September 22nd, 2013 | 111 Entries

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111 Entries for “hell”

  1. Hell is the name of my mind when its friday night and i am sitting at home with a movie and some popcorn. The tea kettle is whistling and the crisp cool air of a fall friday night is making its way though my window taking the curtain with it as it flies around the room. It hits my hear like a gentle whisper and tickles my mind like a gentle version of a brain freeze.
    My mind is frozen on obsessive thoughts that consume my abilities. The honey sweet smell of my past is a tempting place to wonder.
    i could only head in reverse down the freeway and manage to make my way back there, im sure that it will all seem like a dream.
    Hell only real if we chose to believe in it.
    If we cannot describe it, it is not real, he does not exist.
    It is a fingerprint, unique like a leaf. Each one seems similar yet so different.

    By Jelis URL on 09.22.2013

  2. Backseat drivers, one bathroom houses, bad grammar, terrible breath, no coffee, calories.

    By Ama Marie URL on 09.22.2013

  3. This single word makes children ache with fear. IT sends chills down the backs of this who wonder. And why? It does not exist! The penalty of sin is death! Not eternal torture. And God died that death. Does no one see this? Does no one see that He loves you?

    By Caitlyn URL on 09.22.2013

  4. I have lived my life of hell, I am ready to experience a life full of love and heaven now with him.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 09.22.2013

  5. sliping into the fire death below him he knew that his actions had put him straight into hell his beautiful wings tearing away from his body catching fire and turning to dust before his eyes

    By Kyra on 09.22.2013

  6. I know its supposed to burn
    I know I’m supposed to hurt
    A nightmare site
    But I find it cozy

    By Nicole on 09.22.2013

  7. I know it burns
    I know it hurts
    I know its site of so many nightmares
    A site that will not please anyone
    I find it rather cozy

    By nicole URL on 09.22.2013

  8. What the hell? I know, it’s a bigger question than it seems. I wish I had an answer, but all I have is more questions. You don’t want to hear them, it’ll only complicate things. And maybe that’s the terrible part, maybe that’s the torture. What the hell? We will never know.

    By audrey URL on 09.22.2013

  9. torture pandemonium

    By Alana Mayara on 09.22.2013

  10. Hell is the opposite of heaven.

    Heck is for people who don’t believe in gosh.

    I, for one, believe that hell is here on earth.

    There is no hell below us, above us only sky.

    Imagine all the people living life in peace.

    By michaelbuzz URL on 09.22.2013

  11. When I was young I used to go to church. The pastors always describe this place as Satan’s home, apparently if you committed sins, God would not admit you into Heaven and you would end up here and be tortured for eternity.

    By Sabrina URL on 09.22.2013

  12. He crawled through the ash yelling in pain. Skin constantly being pulled from his flesh and then regrowing. Nerves exposed and covered within seconds.

    Ash turned to shattered glass adding slices to his list of torments. He wasn’t sure what he had done to deserve this treatment, but he wished he was in hell rather than where he was.

    By FairyNiamh on 09.22.2013

  13. Darkness fell across the land, and a new kind of hell unfolded itself before Jim. Not only was he in pain, confused and alone, now, he could no longer see the demons that were tormenting him…

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 09.22.2013

  14. Hell isn’t just a place you live,
    It’s that little twinge of desire that rests on your brow but,
    You don’t show it.
    It’s that hint of love that drifts away with her delicate wafting scent of lilac.
    You simply stare as she glides toward nirvana,
    Surfing on the backs of other willing, vacant hearts.

    By Cannon Hyche URL on 09.22.2013

  15. “Ha! Right?” She rubbed her face and instantly regretted it; grease and ink seeped into her pores. She was going to fail the test, and no amount of studying was going to change that.
    Eric smiled at her, but it was stiffer than it should’ve been. He knew how hard this was for her, how much she needed to pass this class. But there was nothing else he could do. “Hell is a test without notes.”

    By L. A. Smith URL on 09.22.2013

  16. She tells me life is hell and that there is no escape from the fiery pits that lick at our rotten souls. I cannot reply because she speaks of me and nobody else. The words bite into my skin, pick away at the little open wounds with the precision of a learned rat scrambling about dark alleyways that see no light- have no mercy for the light. I want to scream for her forgiveness. To stop the cold black eyes that look at me with their piercing death.

