November 13th, 2008 | 880 Entries

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880 Entries for “suspend”

  1. I thought this page was asking me to wait, so I only had time to write thi…

    Just kidding. Plenty of time. So what shall we chat about, since we have all the time in the wor

    By Russ Luscombe on 11.20.2008

  2. The blade hung over the white angular body of the prisoner. His belief was that it would soon fall through him and into the floor, embedding itself there for eternity. His blood would stain the floor and he would fall into two pieces like a piece of spaghetti.

    By John Harrower on 11.20.2008

  3. Well I have never been suspended by school but I know people who have for drinking at dance. Drinking is so retarded I mean why waste away your life to have fun, I can understand social drinking, but I don’t need booze or drugs to have fun. Yeah so that’s what suspend got me to write.

    By Brett Loughery on 11.20.2008

  4. I am suspended. Sitting in the air not touching anything. when will I land? When will I rise higher. Does it even matter? I assume no because for now I defy gravity. I am a bridge.

    By Wade Dickert on 11.20.2008

  5. suspend all disbelief, suspend your suspenders, suspend a bridge or even just play bridge, sometimes you can be stuck for activities. There may be no books or papers or tv or Dvd although I miss the video they were clunky and far more satisfying. You could throw a video at someone and they would remember it. Bambi wham bam! Thank you ma’am.
    Let’s get tea.

    By kathy on 11.20.2008

  6. suspend. he was suspended above the ground. on the building. he stood at the edge, tiptoeing in place. his toes toed the edge of the line. he looked down. below him was a mass of cars and buildings and windows – all rock candy coloured and shining brightly as the sun twinkled down upon them. he was going to jump.

    By bob on 11.20.2008

  7. ich habe gerade so etws wie einen aussetzer, was soll das heißen suspend ???

    By s on 11.20.2008

  8. Suspension, like Mae. Say anything but say what you mean. It makes me think of you. Floating on air. It aches, still. It’s a letter. It’s a word. But it hits me dead-center in my chest and I don’t know how to feel towards anything anymore, now that I don’t have you. I miss you.

    By J on 11.20.2008

  9. myself for doing something wrong.last night, i.e., i got too drunk and my stomach is completely fucked up right now.i should suspend myself from eating heavy stuff, but i don’t think i can make it

    By Vaskezz on 11.20.2008

  10. I don’t like being suspended from school, but sometimes I can’t help it. I have to throw a paper at the back of the teacher’s head when he’s a douche. I have to trip that slut Alice after she’s made some entirely unwitty comment about the stains on my jeans. Fuck them. I have to catalyze karma myself when no one else will.

    By Megan Anderson on 11.20.2008

  11. “What?!” I half asked half screamed in utter disbelief. I hadn’t been apart of it! Just an innocent bystander that happened to get involved. Why would i have needed to hack into the school computers? My grades were all A’s and i was pretty popular. This couldn’t be happening.
    “Mr. Grandy, i don’t think you understand.” i started, but he cut me off.
    “Oh i think i do. You’re leaning over a computer that just got hacked two minutes before hand, what would you think. You’re suspended, maybe even expelled. Get out of here.” He said his tone harsh.
    Unjust! You didn’t even here me out. I was sure my cheeks were red because my face burned in anger and pulsed as i quickened my pace towards the door.

    By Cecilia on 11.20.2008

  12. this one time I was suspended for fucking a socialist in the hallway. He was spouting off some equal shares for all bs, so I pulled his pants down and asserted my capitalist democracy in his ass. I showed that fag who was boss, and I don’t think he’ll be walking correctly for a while.

    By Dom on 11.20.2008

  13. i am suspended between life and death. and you??
    you are as well. you know it
    we have so much in common

    By Roni Guetta on 11.20.2008

  14. I feel as if I am suspended between success and failure, however I am not upset about this.
    True success takes a very very slim chance, and throwing myself out on a limb like leaving school to pursue my dreams, to become a published and recognized poet is one of them.

    Nobody can say I didnt try right ?

    By Rick Vitton on 11.20.2008

  15. In my tenure as a manager I wont be suspending anyone

    By irfan on 11.20.2008

  16. Suspended in air or suspended in school, time stands still regardless. That’s how I feel when I am with him, suspended, slow moving, and I like it that way. I wish each sweet moment would remain in that suspension for a lifetime, never able to end.

    By Krystina on 11.20.2008

  17. get kicked out of something. extend something

    By sammi on 11.20.2008

  18. I was hanging upside down, suspended in midair by my toes clutching the bark of the tree limb. My friends hung beside me, laughing, all red from the sudden rush of blood. I couldn’t help but laugh too, a bit lightheaded and altogether suspended.

