November 20th, 2008 | 786 Entries

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786 Entries for “held”

  1. one time i held a soccer ball. then i through the soccer ball up then i kicked it and i just keptn juggleing it and i got up th46 and i was happy. when ui held the ball i could fell that it was hard but not very hard.

    By juan valladolid on 11.25.2008

  2. one day i held a little bird in my hand but then it went away to its home.i saw the bird wen it went away it flyd to its home.

    By erwin on 11.25.2008

  3. I held his hand in the car. I held my breath in the ride when he was going to kiss me. i held my heart when he said he loves me. i held his heart for i love him also. I

    By Leslie on 11.25.2008

  4. One day i was outside and I was walking outside and I held a big rock. I was walking home from school and when I was about to walk inside My house I heard a big clump on my roof and I was wondering what happened. All of a sudden a rock Came flying off my roof and lianded on my hand.When I held it on my hand it felt so bumpy and it scratched my hand. That was one spikey rock.

    By Isaiah Cortez on 11.25.2008

  5. One day i was outside and I was walking outside and I held a big rock. I was walking home from school and when I was about to walk inside My house I heard a big clump on my roof and I was wondering what happened. All of a sudden a rock Came flying off my roof and lianded on my hand.When I held it on my hand it felt so bumpy and it scratched my hand. That was one spikey rock.

    By Isaiah Cortez on 11.25.2008

  6. He held her tight. He never wanted to let her go. He was in love with her and he knew she didn’t love him. But that didn’t seem to bother him. He still didn’t want to ever leave her. He wanted to spend all his days with her. But he knew the moment he let go, she would walk away. He had no intent to let her go anytime soon though.

    By Brittney on 11.25.2008

  7. To hold is not to have
    to have is not to hold
    ’tis so that I hold a heart
    but never own it.
    ’tis so that I have a will
    but never hold it
    never own it
    as it slips, slips, slips away
    when your vile clutches pull it away
    from mine.

    By Lalaith on 11.25.2008

  8. Have you ever truly held anything precious? If so, then you know just how weak we can be as humans. It is up to us to hold such a thing, yet we know that we are not secure enough, not strong enough. We’ll never be able to protect it. We’re just gonna have to let it go.

    By Chaostitan90 on 11.25.2008

  9. he held me in his arms and i loved the way it felt to be enclosed by the circle of muscles bones sinews and skin. He had no idea of the effect he held over me, by just looking at me with those large blue eye, he caused my heart to swoon. I love him, i thought. if only i had the courage to tell him. For now, i enjoyed the feeling of being held.

    By iamthediva on 11.25.2008

  10. i went to the park with my little sister because she wanted to go play in the swings with the other little children and she she was playing and she fell and starting crying so i held her up and told her if she was ok so we left home and made her feel better.

    By Patricia on 11.25.2008

  11. he held her hand, she looked into his eyes, transfixed, poetry, a bubble, happiness is fleeting and I know this feeling can’t last and I have no regrets, only floating, buzzing at the top of my head

    By flossy on 11.25.2008

  12. He held his thoughts quietly within himself. Fearful that if he allowed them to escape someone would see who he really is.

    held in. Constipated. Emotionally constipated. and it hurts.

    Though you would think that he would realize that if he just held her hand instead, all would be well.

    By Magnolia on 11.25.2008

  13. I held onto him like he was the last exit on the turnpike after a Big Gulp and another 100 miles to go. I held my breath, hoping that he wouldn’t notice and think me crazy.
    I held myself together because I love him.

    By mary on 11.25.2008

  14. I have held my tongue.
    I have held my breath.
    I have held my sister’s babies.
    I have held the man of my dreams.
    I have held my future in the palm of my hand.

    By mary on 11.25.2008

  15. The girl held the snowglobe in her hand. The light from the grey sky filtered through it, casting shadows of tiny suspended snowballs upon her face. She lifted the globe up, shook it, sending a cascade of flakes through the world that her imagination held in her hands.

    By Alex Blumenstock on 11.25.2008

  16. and as he held me
    our hearts beat in tune
    and my aura melded with his

    not sure what this means
    this all encompassing dream
    that keeps me at his side
    cause usually I’d hide.

    but what normally makes me run
    makes me hide and makes me numb
    has my heat swelling with glee
    for none but he.

    By Juna'uh Allgood on 11.25.2008

  17. i held the ball in my hands because i was playing catch in my back yard.

