September 22nd, 2013 | 111 Entries

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111 Entries for “hell”

  1. Such hell the human spirit can endure. Our endurance can surprise us the most when we feel we cannot take anymore pain, grief and strife.

    By C URL on 09.22.2013

  2. This summer was pretty chill but it sure was hot a hell. I think in this sense the entire experience was bittersweet. I can’t look at it so negatively but that intensity felt from the heat could only be expressed in such terms.

    By Ronald Quinn on 09.22.2013

  3. Hell on earth was living. There was no special circumstance that made their lives any bettor or any worse than anyone else’s.
    It was just life. Life in the legion, in their godforsaken military. Living to die, fighting to kill, leabing to come back in pieces. Broken promises and rings rusted with blood. That was all there was to it. Hell. Hell in the eyes of the parents who ran out, just to find their children destroyed, nothing but their memories remaining. Locked away in the eyes of those who knew them, who saw them fall.

    By pensivebanana on 09.22.2013

  4. Hell is a fiery inferno where the dead scream so loud that it shades the noise of the roaring furnace that keeps hell burning, the red flickering lights casting an evil glow over everything, not a shadow of good has or ever will exist in hell. Hell is worse than any nightmare any man has ever known. No pain exists that can compare to the constant burning,body shaking pain that renders all of hells inhabitants useless.

    By Hannah on 09.22.2013

  5. Hell is a fiery inferno which burns with the angry passion of a thousand scorned lovers. The flickering red light never fades in hell, everything it touches, it possesses. But it’s not the evil glow that is etched into the mind of Hell’s every inhabitant, it’s the screaming, the screaming louder and more gut wrenching than the cries of a mother losing her child.

    By MarsBar on 09.22.2013

  6. Hell was a place off of the 380, just below the off ramp that used to lead to St. Thomas Street and down into the valley. It was a sweltering, dusty lot where anyone could find drugs, guns, anything that they needed before moving farther north.

    By Kristin URL on 09.22.2013

  7. i’m just thinking to myself..this could be heaven or this could be..

    By Clara on 09.22.2013

  8. Life is hell if you don’t follow nature’s order. All creatures – except for the humans – know there is only either life or death. Nothing between them. But we humans make such a big deal about that “between”…

    By Alice Shina on 09.22.2013

  9. pick any path
    pass and pass
    every which way
    they fell
    they fell
    pull and pass
    pick the path
    every which way
    it’s hell
    it’s hell

    By Aley on 09.22.2013

  10. It was hell, but it was a hell she could handle. As long as she knew there was an end, no matter how far off that end might be, she could deal with it.

    By mrsmig on 09.22.2013

  11. Hell, such an uninspiring venue. Always different, always the same! I don’t know what yours is, but I know how it is. That, my dear, we have in common.

    By happyrabbit on 09.22.2013

  12. one by one the shadows on the wall were being consumed by the flames that licked their way across the room, reaching higher and higher, bathing the room in an intense heat. the smoke that filled the air was thick, heavy, leaving no room to breathe. surely, she thought, this is the entry to hell.

    By firelight on 09.22.2013

  13. This is cool. yeah thats it right now thanks

    By Liz Motter on 09.22.2013

  14. never ending payment for mistakes, bound to happen.

    this life could quite possibly be hell.

    By taylor on 09.22.2013

  15. blood defines no man. every hell shouldnt be hot. roaring devils and singing angels. kaotic. soul of a man understands that its vulnerable after all. and nothing is more scary than no-thing.

    By alchemycrow on 09.22.2013

  16. the fire licks up your body. all you feel is pain. you scream, hoping someone, anyone will save you. no one come. there are hooks in your shoulders and legs and in your side. they’re connected to chain that pull you apart. a man floats down toward you and laughs at your screams and tears. he grabs a knife from his belt and cuts into you. his knife spelling out horrible words and secrets you thought no one would ever know about.

    By Rylie on 09.22.2013

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    By no on 09.22.2013

  18. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. These
    four years of high school were not the best times of our lives.
    These four years were pure shit.” The audience shouts in
    opposition. “I’m sorry that on this day of graduation my honesty
    has eclipsed my happiness. Gym… Mrs. Keller, really? Every mile
    run? For what? I was lazier this school year than in the summer
    when I didn’t have gym. English too. Mr. Connors I got an English
    college credit last year, and you’re still teaching us about proper
    grammar. For God’s sake I’ve never even read The Taming of the
    Shrew; we read Hamlet, but we couldn’t read The Taming of the
    Shrew. And forgive me if this sounds like complaining, but I’m the
    valedictorian, and I’m going to college, and I personally don’t
    think that anything I’ve done in these four years has prepared me
    for the trek I have to take in college.”