    By Soyblobs on 09.22.2013

  17. The devil. Fire. A man that makes my life a living hell. Because walking by you I imagine the life we could have, heaven on Earth. Happiness takes over my body, making by blood race and my heart beat faster. The possibilities are endless for us and our relationship. You have everything I could want and more. But for some reason it hasn’t worked yet. Maybe it is you, maybe it is me. But watching you walk past me without a word reminds me that the heavens are still above and it is hell that I am living in. Life without you is my hell.

    By Lexis on 09.22.2013

  18. I despise the looks you give me when I walk down the stuffy halls of this constricted place. They are a predators’ looks. I am not your prey. I will not be your prey in this God-forsaken place with its red light halls and blood-rusted doors.

    By soyblobs URL on 09.22.2013

  19. MY JOB

    By FRED on 09.22.2013

  20. last end

    By pauly on 09.22.2013

  21. A cold nothingness enveloped an even colder fullness. That is hell, a place where you are both alone and constantly haunted by the ghosts of your failures and tears and the names people have called you throughout your life and the names you’ve called yourself in your darkest hours.

    By Lok URL on 09.22.2013

  22. Should I believe that flames can be eternal? Woes so succinct from sin that one poisoned action can be judged. If such a thing existed, would not all tormented beings, short of been given the chance to contemplate his torment in some existential tally, be doomed to hell? That is what some doctrines believe and they teach to justify this, or do they use this justification to teach? The simple truth is, a miserable life will begot a miserable individual and such an unfortunate place such as Hell is home to these rather than the wicked.

    By Eric Harrell URL on 09.22.2013

  23. He made it feel like hell, like burning hell everytime his lips met mine. I never thought id forget that burning sensation of his burning smile. His lips were as bright red as the fire they held. His teeth, the brightest thing id ever seen. His torturous hands that would grip my shoulders when he held me. Id never thought id forget the way he smelled. Like glue or some other strange but comforting feeling. Like fire he consumed my every thought, he burned down everyone around me, the king of my hell. What was it like to see the light? To see the sun rise sitting right next to him. It would burn my corneas like his eyes would burn mine when he looked at me. Hell was whenever I was with him but he always made it feel like heaven on earth. With another kiss id fall deeper into his fire, into his gaze, into his whisper. Hell was when I was without him but it always felt alright. I kept craving the sent of his burning life.

    By Yahtzee URL on 09.22.2013

  24. Fiery brimstone and misery. There’s really nothing that can be worse. The goal is to avoid it and be happy, which is often easier said than done, because we seem to constantly gravitate towards things we don’t want, or things that aren’t healthy. Or things that don’t make us happy. Hell is private, as everyone fears different things. It’s not so simple as it should sound. It lasts forever. My own private hell is work that doesn’t fulfill me and people who treat me poorly. I can’t be there, and it slowly strips away my self-worth and makes me miserable. It makes me paranoid and weak and doesn’t ever seem to go away. It’s a bottomless pit of disdain and despair. The whole point is just to avoid it and stay happy. It’s not always easy, but it is necessary at all costs. So I keep opening doors and walking through them as I try to keep going in the right direction to get better, move higher, reach a place of peace and happiness that will always be in my heart.

    By Lisa on 09.22.2013

  25. She didn’t tell him to go to hell. She didn’t storm out in a fury. She didn’t cheat on him. She didn’t tell him he wasn’t good enough. She just apologized and left. Somehow this would hurt him more.

    By Matt Burke URL on 09.22.2013

  26. I didn’t know that I could ever experience this much pain. It was shredding through my mind opening new scars that are still tender. My body was at war and hell was the battlefield. I wonder if I will ever get the chance to heal again. I do not see a point. Why would you go through a massacre of damage trying to solve it, when it is so much easier to lay broken and crumpled on the ground, pretending the end came sooner than expected.

    By Brooke Fowler URL on 09.22.2013

  27. A

    By kamran ali URL on 09.22.2013

  28. dying to be remembered
    in a memory, a toast at a party
    the wishes of others
    keeping the sands of time
    at bay, today
    sitting here, at the precipice of hell
    as the blinds hide the sun from my eyes
    wondering if, the words are enough
    if the time has gone by
    if the season’s over
    as fall breaks to winter
    as the sun sets on sandy shores
    i remember
    hell is here
    and never gone.