    By matt on 11.25.2008

  18. held. on to what i might ask. i held on so tight, but what exactly is there to hold on to. so if one was to be held back then where is one to go? if to be held, there was a way of getting out of it, then there is no way of being held back.

    By mustard on 11.26.2008

  19. I held a key. Or at least I may have at one stage in the day. Held up in traffic, with a weight on my shoulders and life itself to consider.

    By c on 11.26.2008

  20. This is about owning and touching. To hold something dear or to hold a place in society – it is ownership. It is proximity. It is at the centre of cohesion and stability.

    By Christine on 11.26.2008

  21. hold me please, close to me, as quick as you can…hold me so I feel held, like no one else can hold me…I want you to hold me…close.

    By Dave on 11.26.2008

  22. Held back from public viewing was the awful truth. the world was doomed, the war lost, the chemicals in the bloodstream of this planet too toxic and too invasive to purge with anything like enough success. There was nothing left to do.

    That was why the world’s politicians got together that day, and passed the world’s first multilateral, international decision;

    Everyone was to stop working right away, and have a really big party.

    By Tom on 11.26.2008

  23. I was always withheld during my school days. All my hopes, aspirations, and everything was really distorted. I was constantly taken back by my friends due to some reason or the other, mainly due to my speech.

    By lakshay on 11.26.2008

  24. held hostage one day thinking my life was at its end I cried, not loudly just softly to myself, my life flashed by me and the main memory that came into my mind over and over was my sweet children

    By Ida on 11.26.2008

  25. So one time, I held onto a baby. Babies are pretty neat, even though they cry and stuff. It isn’t neat when they cry, or when they pee and poop and stuff. But anyways I was holding a baby, and babies can hold stuff too. They can hold onto things. Like hope.

    And your big fat face.

    By Thores on 11.26.2008

  26. I was held in rain once, when i got struck in the mid of lot of heavy rain. My two wheeler stopped and i was very worried as no one there to help. There came a small boy who helping me in pushing my vehocle till half way to my home. After that I managed to go hoem saftely. That is the time some small boy made me feel the word ” Held” means. He held me from my fear of rain.

    By Geetha on 11.26.2008

  27. I held the baby in my arms for the first time yesterday. I had no ideas that she’d be so tiny, so frail. Her translucent skin revealed her veins and her arteries carrying her blood through her body, giving her life. How were we to know it held the key to her death.

    By Nicoile on 11.26.2008

  28. me to one spot… and made love to me

    By sarah on 11.26.2008

  29. Held Sarah by the cheeks and Fu**ed her brains out! (guy’s POV)

    By Sarah's man on 11.26.2008

  30. is the held to stop something

    By brett on 11.26.2008

  31. i think held is the to waste time.
    i also think that held

    By Latondra on 11.26.2008

  32. to stop;to do wrong; to leave someone

    By brett on 11.26.2008

  33. to hold something
    something that is kept
    something that is beening placed for you
    something that someone does
    when something happens

    By twyla mccall on 11.26.2008

  34. i held to baby for the first time today and he is so cute.
    my momma always held time up by playing around.
    held is the word that is speci

    By Latondra on 11.26.2008

  35. to keep something in your hand.to hold something to have put something in your hand.to use to have something in your hand for a long time.i held the baby until she started to cry.held means to hold something.

    By LAMEASHA AUSTIN on 11.26.2008

  36. to stop;to do wrong; to leave someone

    By brett on 11.26.2008

  37. i think it means to be held in th jail ,in class to be held in line or on the bus.

    By Jiameilia Kilpatrick on 11.26.2008

  38. held means to hold something or to keep safe or something. And i have held something before to keep i to safe or in a jar or something like money or private things. To also share something

    By kenyea barnes on 11.26.2008

  39. One day we were at School and it was almost time to go home but we couldn’t go because some of the students hel us up and the teacher told us that we were staying here until everyone shut their mouths and the Ms.Bonner came out of know where and said w.o.w right now. and we all knew who it was when we heard her say it.

    By Jasmine Hinds on 11.26.2008

  40. held here
    too much
    go away
    can’t leave
    why not?
    stop asking questions
    no one cares
    its not important
    but it is
    one day it will be
    don’t you understand
    i am not dead
    at least
    not yet

    By Bailey Evans on 11.26.2008