March 5th, 2010 | 225 Entries

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225 Entries for “gun”

  1. Held properly, even an inexperienced person can strike fear with a gun. Anything is possible, in a universe where space travel happens and families are killed daily. Anything is possible when you are desperate and in love.

    By Selenophobic on 03.06.2010

  2. You see this gun, he’s got a brother…and he lives right over here :)

    By clayton kinley on 03.06.2010

  3. flew into pieces of love and joy when the last war was won and the west was free from the lies of the radicalist nation of gorghad. the man who had lived in that house was and always had been a lie…. What would become of the little flowers now?

    By Clayton on 03.06.2010

  4. a weapon used as a word might be, to harm, to protect, or to put an end to something, perhaps even a new beginning, as in the case of those who believe it is the only method of getting past the misery they dwell in at the moment they use it. They can paint beautiful pictures in crimson, but also ugly pictures with broken hearts and misery. They are tools.

    By Carmen on 03.06.2010

  5. There’s a gun in his hand. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. He stopped thinking clearly weeks ago. The tourment was getting to him. He places it in his coat pocket. steps on the bus.

    By Danielle on 03.06.2010

  6. “gun” was all he could say as he reached out one last time for some form of assistance. Her face was expressionless and putrid, he hated her for what she had done to them. “Always loving. Never Forgotten” was all they wrote for his epitaph.

    By J. on 03.06.2010

  7. you pull the trigger
    assuming something, that’s wrong
    the gun blows everything away
    killing what we had and
    there’s no way to fix it
    bang bang its gone there’s no more

    By alyssa on 03.06.2010

  8. I stared at the gun being held so flippantly in my hand, and for the first time in my life, I felt hate. Not dislike, or anger, but the pure darkness, the powerful surge of raw emotion that I could only begin to describe as hatred.

    By NeonChandelier on 03.06.2010

  9. bang bang bang the power is incredible the responsibility awesome makes me feel better to have one makes me feel not so good if others do hypocritical i know

    By Debbie on 03.06.2010

  10. he held the gun in his hand and pointed it at her. ready to shoot, ready to punish for all that she did to him. she just looked at him, with those pitying eyes, didn’t scream, didn’t ask for help, didn’t ask for forgiveness. she knew what kind of person he was, what heart he had.

    but he put the gun down. and it’ll start again.

    By Tiffany on 03.06.2010

  11. There was this terrifying surge in the pit of my stomach, as I stared down the barrel. His eyes looked into mine, he was truly as scared as I was in this moment. What was I supposed to do? Would he really kill me? He was only a kid himself, obviously deperearate for some way out.

    By Sydnie on 03.06.2010

  12. I held up a gun, pointing it at the sky wondering why.
    Had Alice come to haunt me once again? But the gun had no bullet.
    I waited and waited, until sun came down and night came dawn. It was dark and cold dread had surrounded me.
    But me.
    I have yet to discover what is yet to come. But here, I shall await as the 60 second count continues to burn.

    By Melle on 03.06.2010

  13. She opened our door and pointed a gun at us… and I made her put it away. Who the hell am I?

    By Elizabeth on 03.06.2010

  14. Guns are the reason people are afraid to wa;k down streets. They put fear in teh heart of men,women and children. Guns no longer provide food,but provide a means of destroying life of a human.

    By sam on 03.06.2010

  15. he shot it to my heart. didn’t matter if i had the vest or not, he had to prove that he was willing to do anything to pull through with the mission. i hope he knows that i suck at playing dead.

    i lovehim.

    By Cowry Shells on 03.06.2010

  16. scared omg hot crazy melting life killer please don’t not again…i can’t even look at i
    my family at the kitchen talbe
    I am 4 years old
    my mother tellms me to put it down
    not a breath was taken they moved slowly I could have killed someone or myself my grandfather’s gun in the nitestand there was never a gun seen in the house again. never ever will I have a gun in my house. never

    By p on 03.06.2010

  17. Guns. like welcome to the gun show? or squirt guns, paintball guns or fire arms? I’m not a fan of fire arms but thats just because i’ve seen alot of terrible movies that involve fire arms. its sad and i dont like it. but squirt guns im all for.

    By Shan on 03.06.2010

  18. bang bang

    it goes bang, bang, bang……

    it’s so loud. i like the sound.

    load it up. go to town.

    By mikeo on 03.06.2010

  19. running on adrenaline alone, the 12 year old crack-head kid ducked around the corner

    By JTR on 03.06.2010

  20. shoot bang ouch darn ooh boom poof capow mustang ak fire revolver pistol rifle shotgun airsoft paintball hunting terrorists airplanes fear gunpowder smoke ouch NO! safety protection

    By Jenny Barker on 03.06.2010

  21. guns are dangerous and make me weary of the fact that there’s too much evil in this world. I tink they should ber terminated and made illegal for all human beings to possess. If I could change anything about the history of mankind it would be to UNinvent the gun and invent some new, more benficial technology.

    By Justin on 03.06.2010

  22. gun to her head its life or death. no time to decide, should she cry, or should she run and hide?

    By EllenElizabeth on 03.06.2010

  23. its not right that people have guns. its dangerouns and i believe it is the cause of lots of dath in the worlds i would like the guns to be destroyed. the second amendment states we have to right to carry a gun but it was in a time when it was different.

    By below on 03.06.2010

  24. a resounding click. gun right by my temple. /closed eyes/ a soft whisper. a quiet plea. “shoot me” /wide eyes/ /soft.silent. click. shoots.fires.pierces.(mudersandkills).it’s over.”finally”.(hands tightly clutching) a gun in my hand.

    By aliznwonder URL on 03.06.2010

  25. The only people who have find something controversial about gun ownership have never shot a gun before.

    By Kristina URL on 03.06.2010