September 28th, 2008 | 1,034 Entries

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1,034 Entries for “evidence”

  1. is something to prove. is nothing in deep. is what you have in your mind at all. freedom of evidence is excepted by law during the court hearing as soon as the judge except. anyway not a big deal. e

    By Muge Buyuktalas on 10.03.2008

  2. Oh,
    I’m crying now.
    Is that enough evidence for you?
    I’m sorry I’m like this.
    I’m sorry I’m different.
    I want to be normal.
    I’m so sorry.

    By g on 10.03.2008

  3. of ill treatment will not go unpunished..

    of pollution will not go uncleaned…

    to the contrary will be

    By alex on 10.03.2008

  4. evidence of crime committed can be collected by the police for future investigations.

    By Vivekanand on 10.03.2008

  5. there was no evidence of abuse on her face, it was in her eyes, you see. In her eyes. They couldn’t lie, they spoke silently, of nights of fighting, not hers, no, but them, in the next room, always at night, always rising out of the sweetnes of oblivious sleep, to the

    By maria on 10.03.2008

  6. look. so much evidence. in fact, i can’t believe it’s all here. usually it’s so hard. but, come to think of it, it really isn’t. we just don’t try hard enough. so much can be known if we just tried. but we’re just pretty complacent with everything. in fact, sometimes we don’t want any evidence at all. we’d rather forget about it. evidence can litigate – but it usually just simply hurts, and no one wants that. some people will bear it, but as much as possible, we don’t want things to hurt.

    By arnold lau on 10.03.2008

  7. evidence is what is necessary to prove anything which you believe to be the truth. It would accurately and consistently support whichever observation you made and would

    By Kc on 10.03.2008

  8. proof that something happened,
    a back up for something.
    if somebody asks you to prove something,
    you show them the “evidence” and that will
    make your answer more believable.

    By karen on 10.03.2008

  9. Proof, absolute, objective proof. I need evidence because I don’t trust. Trust, faith – that does not require evidence. Lack of faith, distrust – that requires something else, something outside of ourselves to back up our decisions

    By susan on 10.03.2008

  10. There is none. Nothing other than what can be sensed, anyway. Some argue that is enough, but if so, why not a relative universe? Lose the fluff? There would no longer be hate crimes or unfairness; there would only exist the evidence of what is.

    By Jason Fascio on 10.03.2008

  11. Proven, shown by, or drawn from, evidence is a word used to describe anything used to show some one proof, whether it be a in a judicial setting, or a setting with weaker implications, as with a friend. This word derives from the latin phrase Evid

    By zack on 10.03.2008

  12. evidence is data to support something

    By Carmilette Enriquez on 10.03.2008

  13. to resolve a crime and accuse someone, you need to have evidence. Otherwise, you cannot prove anything and your argument is useless. The problem is, evidences are sometimes hard to find and lay in little details.

    By wunderclo on 10.03.2008

  14. Either have evidence, or pray that others have faith

    By Oly on 10.03.2008

  15. Well, it is about time we start from the beginning, but is that possible? Can every evidence of our existance be real? We cant remember everything, and nothing can for certain be real?

    By Camilla on 10.03.2008

  16. evidence can be used to prove someone guilty. or innocent. maybe you want to solve a crime… or draw a cure.

    must think about infinities and zeroes. and if there are any roots. and things like that.

    roots can also be found at the bottom on trees. there stick the tree to the ground and also allow it to soak up nutrients and water from the soil.

    By catherine on 10.03.2008

  17. It is something that proves the point, something that represents truth. It may or may not be physical. It is used in crime solving and in theory proving, scientific or otherwise. It is something you can observe.

    By veggen on 10.03.2008

  18. the man walked throught the room.. he had no idea what to do next. Then the woman appeared and showed him a lock of hair. “aha” said the man.. “this must be taken down to the station..
    it’s a terrible story.. he fell down the stairs on his way and died

    By Gréta on 10.03.2008

  19. Tiny drops of blood were visible on the napkin.

    By Lina on 10.03.2008

  20. What is evidence? Proof. Knowledge. Understanding. It gives us hope. Hope that what we believe is real. What we hope is real. Do we need evidence to believe? Or is faith enough.

    By Rach on 10.03.2008

  21. show me the evidence. otherwise your argument is flawed in many ways. words only count for so much.

    By alex on 10.03.2008

  22. They pulled her out from underneath the decaying porch of an abandoned house; dead and curled; still beautiful. The evidence was there – an empty sleeping pill bottle. Though she dreamed of opening her veins, this way was painless.

    By Ashley on 10.03.2008

  23. There is evidence that people who love others and happier than those who do not care. Loving people is a matter of choice, if you decude to do so you will experiment happiness.

    By Climene on 10.03.2008

  24. The evidence was there. I killed her. I was going to get caught. I was going to go to jail. I was going to lose everything.
    But I couldn’t help it. She was such a bitch. Her face always looking down at me like, always frowning and judging and hating. I killed my mother. What the fuck do I do?

    By Tina on 10.03.2008

  25. There was evidence that the passing car was going too fast and sideswiped the car turning the corner, but everyone ignored that. By popular acclaim, the driver turning the corner had to cough up 60,000 colones to repair the minor damage on the other car.

    By Margie on 10.03.2008

  26. to give an account of what you saw or witnessed

    By Kenneth on 10.03.2008

  27. Evidence, The last remaining proof of a crime, however if there is no evidence to be found can one really lay claim to an event happening? Can one make any statement or have an impact on the world without leaving any evidence behind?

    By Kyra on 10.03.2008

  28. evidence proves everything if it’s the right evidence very tricky, people try to make up their own evidence

    By etta on 10.03.2008

  29. proof that can not be added to previously loaded injuries. sometimes it escapes. sometimes it gets uglier. sometimes it even cathes cold. just be careful not to mistake it with your mother’s mother.

    By felipe on 10.03.2008

  30. It was shocking to Beverly the amount of peanut butter to bread ratio that had been used in the production of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Burt’s sandwich shop. It was as she was licking the peanut butter off the roof of her mouth that she realized the key to the puzzle: the jelly was grape.

    By c.wong on 10.03.2008

  31. I don’t know why I have to write about evidence. I hate to write about this boring topic. It is insane that anyone could come up with a beautiful description of evidences or whatever. I’m just having writer’s block and I feel bad. I can’t help it.

    By su on 10.03.2008

  32. This is the same word as the other day. We’re still tired, still hopeless, and still we stand.
    The world makes no sense to the hungry. Hungry for food or love or words it doesn’t matter.
    The world will always be there, laughing in ways we cannot understand. We are starving for attention and for sleep.
    Pens to paper. Go to work. Love life. Live life. Finish life first.

    It’s our nursery rhyme. They taught us since the dawn of time.

    By Jessica Hatch on 10.03.2008

  33. nbi. crime. people. justice. honesty. truth. time. transparent. real. valid.

    By Ace on 10.03.2008

  34. and then the dude revealed the knife. holy crud. now they have evidence that i killed that little bastard and buried his head in the sand. oh well. 20 years in jail for me.

    By sean on 10.03.2008