don’t live on that.

    There are some places I’m fond of on our particular big globe. The Appalachian mountains for a start. Beautiful, they are.

    I live near them, obviously.

    By Katie Edwards on 02.20.2010

  3. A globe is shiny, and sometimes is referred to the world. People hold them, particularly Greek gods. Snow globes are pretty.

    By Katherine on 02.20.2010

  4. old globe overflowing process.
    yes I’m all the mess you can handle.
    but I clean up the north south east and west.

    By Aaron Barmer on 02.20.2010