    By Callie on 11.20.2008

  19. You can pull it back all you want, but you know you aren’t going to stop anything. It’s useless. Don’t even try.

    By Kyle on 11.20.2008

  20. Suspended from class describes you on so many levels it isn’t even funny anymore. Yet I laugh at you every day.

    By Steph on 11.20.2008

  21. Hold off, Hanging there. Waiting. pulleys and cables.

    I suspect that my sentence will be suspended in the digital space of the world wide web. Information superhighway speeds on packet of encrypted data hanging around “out there” waiting for someone to type in the specific key that unlocks and cables move, pulleys clank and the packet moves from hovering suspend.

    By Shey Jones on 11.20.2008

  22. from school never but i know plenty of people that did. the suspense is killing me. only 60 seconds to write and there is not much on my mind besides dirty teeth, oreo’s, thirst, and masturbation, quite a combonation i agree but i was told to just write away

    By gabe on 11.20.2008

  23. suspend me from my thinking that i owe somebody something! please , set me free from that, SUSPEND!!!! who can do this?

    By dina on 11.20.2008

  24. hanging by the moment. Every moment is a very crucial time of our lives. We need to cherish the inevitability of a moment. It can kill you if u hang on it too long. But love it if you can hold on to each moment.

    By Jayant on 11.20.2008

  25. hold up in mid air horses gait beautfy time space continuum pause a break relief hold me release painless rhythmically fancy musical embellishment hold back hold up effort in all rational worlds a common verb

    By alyssa on 11.20.2008

  26. When I was in high school my greatest fear was that I would get suspended. That could have happened for any number of reasons. Maybe I got caught smoking in my uniform, or got caught with it hiked up above my knees held with it’s belt. Maybe I still had a trace of lipstick on my mouth? They, oh by the way these are nun’s in a Catholic School in the very early 60’s, took a girl in the bathroom once and scrubbed off her penciled eyebrows. Probably would get suspended themselves now-a-days for excessive discipline. Oh, I had a real “authority” issue back then, but I knew if I got kicked out of school, even for a few days, there would be hell to pay at home. So, my infractions were minor, and my grades were good and I survived. Never got my eyebrows scrubbed off either.

    By Beatrice Collins on 11.20.2008

  27. to hold up is to suspend belief with cloth straps attached to britches with suspicion.

    By scott on 11.20.2008

  28. at first, i didnt want to write something because i didnt think i’d be able to write something meaningful. looking at the other posts, i didnt realize of thinking of school suspension. actually, i was thinking of the drug formulation of a suspension. maybe it has something to do with pharmacy school right now. haha.

    By julia on 11.20.2008

  29. is to cease all activity until you are released.

    By Asha Tripsa on 11.20.2008

  30. suspend spelled the other way around is dnepsus!

    By lemmiwinky owlie on 11.20.2008

  31. I have a serious illness, as a matter of fact it is incurable. But, I refuse to suspend my life in anticipation of my death. What I have suspended is worrying about it. Inevitable for all of us living is that end. I have learned to be grateful for each day I wake up, to learn new things, to meet new people. I could be more happy, but I am still here alive enough to talk to you about it.

    By Beatrice on 11.20.2008

  32. Lofted above the auditorium floor, the harness chaffed my gut. I knew that the performance would be a hit, but was uneasy about my contribution in the spectacle. Would the blip

    By Jon on 11.20.2008

  33. A break in everything. From everything. What a wonderful notion to just suspend for a minute, in a busy work day, just to take a breath, to look out the window at the darkening sky and imagine all the people in the streets rushing here and there, but suddenly suspended.

    By S on 11.20.2008

  34. To suspend: to hang something in mid-air. To fix on an object so as make it hang….. To “ground” a child at school… “He was suspended for breaking the rules.”

    By Joe on 11.20.2008

  35. the aim of all media is to achieve total suspension of it’s audience’s disbelief

    By Frank Bozzo on 11.20.2008

  36. I am a soul stranded within the realm of knowing and unknowing. my heart ponders and wonders how life, so fragile and lovingly kind, at times withoout warning, becomes so incredibly cruel. love that withsatnds the test of time is precious and always fragile, how can a heart so beautiful and loving, be put through such tremendous heart ache. i love her lord and she desevres not to feel the way she does, in the darkness she finds herself to be sometimes. i love her lord, for all she is, even theough she does not believe she is…loved.

    By Peter Borriello on 11.20.2008

  37. The bridge suspened over the water precariously. I debated whether or not to walk across it. On one hand, if it did collapse underneath me, it would save me from what I was about to do, on the other hand… well, I was petrified of water. I decided to turn around, run away.

    By Cat on 11.20.2008

  38. Most of the students I will eventually work with will have been suspeneded. I am going to be an EI teacher. Also there are times when life seems suspended, paused just waiting to begin. I can’t wait for it to really start, and wonder what that will be like.

    By heather on 11.20.2008

  39. Belief. Let it go and forget you ever had it.
    Fear. It’s useless.
    Hate. It only brings you down.

    By Nicole on 11.20.2008

  40. She smiled. With this time was suspended. Almost as if god took each sun ray and spun them into something as beautiful as her.

    By kelvin spears on 11.20.2008