November 20th, 2008 | 786 Entries

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786 Entries for “held”

  1. I want to be held in your arms forever, Being so far away, it’s hard because the closeness of being held, it’s something special. It doesn’t mean that there’s anything more that must happen. It’s the security of childhood, being in your mother’s arms. Hugging a close friend, Being warmed and calmed by a lover. Being held, it’s one of the most vital parts of being whole

    By Cat on 11.26.2008

  2. to love. i remember how you held me, so close, so comfortable. we fit perfectly together. i felt safe, warm, and loved. our bodies warmed each other. sometimes we just held hands, a symbol of our togetherness to the outside world. It was perfect.

    By Jennifer on 11.26.2008

  3. There I was in that dark dank cellar. That musty cellar, that dirty little place in the back of your mind. There is an evil that lives there, much like my own that has held me so dear.

    By ih8paper on 11.26.2008

  4. “Stay right here!” She whispered insistantly. Arms wrapped around me tightly in a hug, holding me and knowing it to be her last time. She held me longer than she had time for. The lights of the search drew nearer and passed within a foot of us, scaring me to my wits.
    “I love you.” I didn’t get a chance to say more.
    I watched as my mom ran across the lot on a fools errand to save me.

    By Cecilia on 11.26.2008

  5. When I went to the retreat the finale was to be held by all the participants. I could not let the feeling of being comforted by all those people in. I wanted to but felt too self conscience. I felt cheated. I wanted to feeling the blessing of just being cared for by other. I am usually the care taker. So as a request, after thinking about it for some time, I welled up the nerved to ask to be held again. I was prepared the second time to let my guard down enough to feel the comfort. It was nice and felt very indulgent. Although it involved so many people, it felt very self indulgent.

    By Mark on 11.26.2008

  6. i held my head. the raging pain in my sinuses made me want to find a way to drain the nastinaess out. I could solve the energy crisis if they could figure out a way to use the snot in my head…gallons a minute.

    By kim on 11.26.2008

  7. I held on for longer than I should have. Held on until she was forced to tear away. I felt a rush of shame and of anger and turned away to hide my pain from her. Plenty more fish they tell me…

    By Mark Clarke on 11.26.2008

  8. As the show wore on, slow and steady, we grew bored. We wanted him to hold our attention, but all he held was our patience.

    By kanchan on 11.26.2008

  9. I held to the concept of trust and honor for so long begore I gave in to the desire to let go and invalidate my bery existence and system of beliefs. It was easy to let go of what I had previously held dear. The time was now to begin to be easy

    By john on 11.26.2008

  10. Always being held is not always the best place to be. Being held, you can be held back. You can be held in place or you could just be held in space.

    When we think of being held, we think it is always a good thing. I suppose it is, as long as you are not held against your will.

    That would be unlawful detention or some fancy legal word like that.

    By Magnolia on 11.26.2008

  11. I held you in my arms
    I swore to never let go
    Yet here I am, with out you
    I must reap what I sow

    By ariana on 11.26.2008

  12. …me close as he whispered in my ear “I won’t ever let you go.” I smiled as my dream dissolved.

    By Tina on 11.26.2008

  13. never before…ever since…you…your arms…my heart…warm…comfortable…peaceful…home…love…you.
    thank you.

    By chansgirl on 11.26.2008

  14. the moment we held each other, i saw my life story. every movement every revolution every defeat every victory had a place of point in history. something about the way you held me, held my history, gave it its place.

    By cjstar on 11.26.2008

  15. He held my hand….making me feel loved. That one hand holding mine made me feel like I belonged, that someone cared, that I was wanted. Feeling wanted is not something that happened to me often. But him holding my hand made me feel like somewhere someone cared. For once.

    By Krystle on 11.26.2008

  16. I held you in my arms tonight. I held for ever and ever and never wanted to let go. I held on because I had to. i held on because i need you. I held on because i did not want to lose you again.

    By Woodward Jenkins on 11.26.2008

  17. He held his hands in the air and shouted with pure joy: Another accomplishment that bore little visible proof, but supplied that great satisfaction borne of the knowledge that a major life-long goal was another step closer to becoming reality. Then a bus hit him.

    By bobo on 11.26.2008

  18. I held you in my arms for what felt like an eternity. I never want to let go. I never want to take that chance of losing you once and for all. So if I just keep you here, if I just held you a moment longer it would make everything ok. It would make my life seem ok. If I can just make it feel forever in my mind then I’m safe. Safe from all the madness.

    By Danielle on 11.26.2008

  19. I held her hand as we walked down the sun forsaken beach. The waves crashed up and struck a small sense of fear into my heart, but the feeling of her warmth on my hand took that away. I can hold her hand, I can hold her body, but I only truly with to hold her heart.

    By Joe on 11.26.2008

  20. I wondered, the other night, as he stared at this very page, this very word: what held him here? It was so late…

    Last night was different though. I knew why he stayed, and we held each other.

    By Spencer on 11.26.2008

  21. my loved ones held closely.

    By call thudder on 11.26.2008

  22. love care enjoy cuddling loving, baby, enjoyment, hate my life, life, loneliness, emptyness, adulthood, death, death, no one to hold, lonely, single, suicidal, hate, pain, pain, tears, crying. end.

    By gulp on 11.26.2008

  23. een held.
    zelfs mijn helden zijn over de top.
    howel die van mij nu net op de achtergrond speelt
    geweldige cd
    he;emaa; als ik stoned ben

    By Peter on 11.26.2008

  24. holding is usually a good way to move things. and… held is the past tense right? I think so… oh wait i cant think… shit. ummm… I give up. no I have time… held… rhymes with meld! yeah! whooo! go me! Okay I’m done.

    By Brii. on 11.26.2008

  25. click. click. click. in a few seconds all will be forgotten. In a few seconds the pastries will warm your body and you’ll see your unborn grandchildren. click. The images all morph together, whispers, click.

    By devi pablo on 11.26.2008

  26. I held up that liquor store and the clerk tried to bolt so I shot him in the head BANG BANG that indian is dead now

    By Bang Bang on 11.26.2008