August 21st, 2012 | 540 Entries

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540 Entries for “half”

  1. He looked down at his ink-stained hands.

    They were long-fingered and pale, riddled with marks of red ink.
    Sighing, he looked back at the half-blank paper before him.

    The word written over and over and over was for only him to know.
    As haphazardly as the words trailed on in spirals and shelves and columns,
    they all stopped where the paper was folded in half.

    And, like abandoning a half-completed thought, all he could do was wonder why
    he could never bring himself to finish what he had started.

    By Gianni on 08.22.2012

  2. Half a cup of coffee made my morning a whole lot brighter. The kid’s next door’s scream were a little quieter, the neighbour’s dog barked a little softer and maybe today won’t be such a bad day.

    By Jasmine on 08.22.2012

  3. Half of this, half of that… I never really measure things when I cook. Sometimes I double, sometimes I quarter. My favourite though is to half. For some reason, half an onion looks like a great thing, so I roll with it. Not the same though when you try adding half a garlic.

    By Giac on 08.22.2012

  4. He was my other half. We had saved each other’s lives. We were friends, we were in love. But now all of that’s gone. So why am I still split in half, when he’s smiling?

    By Kat on 08.22.2012

  5. it started like this.
    i wrote you letters every sunday until i
    began to forget how to talk to you.
    i didn’t read them over.
    i burned them in the palms of my hands,
    ashes blackening.

    no, that’s not right;
    it started like this.
    you were green, a flower from the inner city.
    we ran through forest as your lungs learned
    how to breathe.
    tightly, you held my hand.

    it plateaued.
    i thought i could learn everything about you.
    i was right.

    how it ended.
    we met on a stifling summer afternoon.
    i pretended not to be lonely.
    tightly, i held onto your hand.

    By tiffanylu URL on 08.22.2012

  6. One and a half hours. Could be a while, or could be a moment. Depends on what you want to do, I suppose. Is it something you like? It’ll fly by in an instant. Something you hate? It’ll drag on for months. I promise. That’s how it always works.

    By Steff on 08.22.2012

  7. Half of whatever I think is contradictory. its because i always think of two sides and try to look at both perspectives.

    By archana on 08.22.2012

  8. What is a half? It can be viewed through a lot of different eyes. A mathematician may view it as a fraction or a percentage, an artist may see it as a shape and someone who is hungry like me may see it as half a cake.

    By caraalex on 08.22.2012

  9. Kevin says I’ll take half a slice of bread. And I say do you mean half of a half or just half of a whole. He says half of that and points to half of a slice. I’m not sure he’ll eat even that even thought it’s not much. His appetite isn’t good lately.

    By Suzy on 08.22.2012

  10. “You’ve half a mind!”
    “Half a leg!”
    “Half an arm!”
    “Half a face!”
    “How disgusting.”

    But you still mean the whole world to me.

    Thank you.

    By Ollie on 08.22.2012

  11. a human’s other half
    to bend a broken heart
    half a cup, or half a life
    when you share with someone what you have in full
    you get something you want in between, not all the way
    this isn’t making any sense actually

    By eva rishon ho URL on 08.22.2012

  12. I fear I may never find mine. I fear it has dwindled away down the wrong century. I fear I had sprouted at the wrong time. I fear I missed that corner. I fear it didn’t miss me at all.

    By elysia URL on 08.22.2012

  13. My brother got out of jail in half the time he would have, but he escaped. Now he is
    Once again, free to cause trouble.

    By Zachary Williams on 08.22.2012

  14. Half. A half of a whole. A whole half, a half-glance. Half a cigarette, half a piece of cake. Half a song, half a tune heard from a whistling passerby. Half-hearted smiles, half of my heart. Half of the glow of the moon in the night sky. Half of my days, half wasted away.

    By kf. on 08.22.2012

  15. “You know, you’re just a half-breed,” the human said.

    The centaur felt insulted and his nostrils flared. His head was full of images of stomping that puny human.

    “But you are a good half-breed and I don’t think that you show it too even if you look like one. You so cute,” the human patted him.

