October 3rd, 2008 | 1,005 Entries

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1,005 Entries for “hill”

  1. my parents house is on a hill, people used to always bitch about walking up it. Brittany was the worst, but that’s a statement about her in a much larger sense. What else is there to say about it? She represents the worst.

    By Collin on 10.07.2008

  2. My school has a lot of hills. I have to walk up one everyday to get to class. At first i wasn’t used to it but now I am, and I like walking up and down hills to get to school. It is better than taking the bus because the waiting time kills. The hills undulate, and the buildings are submerged in it. At times, there is no level above 1 as they are submerged, so you get weird floors like B5.

    By miyo on 10.07.2008

  3. big hill i dont understand why you stand in my way. i mean wtf im just trying to do work and you are there in front of me, imposing your will upon mine. i crush you i will pick at you with my tiny axe until only one of us is left standing. My voice will shout out and bounce off your echoing crevices see me and tremble.

    By Ryan on 10.07.2008

  4. hilss are very large, i once went up a hill and lo and behold i saw other hills surrounding it. I like camping on hills, since the random angle is usually fun if you are camping with more than 2 people. Hills are usually large and green, well, they are in wales anyway. We like hills, for there are many. HILL!

    By Natalie-Melfa on 10.07.2008

  5. I climbed the hill only to see another beyond. It is higher. I climbed it only to see another yet higher hill.

    ….I eventually killed myself.

    By Mark on 10.07.2008