August 20th, 2012 | 295 Entries

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295 Entries for “comfort”

  1. Comfort is ease. Comfort is settling on your bed, in an awesome weather with book in hand and few things to munch on.

    By Laughing out loud URL on 08.21.2012

  2. Laura sat placidly by the fire, watching as the red flickering tongues danced back and forth in the brick hearth. She felt wrapped in a sort of soft comfort, despite all that was going on outside. She sighed deeply, rubbing her hands together, which were tired and worn from the work she had done, tending to wounds as a healer.

    By Lapwing URL on 08.21.2012

  3. comfort is ssomething you feel when you have your loved one by your ie in a cozy bed with a tea or coffee and its raining outside AND YOU REALIZED ITS SUNDAY..

    By ekta on 08.21.2012

  4. The lazy boy awaits as you sit upon the floor. The fat bitch awaits and you bone the boney girl. The featherd blanket awaits as you rub your loins on wool. the snuggie is awaiting you to slip out of your high heels.

    By ajloopy URL on 08.21.2012

  5. comfort
    comfort comfort comfort comfort comfort comfort comfort comfort

    By V on 08.21.2012


    By upcoming star URL on 08.21.2012

  7. I am loving my age at this stage in my life. I find I am able to find comfort in so many things, that I am easily content.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 08.21.2012

  8. I like the idea of comfort – but have a love-hate relationship with it. I don’t want to be too comfortable – it stops growth…. it makes us a bit lazy…. it keeps us stagnant. I don’t want to be static or stagnant. I don’t want to be TOO comfortable.

    By Heather Costaras URL on 08.21.2012

  9. my mother. nothing gives me comfort like my mom. She tells me everything is going to be okay, feeds me my favorites and is thee whenever i need to talk. She holds me when i need to cry

    By Megha on 08.21.2012

  10. design studios are ought to be the second most comfortable spaces(first being your home). only if you are comfortable therein, then you can think of being creative ad innovate!

    By divya URL on 08.21.2012

  11. I am in comfort when I see the way you look at me. I feel safe, warm, and happy all at the same time. I cannot explain why I get this feeling about you, but I do and it is so unexplained. If I were to look at you and then someone else, there is no knowing what would happen inside of me when I looked back at you. To put things together, when I look at you, I feel something I wouldn’t feel for anyone else.

    By Ashley Mertz on 08.21.2012

  12. Comfort is like clouds. An incandescent cushioning, and as the sun’s rays shine through, a golden warmth, a glowing inside. It’s all softness and the never-ending presence of stars. It’s breath, it’s fire, it’s feathery. It’s safety, it’s feeling embraced by benevolence. Comfort is leaning back and being caught. Comfort is kind, kindness, caring. Comfort is knowing everything will be alright.

    By siobhan347 URL on 08.21.2012

  13. Comfort: is a sense of contentment and easy. I am comfortable with who I am as a person because I get through the day with what I have and nothing else. I am comfortable with my clothes that fit me well so that I dont have to worry what I am wearing but I know the comfort of my clothes will get me through the day. I am comfortable with people who are pleasing to be around, some fun and well mannered because there is not need to worry about what they may end up saying next

    By Johndoe on 08.21.2012

  14. Am I comfortable in in my own skin. Ask the tall dark haired women leaning on the counter top

    By Karen on 08.21.2012

  15. I was told that there would be blood; there would be tears, and sweat, and disaster beyond knowing. I was assured of our total failure, of catastrophe, of defeat.
    I did not doubt this, when I saw the blade pressed against your throat, burning cold with inexorable sacrifice. I did not question this, as you screamed into the unfeeling night with an anguish no mortal soul could fathom.
    I prayed for sleep as the shadows danced about my feet, dripping tar-pink fever dreams and bile. You never tired as you pursued them, hands stained dark beneath old bandages and scars, every last thread seared with bitter fury.
    The years dragged on, and we followed suit, white and red and violet rage beneath a sunless sky. Our death had been guaranteed, but in spite of eternity, an impossible life dripped from my arms, leaving breadcrumb hopes in the soulless dust. You watched them wordlessly, as great black stains crept across your body, hidden by the void pulled tight about your shoulders.
    It was a strange comfort, to know that I could gaze unafraid into your blazing eyes.
    After all, promises were made to be broken.

    By Jewel Lightraye URL on 08.22.2012