    By Matty M. on 09.22.2013

  29. warm, fiery depths
    call to my soul
    clinging to this earth, I cry in pain
    its not my time
    i say
    as the devil grasps my shoulders
    What have I done to earn so much pain
    and destruction
    I thought I was right
    but I was wrong
    so wrong
    I let go
    and a gasp escapes my wretched teeth
    i give in
    let the devil have his way with my soul.

    By calynn on 09.22.2013

  30. Black and white, dark and light, hard and soft, wet and dry, hot and cold, young and old, life and death, heaven and hell. A contrast that will span eternity, the difference between love and hate, joy and sorrow, restoration and pain, eternal life and eternal death — the difference between a God-filled City and a godless Pit of Fire.

    By Fay on 09.22.2013

  31. To undulate like a snake slipping down a branch, a waving tendril.
    Circles down your wrist, up your arm, around your face…
    Then slides down your throat and coils like a python at the waist.
    Squeezes till your lungs catch fire and all becomes a burning haze.

    By Intuition URL on 09.22.2013

  32. She whipped around and stared at him, the fires of hell seemingly burning in her eyes. “No,” she snarled. He leaned away. “No, I will not change myself just for the enjoyment of one fickle, shallow, self-centered, moronic man!”

    By WearyWater URL on 09.22.2013

  33. Hell is a woman dressed in red. A golden girl who slinks into the room beside you and makes eye contact. It’s the girl who lounges next to you and winks. The girl that draws your breath away. It’s the girl that you think just might be that thing that you’ve been looking for. The one you fall into. Hell is the smile of a sweet mouth that pouts “Have we meet?”
    Hell is the bite that follows her breath.

    By Nikki Riles on 09.22.2013

  34. for elijah elkwood, there’s no greater satisfaction than proving to others that hell on earth exists now. he laughs at them, jokes with them with an undisputed distant affection in his voice. where have you been? this whole time? he shows them hell in a delicate gesture that seems like the unfolding of his hands, only his hands are dark and bloody.

    By kristen URL on 09.22.2013

  35. To The Year of the Dead,

    Please just break me in half already.
    I have succumb,
    I was yours from the start.
    Suddenly swallowed whole by
    your unlucky curse
    I worship you.
    Bound by myths and legends
    but you exist.

    Life just wants to make me blue
    This year is sucking
    all of my faith,
    my hope for change.
    (This year determines my entire life)

    I’ve been exploring different
    rituals, trying to right my life.
    The King of Prime Numbers, you slay me.
    You have made me 1 of the Coven.
    You’ve shaped my thoughts
    into a Pentagram and
    then I inverted it just for you.
    Am I your best Disciple yet?

    Teach me your sinful ways;
    We can live backwards
    when all this is over-
    E V I L

    By Lb on 09.22.2013

  36. For the first few stories I fell through this glass tunnel, I could see my brother and sister and friends and my boyfriend and everyone I’ve ever cared about watching me. Some people pressed their hands against my wall when they saw me reaching for them. Sometimes no air at all and only a few inches of glass separated my hand from one I would have loved to have felt, but all I could touch was the cold, smooth innards of this chute, and soon, all of those faces and loving hands were miles above, and I was in hell.

    [I’m not sure how long I worked on this, but it was closer to five minutes than one. The page loaded with the gong already sprung.]

    By ISOreality URL on 09.22.2013

  37. Hell and heaven are not so different. Both are abstract ideas that can be either very simple or very complex. Both exist in a hypothetical eternity, both are consequences, places or moments. We all have our personal heaven and our personal hell. They are polar opposites, yet, they aren’t so different.

    By Erin Braxton URL on 09.23.2013

  38. Funny how the word is one letter away from “hello”. How the exchanging of “hello” leads to more exchanges, in the end only amounting to leaving or being left behind. You are left with nothing but your own loneliness, and that is Hell. Hell is made possible through an introduction.

    By anonymouse on 09.23.2013

  39. We create our own hell. We are the architects of our most painful suffering. The devil’s a myth, a mirage with cloven hooves and a forked tail, frightful to behold, but ultimately, an illusion concealing the much harsher truth.

    By Chris Clow URL on 09.23.2013

  40. I really don’t think that this is an appropriate word to give to fourth graders. I wish there was a way to skip to the next word and try something different because it really makes me doubt that this website is one that I can use with my students. When will sixty minutes be up because I’m really self conscious about that fact that this word is written in large letters on my computer screen and that it isn’t going away!

    By rachel on 09.23.2013