    By Denise Watson on 09.22.2013

  19. Spite, spit spirit, split
    Acquit quit, quick wit
    drip drip drip drip
    fix tricks licks six
    save shave slave stave

    Leer fear spear hear
    Commit lit, pit fit
    spell spell spell spell
    tear care spare snare

    Terrible unshareable
    are my hell,
    my belle.

    By dp on 09.22.2013

  20. is the one word that is the one reason I will have to do two versions of my video, and I don’t even say it often, but “what on earth” just doesn’t cut it, and well, is it even a bad word, I mean, the Doctor said it for goodness sake, and most of my audience wouldn’t care, but a teacher who doesn’t care showing it to a class who don’t care might just feel obliged to care FULL STOP I WIN.

    By Alastair on 09.22.2013

  21. Sometimes I wonder if
    there is a point in trying so hard to be good
    if we’ll all end up ashes anyway

    By Lauren on 09.22.2013

  22. The moment you find out that the Furnald printer is down and you have less than 5 minutes to run to the freaking Pupin building and you are just so fed up with life and its just a bad experience overall.

    By Annie Guo on 09.22.2013

  23. SOme people say they don’t believe in hell. What? Because you’ve never seen it?
    I can’t see the wind, or my heart, or God, but I believe in those things. They exist whether Ibelieve in them or not.
    SOme people think they are already in hell. I vacillate between the two. Am I? For the longest time,I thought I was, Itseemed like things were never getting better,only worse. It seemed like every day was dark or a storm was just off the horizon. I mean, when you can’t seem to rise above a cycle, it’s a bit devastating. Devastating day after day is … well, Hell.
    Some people say they have been to hell andback.I notice these peoplenever send post cards of that trip, but just expect other to beleve them. I personally have never seen a post card from hell. Maybe there’s a reason for this. Maybe they self ignite, maybe there isn’t a postal service in hell. Maybe they don’t have postal workers in hell. Maybe they only have postal worokes in hell… Idoubt that. I know a lot of people say what the hell are you doing? What does hell have to do in that question? Why is heaven never brought into this debate?
    What in the world, right? What do you think? HAve you seen hell? Have you been there andback? HAve you got mail from there? HAve you ever talked about what hell might be like? I heard today a joke from an alcoholic. St.Peter says, heaven or hell. Thealcohlic says, can I see hell first? How much longer does this 60 second s go? It just goes to prove if I really want to I cantype my ass off for a lot of words in a minute. What If I typed lik e this all the time? Wonder how many words I could type in an hour? This withbacking up and erasing some stuff. SO what about hell? WHo owns that place? Who has hot property there? Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Haveyou imagined the landscape there? WHat do youthink itlookslike there? Who lives there?

    By JEOcean on 09.22.2013

  24. arriving
    was not what i’d expected
    no fire, no demons or such
    this day
    very similar to those before
    still living
    the same, except

    this life is
    without you.

    By mouse on 09.22.2013

  25. the day she dissapeared from my life, was the worst one. I never believed in heaven or hell but everyday from that day on, i felt that i was burning up alive and the pain didn’t go away, never.

    By cami on 09.22.2013

  26. satans typewriter is like a pipe organ setup very grandiose the people march in grim rigid formation and you are swept along in the current of dead souls.

    By virginia on 09.22.2013

  27. He made hell too. That’s what I’ve been told, at least. I can’t fathom it – a land of fire beyond our temple gates. Yet I do see the darkness that lies beyond, and wonder why we are fenced in here. This is our destiny, to be free and happy, right? If so, why the gates? Why the fences? Can the darkness remain?

    By Archori on 09.22.2013

  28. It is a dark evil place. At least, that is what we all assume. Is there and actual hell? who really knows? I sure don’t. It is probably imagined just like heaven. When we die, we die. Though I also believe in possibly reincarnation so who really knows. That sentence didn’t make much sense. Wow, now Im rambling and making a bunch of typos. What is this website exactly? I kind of just found it. What happens when the 0 seconds runs out? does it just stop or does it let me finish the sentence i am on? WHat is this site!!!???? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. No but reallly. Im not even writing about hell anymore. Wow, I am failing at whatever this is. I dont really want to write about hell though. Who would? Not me thats for sure. We dont even know if it exists. You know, If hell did exist I think It should be different for every person. It should be made personal. Though, what about the different degrees of people who are bad? The worse you are, the worse your hell should be.

