September 22nd, 2013 | 111 Entries

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111 Entries for “hell”

  1. A place where you will go if you didn’t accept God as your Savior.

    By Lyza URL on 09.23.2013

  2. I don’t like hell. because it bad and even have a devil, flames, and mountain with sharp giant needles. and you have to clime that mountains. I don’t like hell because of that. and the opposite of hell is heaven. heaven is a good place ever. it like playing and go to anywhere you want. still never think go to either of them because you go there when you’re dead. so just thinking to be safe and alive. I wonder if somebody really saw a hell or heaven.

    By sss on 09.23.2013

  3. I don’t like hell. because it bad and even have a devil, flames, and mountain with sharp giant needles. and you have to clime that mountains. I don’t like hell because of that. and the opposite of hell is heaven. heaven is a good place ever. it like playing and go to anywhere you want. still never think go to either of them because you go there when you’re dead. so just thinking to be safe and alive. I wonder if somebody really saw a hell or heaven. f**k

    By f on 09.23.2013

  4. It wasn’t like all the books and movies described it. There was no fire. It wasn’t particularly hot. No-one had tails or horns. No….it was much worse. There was emptiness. There was nothingness.

    By esky1118 URL on 09.23.2013

  5. It was a beautiful warm and clear spring day, made even more wonderful because it was a treasure scattered in between days of solid rain. I sat at one of the rough timber tables under the dappled shade of the old oak tree and watched my daughters climb on the cafe’s sparse play equipment, marveling at their joy. I took a sip of the very strong black coffee, feeling it infuse my body and mind with that special “oompf” that coffee lovers know so well. I smiled at the children who were having fun with the reckless abandonment that, for the most people, live only for a short while in childhood. There was a couple sitting a few tables over that were kind of spoiling the whole moment though – they were having some sort of argument and with the heat of the day rising, so did the heat of their fighting.

    It was an ordinary day. But when the man got up and shouted “Just go to hell, Frankie!” and shot his partner point blank in the face, the ordinary turned extraordinary. I don’t know if Frankie got to hell, or even if she deserved it, but my sentence of eternal pain and suffering started that day. The day the man maddened enough with anger fired his gun wildly at anything moving – including my youngest little girl – before he took his own life.

    By Minette Tonoli URL on 09.23.2013

  6. This isn’t what I thought it was.
    I expected it to be boiling – I expected flames to be licking at my skin, charring it and blistering me.
    I did not expect this icy wasteland.
    I didn’t expect this lonely room.
    And I most certainly did not expect hell to be so… empty.

    By Rio URL on 09.23.2013

  7. Whether or not they is a hell some way, all our actions that is not in line or relates to the truth of God’s word will find us being cut off from his will and and salvation. If we want to make heaven our home then we must trust and obey his commandments.

    By victor URL on 09.23.2013

  8. “Hell have no fury like a woman scorned.” A popular expression which though not a truism it effectively gets its message across. Do not scorn a woman, do not leave her for a younger, prettier version and if you do be prepared to suffer the consequences. Does this apply to all women though or just to the tough brassy ones? The quite mouse will probably stay true to her nature and when she is scorned she’ll just slink off into her corner. Or will she?

    By Tracey URL on 09.23.2013

  9. hath… well you know and when that happens, I shrink down to a small boy, no a toddler that has smeared peanut butter (or worse) all over the bathroom or dining room wall. Scorned, lied to, disregarded, ignored, you name it and if there is fury somewhere else in this world or the next that is worse, well….

    By Lee URL on 09.23.2013

  10. it wasn’t a blazing circle of fire
    it wasn’t brimstone
    it wasn’t red and
    brown and black.

    it was that flicker in your eyes
    that meant you
    had gone


    By xxcey URL on 09.23.2013

  11. I went to hell once. I actually cycled there from our hotel – in Grand Cayman that is!
    Not to hell in a handcart though….

    By Alexandra URL on 09.23.2013

  12. Hell, he found, wasn’t a different place. It was just the same old places, but turned painful in your mind. After Bryan died, all the places they used to hang out had a sunken feel to it. He would stand there immobile, and feel lapped by cold fire.

    By Holden URL on 09.23.2013

  13. This life, this magnitude of wonder can be considered a heaven or a hell. Only if you make it such though. But then again is there life after death? Or is it all with in this one chance that we get at making something of ourselves? To live for heaven or to live for hell. One wouldn’t want to live for nothing after it all.

    By Lindsay URL on 09.23.2013

  14. Yes. No. Maybe. I don’t know. Do this. Why did you do that? Come here. Go away. Leave me alone. Stay with me.

    Your indecision is my hell.

    By eiram on 09.23.2013

  15. I couldn’t help but think that, if my uncle would be there and my best friend from kindergartner would be there – if my parents (apparently) /wouldn’t/ be there, if the bullies in my classes wouldn’t be there…if she’d be there and I could see her, hold her, kiss her again, then Hell couldn’t be so bad.

