October 7th, 2008 | 1,160 Entries

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1,160 Entries for “flight”

  1. flight the ballon the bird the cloud and the apple mid drop the smog and the fog and the mist early in the morning the blimp and the plane the jetpack and spaceship the mind in mid thought flies freely above the rest

    By Allie on 10.13.2008

  2. Its scary, high,floaty,wonderfull, magical, you feel light when in the air,hopeful, happy to be going somewhere, birds, beauty,cloudy, special, unique,

    By Lorraine on 10.13.2008

  3. its wonderful, freedom, light, açazing, fantastic, magical, imagination, fappy, faith, hope, birds, puffy white clouds, unique, special

    By Chich on 10.13.2008

  4. airplane crashed while people were having sex. omg britney spears was there doing toxic clip in the bathroom. Alvy wanted to see but the plane went in the water too soon. Everyone started swimming, and they went to madagscar.

    By Carol on 10.13.2008

  5. Some people love flying, for others it is their dream. For me, it is a feeling that cannot possibly compare to any other. It is the notion that nothing can stop you. You are going to a tropical place, or a city full of lights, or snowing mountains. where ever it is, you can be sureto always remember it.

    By Cassandra Orr on 10.13.2008

  6. Before I get on a flight I always have to make sure my snacks are in order. Food is an essential part of flying. It helps to pass the time as you sit back in this mass of metal, completely suspended from the reality of the ground below.

    By Alyssa on 10.13.2008

  7. birds, air
    i wish i wish i was a fish
    flying high into the sky
    wishing, wanting, hoping, flying
    like a bird
    over the world

    By sydney on 10.13.2008

  8. flight is a symbol of freedom….release. To obtain flight in a dreram is said to show that your center is free of burden and dispair. Flight can also be a source of fear for those whom need to be in control

    By Jeremy on 10.13.2008

  9. I think of taking flight, escaping, soaring, getting away, freedom. It seems light, a sense of relief, independence and adventure

    By Liza on 10.13.2008

  10. Flying somewhere always make me happy. Just the ability of taking flight, leaving all that I know behind and going to a new and adventurous place gives me butterflies in my stomach — the good kind. I always associate flight with change somehow, but you know what? I think I’m at the point in my life where I can honestly say that I’m perfectly happy, and that I do welcome change, but I’m not going to go and force a change to come around. It’ll be good.

    By Susie on 10.13.2008

  11. we fought for the flight of our life but we never even got to the ocean like all of the seagulls have have we failed i don’t know there is no punctuation in this story that i have written

    By bex on 10.13.2008

  12. I need to take flight with my life. Over the past few years I have let myself dwindle as a positive member of society and let my body crumble into the pits of beer bellydom. I must take flight and rid my existence of negativity.

    By Jon on 10.13.2008

  13. flight: the quickest form of transportation; the ability to soar above clouds, oceans, forests; going where you want when you want; making your own life, not ruled by others.

    By kelsey on 10.13.2008

  14. soaring above it all

    By jane on 10.13.2008

  15. i take flight over spacious skies and amber waves of grain; and i can’t possibly be the only one who loves this land more than her own body and breath. you are alive, and beautiful, and i want to stand in front of you and protect you from harm. i pray your golden fields are only ever stained red from the sun beating down, and i hope you understand what i mean when i say i would die and live for you in a way i could never promise any person.

    By salt on 10.13.2008

  16. soaring above it all the blue water the green pastures, the snow capped mountains all thje beauty of the earth below me how wonderful can it be?

    By joann on 10.13.2008

  17. I do not like airplanes

    By can on 10.13.2008

  18. a trip u take a flight,,,,,,, its fun./…. especially in 1st class….. i liked the one to frankfurt…… jet blue is aweomse… i love rock n roll on aeroplanes. hahahahahahah. go delta…. a tap !!!!!!!!!!!

    By pops on 10.13.2008

  19. Let me carry you down the flight of my stairs, where lies the chamber of my thoughts. Then will you smile, and believe me when I say you’re the one I love?

    By synne.r on 10.13.2008

  20. see the sky free feeling soaring above all else birds airplanes rockets universe travel see all weightlessness having fun

    By sesau1 on 10.13.2008

  21. Get on a plane and run away to some exotic location, leaving behind all that you are tied down to and embracing a new style of living.

    Liberate yourself from the humdrum, the day-in, day-out of ordinary living.

    Some try to fly without wings. They experience a feeling that some of us like to call The Pavement, The Sidewalk.