    By Samantha Holmes on 09.22.2013

  29. I am in hell. It is dark and terrifying and I want to go home. BUt I can’t. I am stuck here, alone, and afraid. Here with my deepest fears, and the things I wish to forget. I wish I were in the light instead of down here. I cry for help, I wish for salvation. I want to be anywhere but here.
    My demons are around me, and they want to hurt me, they come close, and taunt me. If there were something I could do to make them go away I would. But alas, I am stuck here. And all I want to do is go home.

    By Morgan Phillips on 09.22.2013

  30. Hello. That’s what my friends used to say if they were trying to cuss but wimped out. “What the hello?” They were scared of saying what they wanted to. We were young. Now no one is left. People have become ruined. I hate it, but maybe I have a little bit too.

    By Hailey on 09.22.2013

  31. Hell, it’ll be hot this summer. Where’s hell on earth? A place of suffering, torment, misery. Hell can be anywhere. It may be nothing more than a state of mind or physical torment. Like, heaven, it’s hard to describe hell. More so if you’ve never experienced it.

    By Paul Eveleigh on 09.22.2013

  32. “This is life, Jaxx, in it’s raw and primal and…heaven.” she said, her eyes wide with conviction. “It’s the best life there is.”
    “Walking the razor’s edge, constantly aware that one wrong step could mean not only my death, but the deaths I’ve everyone I’ve ever cared for…this isn’t heaven, Miri; it’s hell,” she spat. “And I…I don’t know if I can do it anymore.”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 09.22.2013

  33. Hell is a place I want you to go. I want you both to go, there.
    and I will smile sweetly as you make your descent, and finally you’ll realize that you missed your queue,

    one time too many.

    Am I spiteful?
    This passive-agressive stance is the only one I can take in face of your cruelty.

    By Rachel on 09.22.2013

  34. she said i hate you i hate you i hate you and she said those words over and over and over and over and she was sure she was going to hell for that one time when she flipped someone off in fourth grade.

    By corrine marie on 09.22.2013

  35. “What the Hell, Hampton?” screeched Leinbach as they stood
    over the pit leading to the underworld. Cold, black smoke billowed
    from the maw, and below that, all the travelers could see was
    orange. “That’s right, sir!” Hampton laughed, shoving her hands
    into her long black coat and grinning from ear to ear. “Hell,
    indeed. This should be where Markus landed for a pit stop.” “Do you
    have absolutely no fucking regards for, I don’t know, not pissing
    off the devil?” Leinbach shouted. “Relax!” Hampton laughed. “He
    owes me.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.22.2013

  36. hell

    By Michael on 09.22.2013

  37. There’s no place like home to make you feel like you’re in hell.
    No, really.
    There’s nothing about my house that makes me feel comfortable. My parents hate me, no lie. They’ve told me as much. They’ve also informed me that I’m a waste of space, a waste of oxygen, and worthless.
    I reminded them that they made me, and they didn’t really like that. They locked me in the closet, and I hardly struggled. It’s never done me any good before, so why should it do anything now?
    But there’s one difference between my personal hell and actual hell–I’m getting out of here. I’m going to make a name for myself, mark my words. I’m going to prove my worth. I’m going to kill my parents by filling them with guilt and regret, and I’ll be so successful that I won’t even look over my shoulder at them.

    By Maria on 09.22.2013

  38. The bastards of hell are all around us. They creep behind you and breathe empty promises into your ear. At night you feel their feathers touch you gently, like you are a child to them, precious, and when you close your eyes to sleep, their fangs pierce your throat as if it were butter.

    By Sophia URL on 09.22.2013

  39. “Hell..”, he didn’t get to finish his greeting. His face burst into flames and he ran gagging from the room. There were some things that a man should never ever see. This was a the top. Seeing your parents in the midst of… of… he could not finish the thought. ‘And on the table too… I’m going to my boyfriend’s house for Thanksgiving this year, no question.’

    By Drivven Wrinth on 09.22.2013

  40. Hell. What a dreadful place, or so it seems from the vivid descriptions provided from my childhood.

    By Mr. Frankenstein on 09.22.2013