    By Andrea URL on 09.23.2013

  16. If you’re going through it, keep going. Persistence and belief in yourself is the key.

    By R URL on 09.23.2013

  17. Simply no life
    Anger and Torture collide
    Where there are forgotten souls
    Where all is frozen over
    Where there is temptation at every corner
    Where there is Satan and the fallen angels
    Where God can not help for you have chosen this destination
    Where there is no joy but agony

    By Cindy on 09.23.2013

  18. Ett hemskt ställe där det brinner, har jag fått för mig. Jag tror inte på det egentligen, men i filmer så brukar det ju se ut så. Fast helvetet behöver ju inte vara en plats dit man kommer när man dör. För vissa kanske det är en plats på jorden, eller ett moment i deras dag? Jag vet inte vad mitt helvete är, men jag hoppas att jag inte kommer uppleva det heller. :)

    By Louise on 09.23.2013

  19. Heaven and hell. In Speech today after I finished my informative speech research I was looking up random facts and somehow yin and yang came up (almost typed tang, which is an orange flavoring thing from foods class last year that Daniel Alber joked was an impoverished Asian child.). Heaven and hell, yin and yang, (pronounced yong like gong) opposites. Black and white. Candor believes the truth is black and white. I think Tris is right, there are different shades of gray in there. Things that you may believe to be the truth may not be the truth according to someone else. How long is 60 seconds on this thing? I feel like it should be done already. I finished Divergent and Insurgent last week, now I’m on the Seven Realms series and then I think I’ll reread the Mortal Instruments and the Infernal Devices. That’s my idea of heaven.

    By Katelyn on 09.23.2013

  20. You know that feeling when you come inside from the snow and put your hands under hot water? That’s probably what hell would feel like. Hot one minute and then cold the next so you’re constantly changing temperatures.

    By Katelyn on 09.23.2013

  21. “What sort of hell would be best, do you think?” she asked.

    “The one where there’s no beer, no food, no sex,” he replied. “Nothing would make you pine for life like that.”

    By Anthony StClair URL on 09.23.2013

  22. in this life and several others,
    we’re strangers.

    that only changes
    for a little while
    (or not at all.)

    By h. b. URL on 09.23.2013

  23. Is never ending. Is absent. Is present. Hell isn’t real, but it will taunt you with its consequences.

    By Meredith URL on 09.23.2013

  24. Hell is a special place where where miserablness is required.its always warm and you’re never cold. You can never lose hope because there’s none to be gained. Hell is the truth, hell on earth is created by few.

    By mykayla hettel-rollins URL on 09.23.2013

  25. I had been through Hell more than once. Therefore I felt old. Because in Hell, one year feels like 10 years. So if you spend 5 years in Hell, you feel like you’ve grown old 50 years. I looked like it too. How I had come out of it is a good question. One day, I was just out of it. I didn’t really understand the world either. And people looked at me strangely. When I saw my reflection in a glass window, I got the full extent of how weird looking I must be for them.

    My eyes were black and bloodshot, stains of maroon skin all around them, my cheeks were so caved in that you could actually notice the contour of my teeth through the stretched skin, my lips were so dry they were cracked all over but no blood came out, it was probably so thick in my veins. I was skin and bones.

    I smiled at my reflection. Nobody would recognize me except myself. And that was fine by me because I just wanted to go lie on a soft bed and sleep all the years I hadn’t slept in Hell. Because I could not know with certainty when Satan would call me back to do his bidding.

    By Lili Frank Robinson URL on 09.23.2013

  26. Hell. Its a beautiful place for sure. Its always warm. And there is no heartbreak because there is no love to be had. There’s no lost hope because it is crushed at the door.

    By MyKayla URL on 09.23.2013

  27. The food is black and dirty

    We’re still chasing the whine

    empty now in the wind between our agonies

    Hell is pink and golden, just chew at the edges

    Wag your tail, the ball, the glorious ball is over there

    By RS Bohn URL on 09.23.2013

  28. It was complete hell to see her like that, to see his beautiful girl in a pool of her own blood. He had insisted on being present at the crime scene but his heart was destroyed at the sight. His daughter, the little girl he brought into the world and raised, was dead and it was his fault. How was Greg supposed to get over this one? He’d just buried Mycroft, did they have to take his daughter too? Why was this happening?

    By Suzy on 09.23.2013

  29. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and this woman was truly scored. She still had the key to access his house, the idiot hadn’t changed the alarm codes either, he most likely had no clue how as he’d never had to make do without her before. Entry was simple, not being noticed wasn’t so easy. Each stair creaked, each floorboard sagged and the house showed it’s age with the noises as she made her way to the kitchen.

    By MyBrolly on 09.23.2013

  30. a place where its just you and your thoughts, nothing else. your thoughts eat at you for the rest of eternity and thats hell. thoughts of what u didnt do or accomplish in your life and things you regret

    By nicole on 09.23.2013

  31. The concept of heaven and hell has always been tricky for me. I guess when I first began to question it, I was sitting in a Catholic confirmation class wondering if we were merely talking in metaphors or if half of my class actually believed there was an eternity of hell fire waiting if they did not obey ten rules written down several centuries ago. Since then, my beliefs and principles have changed, and I no longer feel strange for believing differently. Perhaps I took a card from Buddhism when I interpreted all citings of a “heaven” or “hell” to simply be a state of mind, or maybe just Psychology 101. My skepticism at an afterlife may thus contribute to my disbelief in an eternal hell, for life is fluid and death is stagnant.

    By C URL on 09.23.2013