    By Rawr means I love you URL on 08.22.2012

  16. half of my life is there just for you, as you are there all alone into the deeps of the frame in the art galley , only me can remember you, as you become the forgotten portrait

    By Ephiseth Criegsheir on 08.22.2012

  17. the first half of my life i’ve been thinking about leaving. now it’s time to come back and to enjoy the second half of my heart

    By S. on 08.22.2012

  18. half of my heart was yours
    half of it you took and ran away with it
    half of my heart was yours
    half of it will never be mine again

    By shidahmars on 08.22.2012

  19. The boy ate half a pie and got sick to his stomach. So a doctor came and made him better. Then the boy said, “I will never again eat half a pie.” And he never did.

    By Stefan on 08.22.2012

  20. I was a half
    You were a half
    We seemed like a perfect whole

    But I guess you’re not my half
    And I belong to someone else’s half

    By shidahmars on 08.22.2012

  21. We lost the captain in those early months
    But we were steel armed
    smashing shoulders to the wheel
    Propelled like chart makers
    With singularity of purpose

    So I assumed the helm
    overhead angels
    Sung across calm waters
    We anchored in deep harbours
    And for a time forgot the ghost
    That slept in our ballast

    But a tempest rose, as they must
    I whistled on the foredeck
    To mother Carey’s chickens
    all hands feared the curse
    with none spared
    To appease his fitful soul
    Thus their inward chant of death
    Filled our sails
    As they sought the Omen

    I stood at the wheel
    Cursing each wretched man
    For extinguishing his own fire
    The tempest raged
    My battered tricorn tipping rain over my shoulders
    Locked strongbox of pistols at my feet

    Not one soul lost in the blackness
    But you can no more defy ships law
    Than lasso the wind

    So they put me over the side
    In a long boat with a cask of water
    Some ships biscuits tossed in a sack
    a bible
    And my sextant

    By david URL on 08.22.2012

  22. there was half an hour until ten, until the hour before noon. And I hadn’t digested the sandwich that would either serve as friend or foe today. Energy or discomfort, Fuel or freight. The day promised a pregnant day, but I was convinced it was simply bloated.

    By Ruben URL on 08.22.2012

  23. HALF IS HALF.. hehehits not complete and ur better half compltes your half.. so basically half and half is complete.. :P omg i completet it b4 tym :)

    By upcoming star on 08.22.2012

  24. I think that there are many things in this world that must be changed, the problem is that we want it but we don’t do anything for it, we just want, but we must understand that things can’t change in that way and we must do an impossible things for reaching impossible aims !!

    By surols on 08.22.2012

  25. Half means not being whole. There is a sadness about being half. Some people see glasses half empty, others half full. Being half means not being defined in any way. To be whole is to be inhuman.

    By Adrea on 08.22.2012

  26. I have a sister. I know too much about her. Many people think we’re just super cool partners in crime. But we’re more than that. She’s my other half. Not like a boyfriend other half. But a family other half.

    By Natasha on 08.22.2012

  27. I didn’t have much sugar left, so I didn’t bother putting any in. Half the time he didn’t notice anyway. The other half he’d forget I’d even bought him a cup of tea. He’d be in that shed for 48 hour stints if I’d let him. I had no idea what the latest ‘project’ was but going by the debris lying around the lawn and what I’d seen him drag in this morning before he slammed the wonky shed door shut, apparently it had something to do with welding a step ladder to a buckled bicycle wheel. I’m sure it was dreadfully important, maybe even on an international scale because I couldn’t find any other reason as to why he’d be so dedicated to it in lieu of being a father to his children and a husband to his wife, me.

    By rhyme79 on 08.22.2012

  28. if only i could get rid of half my problems. half my weight? half my awkwardness? or gain half of what other people half. half of the green grass on the other side. halfity half. alice in wonderland got cut in half. she shrank, that is. i love that book. lewis carrol is hilarious, even tho he uses a lot of parentheticals. but i use a lot of parentheticals in my essays too. so i guess i’m just a modern-day lewis carrol :) haha no just kidding. never. ever. sigh.

