August 23rd, 2012 | 516 Entries

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516 Entries for “side”

  1. there are always two different sides of a story, but they always get blended together and become different then the truth.

    By courtney on 08.25.2012

  2. She stared me down. Her dark, heavily lidded eyes met mine, and I wished I knew how I looked to her. Determined and relentless, as I wanted to look? Or small and afraid? There was no way I could tell. As usual, I was undecided.

    By LILYhibiku on 08.25.2012

  3. I slide down the side of the hill, my jeans dragging across the wet grass and dirt; I could feel my seat catch on the rough brambles and stray bits of gravel that littered the side of the hill. My elation was too great for me to even begin to care; I could only feel my cheeks burning from smiling and laughter, feel the wind in my hair as we plummeted down the hill, rolling and sliding, until we reached the bottom.

    By Heather URL on 08.25.2012

  4. I’m walking on a side street, an alley. The backs of buildings give way to steamy golden kitchens. grease smells sweet to me. Or maybe its garbage, and it smells funny because the night is damp. Good night

    By Mairi on 08.25.2012

  5. It’s a shame really, he’s got so much talent within him, and all they need to do is give him a chance. Instead they’re putting in Lester, a wash out, he never had a scrap of talent even if it hit him in the face at 93 mph. He can’t throw worth shit, he’s managed a few close games, but my god, is he the worst choice for this up and coming team. Bob, we need to get Jimmy off the sidelines, and onto the god damn field.

    By stimjim on 08.25.2012

  6. you were always by my side and noiw your not. i miss you more than words can say when i dont see you, like someone has ripped my heart out and taken it underground. its hard to say what I would be without you completely, so i am blessed that you are atleast in my life. i love you more completely than I have ever loved anything else. you are my rock, my wind.

    By sunnie on 08.25.2012

  7. Outside looking in. That’s how I feel around you. I’m never allowed fully into your past, your present. My hope is to be integrated into your future, but even now I don’t know if that is a reasonable hope.

    By Hannah on 08.25.2012

  8. They sat, together, Shoulders barely touching. They watched the sun slowly set behind rocky mountains that seemed unreachable. They huddled closer together as it fell from view.

    By Sam on 08.25.2012

  9. He was stabbed on the side. He instantly died.

    “We have to go! Just let him go!” my father shouted.

    There was so much going on. The enemies were attacking from everywhere but I can’t let him go. He saved me. I can’t let his body be disrespected like this.

    By Rawr means I love you URL on 08.25.2012

  10. I lay on the side of my bed. your side of the bed was cold. i felt cold too. cold on the inside. my heart felt cold as i watched your side of the bed. empty

    By Janice on 08.25.2012

  11. get aside…. or be on my side..

    By Dave on 08.25.2012

  12. there are so many sides to people.
    to me, there are
    sometimes two.
    i pretend to be happy
    on the outside
    (that is the first side)
    when in truth, i am
    on the inside
    (that is the second side)
    no one
    can see me crying

    By Kimberly on 08.25.2012

  13. Everybody is on the side, but no matter who you are, it seems as if you think you’re in the center. The only people in the center of your world is you, and you’re not in the center of anybody else’s. You may be close, and spotlight others in your center, but let’s face it, it’s a solo act. Nobody else will take permanent residence in your center.

    By D'Laina on 08.25.2012

  14. Inside? or outside? my side? or your side?
    side? that isn’t specific enough.
    there are pleanty of sides,
    far too many if you ask me.

    By Dominique on 08.25.2012

  15. This side of the Pacific: Buildings don’t extend past their front doors. There are no arcades. You don’t get to walk along the sidewalks in front of bakeries and grocers and watch the rain sheet over the side of the arcade roofs. You just get wet.

    By Holden URL on 08.25.2012

  16. The side of a plate probably has cutlery. The sides of where I’m sitting right now are cluttered with textbooks, workbooks and stationery, actually. Looking forward all the time might not always be the best, I suppose. I guess that sometimes, we have to stop and enjoy the view we get in life. Sometimes, instead of looking straight ahead, we have to look to the sides.

    By Violet on 08.25.2012

  17. All there was to do was stare at the blank white wall. They wondered, could it turn? Was there another face on the other side, grafiti’d and covered in color? Or was it just pure black? Or maybe, they supposed, it could just be another blank wall. There really was no way to tell, just as there was no way to the other side.

    By Tabitha on 08.25.2012

  18. best friend whom you miss and had best times insane memories and you love them.

