November 26th, 2008 | 535 Entries

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535 Entries for “deny”

  1. They buried my wife and I walked to my car. “What’s wrong darling?” she asked.
    “Nothing, I’m just feeling kind of ill. Why don’t you drive?”

    By Psychomax on 11.28.2008

  2. you cannot deny me, it is not your choice to make. i want his so badly and you are trying to deny me the chance to go far in life. how dare you? you have so much experience to share, why try to bring me down? teach me! i want to learn!

    By Danni on 11.28.2008

  3. Dont deny me what I want, said the man. He ran into the bushes noisily. she just sat there wondering what to do…..where to go.

    By Nancy Pratt on 11.28.2008

  4. I am in this place..a horrible definition of my love for the man who is seeing my belly swell..he drinks and forgets about me…it is a lonely place–I love him…I don’t love him..

    I text him it is over–is it…can this love be denied? What about the baby?

    By erika on 11.28.2008

  5. I can’t deny the fact that I’m not really sure what I’m doing here. Or why I’m writing this, and I know that I don’t even have the time to take for it. Not even a whole minute, because there are people waiting on me. But the thing about denial that gets me is how easy it is to fall into. I would love to deny the wrongs that I’ve done, but I can’t. Love to deny the hate that I’m going to face, the hardships, but alas, that’s not how I roll. And I can’t change myself to make life easier. Despite my wishes.

    By Alex on 11.28.2008

  6. dont deny the love that is infront of you, it is real and unbiased. it is true love that will wait and fight for all that is real and wonderful. dont deny the love that wont run away or quit. this is the love that lasts forever.

    By richard on 11.28.2008

  7. deny! or you shall not get your cake

    By yasir on 11.28.2008

  8. deny deny! atrocities of men should pile up and form a big land fill for all the scum.

    By YASIR on 11.28.2008

  9. I don’t deny that I have feelings about him. Try as I might, I can’t shake the feelings in my heart. What I do deny, to the general public, are the feelings that I have. I choose to put on a brave face and pretend that all is well, when deep inside I know. I love him. That’s my truth.

    By Claire on 11.28.2008

  10. to deny is to simply to become compleatly immersed within ones self
    to deny is to hide fear to keep awarness on its toes. we deny everything that might be true but is not due to the fact that some beileve they did anything someone accused them of

    By Phebeslom on 11.28.2008

  11. do not deny what can patently be seen, for that is the folly of mankind. to sit back on our laurels of what we have always known instead of accepting the new facts that we see every day. Do not deny what can patently be seen.

    By ross on 11.28.2008

  12. She asked me if I was in love with her but all I could do was deny, deny, deny.

    By Rico on 11.28.2008

  13. Oh my deny. That is a word that takes in a lot of memories and actions today. I deny that I have a problem with drinking, but the first thing I think about is when I can go buy a beer when my daughter is not watching. I am so old I do not have a desire for sex, not, I deny my desire and still look at dudes in the same way I did 40 years ago. Deny, who me? Are you nuts, I am just too fucking old to pretend I want things anymore. Oh, is that big lie or what. Okay, I deny my true feelings, I deny I have any feelings most of the time. Then I deny the truth about the fact that I deny anything. Oh fuck. I deny being alive and old and wanting things I can no longer have. Yah I want them but it is easier on other people if I deny that I do. Oh, let me go to bed now and sleep, maybe, that denial at least does not effect anyone else in my life.

    By Beatrice on 11.28.2008

  14. I deny myself sweet food – I deny that I am attractive; I deny that this is all made up!

    By Tui on 11.28.2008

  15. To deny is to not allow. It is a word of power used by the cowardly to assert themselves upon those who need. Deny aid. Deny help. Deny. Deny. Deny. Don’t let the man get you down!

    By Mark Buchanan on 11.28.2008