    By Zachary Voase on 10.13.2008

  22. On the airplane sitting next to me was a woman with heavily scented perfume. She breathed deeply, and exhaled a long sigh. I could sense that she was troubled, although I couldn’t determine exactly what was bothering her. Not one to ask questions of strangers, I didn’t bother to find out what was wrong.

    By Sara on 10.13.2008

  23. Once in flight, I started to relax. Soaring above the clouds I felt a certain peace inside. It was almost magical. The clouds looked like disheviled cotton balls, fluffy and full.

    By Jen M on 10.13.2008

  24. of the conchords.

    By Tomy Wilkerson on 10.13.2008

  25. or fight. That is the question, now isn’t it. Let’s consider the options. Weigh the alternatives. Size up the opposition. Flight or fight? Hmmm. Fight or flight? It has to be one or the other. The other or its the one. Or, we can just type until time runs out. Then, its delay.

    By Robert Benson on 10.13.2008

  26. I watched as the plane too flight. It was another shock as people began to gasp and wonder.

    “What is their deal?” I kept thinking, “Hadn’t people been on a plane before?”

    That’s when I came to realize.

    By Caty Zocco on 10.13.2008

  27. flight in the night
    dark and dreary
    cloudy skies
    midnight lies
    flight in the night
    stars in the sky
    bats way up high

    By shalimar on 10.13.2008

  28. It’s easy to flee. Infinitely easy. Turn tail and run, with a fake Id and a little intuition nobody will ever know. Why don’t more people try it?

    By Red on 10.13.2008

  29. I’ll catch one. Far away from here, far away from you.. I just need a break in all this thinking.. I need to resurface, your riddles and unsaid wishes toll on my heart like you’d never believe. Just don’t go anywhere until I come back. I still need you.
    PS. Didn’t you say there wouldn’t be any more secrets?

    By sarah on 10.13.2008

  30. The wings of the birds seemed weightless as they sailed away drifting aimlessly onward into the abyss.

    By Phillip Verney on 10.13.2008

  31. You were supposed to be in on the next flight…You were supposed to hold my hand and we were supposed to work this out…But the stupid flight got cancelled and now you’re not even coming…We ended it and now I’m all alone…Stupid flight.

    I hate airplanes.

    By camille on 10.13.2008

  32. fais comme l’oiseau, ça vit d’air pur et d’eau fraîche un oiseau d’un peu de chasse et de pêche un oiseau, et jamais rien ne l’empêche l’oiseau, d’aller plus haut c’est ce qui manque a beaucoup de personne la force et le courage de le faire.

    By messibah on 10.13.2008

  33. She stands on the edge of the roof, her wings folded behind her.
    She is watched from below.
    Letting go of desire, love, hope, sadness, she jumps.
    And she falls, yet she soars.
    This is flight.

    By Amoeba on 10.13.2008

  34. She didn’t like getting on planes. In fact, the last time that she had, she’d nearly had a panic attack. But the meeting was three states away, her husband had the car, the kids were with her mother… there really was just no other way. She moved around uncomfortably in her seat as she waited for the plane to take off. Three… two… one…

    By Renna on 10.13.2008

  35. planes, scared people. leaving evil behind. despair, not knowing what to do. helping yourself

    By Rose on 10.13.2008

  36. Flight is something that has fascinated mankind since earliest times. From the story of Icarus and Daedalus to Leonardo Da Vinci’s designs for a simple aircraft. It’s been a fascinating journey.

    By Martyn Chandley on 10.13.2008

  37. It is a magical experience…feeling the lift of something that seems nonexistent from the ground. To those on the ground, there is no wind. To me, it never stops. The seemingly magical nature of something that can be explained is vexing.

    By Cedrick W. on 10.13.2008

  38. Flight, flight, flight, flight, ilove flying, taking off and landing are the personal highlights, i do not like the bit in the middle, sure theres sometimes something good on the little TV but when nature calls into the porcalein coffin you go, the flush, scares the shit out of me Whooooooosh! AHHHHHHHH!

    By Browns Diciple on 10.13.2008

  39. i wanted to take flight. to run far, far away from where i was. i wanted to run so fast that the wind itself would no longer affect me. but sadly i am constrained by this body of mine, the idea that i am trapped in my skin. all i ever wanted was a chance to fly.

    By eryn on 10.13.2008

  40. i want to get away to fly away to dream of a world that is mine and mine alone, i want to fly to the places i have never been and see what i have seen in my dream I want to fly myself away from here.

    By le on 10.13.2008