    By Annie on 08.25.2012

  19. I was sitting on the side of the road, waiting for a car to pass. I had no idea where I was going, but I knew that I had to get in a car. Any car. A blue one, a red one, it didn’t matter. But no car was passing.

    By Lavinia on 08.25.2012

  20. The thought of me having to hide from other highschoolers in order to live was unfathomable just a few days ago. What happened? As i sit here in the dark, which i had sadly become accustomed to, i wonder if i picked the wrong place to hide. Would they look for me under the sink? It doesn’t look like I could fit, but the hiding place is so clich’e. I neve- theyre coming. The ominous sound of footsteps made its way closer. My heart starts racing and i feel like im going to explode. I don’t even know how to use a gun, what am i supposed to do? The footsteps get louder. My senses highten. All i can hear is the footsteps, pounding on the floor, slow and rythmatic, hypnotizing. Like the drums you’d hear getting marched to your execution, loud and intimidating. As i can feel the vibration of their foot making one last step, my fists tighten and i hold my breath.

    By Siobhan Meacher on 08.25.2012

  21. Inside the woods were five large monsters. They all surrounded the child. She stared them down with a vicious stare. The monsters couldn’t resist a laugh…the child laughed as well, and soon they leaped into the air and slid down the side of the mountain in hopes of landing in the ocean full of lime jello!

    By Lindsey on 08.25.2012

  22. People are never one-sided. There’s always some form of a light, as well as the shadows cast by the landscape and rough patches in them.

    By Strider on 08.25.2012

  23. I think there are two sides to every story. Sometimes the truth comes out, even when we don’t want it to. We interpret things in a bunch of different ways, Like we all understand life. But in truth, we don’t. We all just want to think we do.

    By Faith URL on 08.25.2012

  24. side of what? a square? a circle ..when ur young..probably yes…but after a while..a side of people…a side of the story..that’s what matters..the brighter side :)

    By Grace on 08.25.2012

  25. by the window side I sat and looked out through the blinds and saw…. Saw the beautiful moon smiling at me!

    By tit on 08.25.2012

  26. on the side if the house a very peculiar thing happened. we were starting the grill when all of the sudden a giant bird swooped down and took the cat. that was wierd I said and then continued to light the grill

    By james on 08.25.2012

  27. this side that side..which ever side..i keep flipping on the bed..thinking of you..thinking of the different sides of the problem…about the different sides we’v been recently..we used to be on the same side i m just sidelined..

    By Grace on 08.25.2012

  28. The side of the room was dark and damp. I had no idea where I was or what I was doing there. The only thing I knew was that I had to get out. I had to find the blue crystal. I looked up the wall. I couldn’t climb out of this place there was no door.

    By Minka on 08.25.2012

  29. Waking up on her side, Audrey realized she was going to have to face the day for what it was. Her first doctor’s appointment for the baby. Hadn’t she wanted this? Why wasn’t it as perfect as she’d imagined. She knew of course, that it wasn’t so perfect because nothing ever is. Life is just an exercise in settling your expectations with reality.

    By Caitlin on 08.25.2012

  30. each person has many sides to his/her personality. these sides might not always be what they seem to be. sometime trusting a person requires looking at all there personality

    By jude on 08.25.2012

  31. You slither up to my side and you’re warm. For a moment I’m comforted, but then your face is too close to mine, and your whole body is weighing down on me, and I know I don’t love you, and I don’t want to be here with you. I wish it was her slender figure pressing into my side instead, with her soft lips and perfect bright eyes.

    By Helen Elucido on 08.25.2012

  32. Never underestimation the power of the word ‘side’ you never know when a website like this will ask you to write a whole paragraph about it. funny part is that i used that story to my advantage.

    By Jude on 08.25.2012

  33. The other side of the road is always said to be a lot better than the one we’re on right now. But the truth is, just as Big Sean said, the grass isn’t greener on the other side- it’s greener where you water it.

    By N URL on 08.25.2012

  34. side- a very weird word i got to write!! well wat side , right side ,left side back side wat!!
    wat can anybody possibly write on word side !!

    By twinkle on 08.25.2012

  35. of the coin

    By Tink Rhonda Lee Mse on 08.25.2012

  36. its where i lay when i go to sleep. its parts of the building that you dont always see. its the part of the brownie not everyone loves. its when you choose an opinion.

    By victoria on 08.25.2012