    By ag on 08.22.2012

  29. half is a part of somthing that has thee exact amount

    By ingaolga on 08.22.2012

  30. half the time. half the money. half the urge to call you honey. i don’t know how it began, but I do know that half is not nearly so good as full. Full is real. Full is so. Full is two halves made whole.

    By Monet Meredith on 08.22.2012

  31. half of one is half of to halves its a confusing process sometime but sometimes it isnt. You can use halfing In many different ways like halfing the ingredients on a recipie to make it a smaller batch.

    By Tman2001 URL on 08.22.2012

  32. Half of everything is something.
    Something is better than nothing.

    By Karen on 08.22.2012

  33. you did this.
    you’ve done it now.
    I am so angry right now.
    I can’t even think straight.
    I can’t even see straight.
    I don’t want to.
    recklessly running around,
    like a bull in a china shop,
    using only half of my wit,
    half of my thoughts.
    half of my brain.
    half of everything.
    but all of my strength.
    there is nothing more-
    that I want right now-
    but to use every fiber of my being,
    to smash this object ;
    into hundreds of thousands,
    of tiny little fucking pieces-
    over your head.
    you piece of shit.
    watch the earth quake,
    just watch me,
    watch me make the ground;
    beneath your feet,
    you waste of flesh and blood.
    you are just like every other human man
    on this shit place we call earth.
    you couldn’t even fathom,
    what i’d be able to do
    if I shared more than half of my thoughts and feelings.
    let alone if I used more than half
    of my brain.
    you have no idea.

    By Mi Chiamano Alex URL on 08.22.2012

  34. there are many halves of things. half of different types of food. halves of objects. halves in math. everything has halves. people have split personalities & technically that is a half too, right? the equator separates half of the world. half of the human population is overweight. probably more than half actually. sometimes people accidentally say haves as in “i have” rather than half or halves.

    By gabrielle oden URL on 08.22.2012

  35. Half pink, half blue. The sky seemed split as the sun began to set. A line, right through the middle with the sun resting below it. What beauty, what art, that God could make such an marvelous sight every evening.

    By Maggie URL on 08.22.2012

  36. I always got Half share whatever my dad Brought at home. Half life is spent in doing CA. Always Got Half Marks of My Sister’s marks. Half the glass is finish & Half is empty, this is the Perception of the People.

    By SAMEEP MITTAL on 08.22.2012

  37. Half. 50% of something.
    Like when your foot falls asleep. You can sort of feel it, but not really.

    Like when your heart aches to go somewhere, but the other half of you (your brain) says no. When your voice wants to say something, but your mind says, NO.

    When you want to live, but the other half of you wants to die.

    By Kate on 08.22.2012

  38. half of an orange is part of an entire orange. if you’re only halfway hungry, have half an orange. yum. this story sucks. not just half suck, whole sucks.

    By Maria on 08.22.2012

  39. I want the the entire cash value back!! NOT HALF!! i didn’t pay for 1/2 of it!!! I payed for the whole thing!! I shouldn’t be penalized for the mistakes of your cell phone company!! Give me the entire amount back, not just HALF!

    By Elise URL on 08.22.2012

  40. Something was wrong.
    Those three words, unsettling as they were, could never describe the way his very presence sent spasms of dread through my veins. And yet there he was, sitting across the room from me even now, sepulchral eyes staring into an inner world no one else could perceive. I wondered if he even knew I was there.
    He was indisputably, irreparably divided, that was evident. Not conflicted, disorganized, or alienated, although those were indeed true as well: no, he was split in half to a depth I could not fathom. His heart had been dimidiated, and he had been left with nothing but sinister scars, memories of wounds suffered for the sake of a love not forgotten, but denied in agony.
    The algorithms of his existence were all wrong, I decided. No matter how many times his shattered mind was plugged into the system, an answer could not be found. There were no solutions to his madness, only a sole hope of restoration, the impossible dream of a long-dead counterpart and the ashes of tortured faith.
    He stared on, seeing nothing. It was all he had left.

    By Jewel Lightraye URL on 08.22.2012