February 8th, 2017 | 86 Entries

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86 Entries for “guidance”

  1. advice or information aimed at resolving a problem or difficulty, especially as given by someone in authority

    To guide someone through something.
    To tell you which way to go (compus)

    By G'Ameka on 02.09.2017

  2. When someone guides you through something bad or good

    By Natia on 02.09.2017

  3. I need guidance for the next paper I’m doing on Black history Month and didn’t know where to find help, decided to go to the library and read a few books.

    By Tammy on 02.09.2017

  4. When you get someone guides you.

    By Adrian on 02.09.2017

  5. The Americans sought guidance from George Washington during the war.

    By Jerome Carr on 02.09.2017

  6. when someone gudies you to the right path and the second one is breasia is hers

    By larry on 02.09.2017

  7. when someone gudies you

    By larry on 02.09.2017

  8. guidance is when some helps you.

    By tyrece on 02.09.2017

  9. I’ve had guidance by Mr.Bamsey to teach me S.S. this year and math this and last year.

    By maliyah on 02.09.2017

  10. My mother is dead. My father is in the military. What am I supposed to do? My brother is falling down a long, dark hole as I write and I don’t know what to do.mSomeone please help.

    By Rosemary Thicket on 02.09.2017

  11. I will guide you all the way home babe. see I do love you don’t I.

    By Tyler on 02.09.2017

  12. internship, not doing any work, never doing any work
    nothing significant no recognition
    where am i going to get a job?
    i’m afraid of being homeless
    i’m afraid of everything
    i’m afraid of a lot
    i don’t need guidance i need a fucking favor
    do me a solid don’t give me advice
    do my homework for me

    By ines on 02.09.2017

  13. Guidance:

    Care about yourself AND others
    Do not do undeserved harm or offense
    LEARN always
    Be willing to, and DO your own diligent work
    Think ahead about consequences of actions
    Decide on the best course of actions
    Better yourself (don’t enslave yourself to your flaws, outgrow them)
    Make others better
    You are just one person
    Society is more important and was here first
    Be different, when it is BETTER to be different
    Be strong enough to know CURRENT limits
    and Follow when it is better to follow
    but learn and be ready to move to the lead.

    -by the Apotheosus

    By Patricius the Junzi-Shengren on 02.09.2017

  14. oida. guidance? blind. whitney museum lady. snow. blood. pain. wahnsinn.

    By toni anger on 02.09.2017

  15. not just anybody
    i miss my mom
    singing beatles songs

    By play on 02.09.2017

  16. Lead me. Take me by the hand and show me how best to live rightly. What does it mean to be human? How do I best be?

    By brooklyn on 02.09.2017

  17. I used her book as guidance to get me writing and i was pleasantly surprised by the results and how excited I became about sitting down to do it, well I wasn’t always excited sometimes it was the complete opposite.

    By Steve O URL on 02.09.2017

  18. as a mom, i think a lot about how i want to guide my child into happiness in the future. do i want her to be like me or like her dad? or like herself? i want to love her and protect her and help her find her own way in the world, but how much can i truly be her guide and how much do i want her to have her own freedom to meander?

    By Bekah on 02.09.2017

  19. Lately I’ve been so lost. I don’t know where my life is headed or what I’m going to do with my future. It feels like I’m stumbling around in the dark. I need a light. I need guidance. I need someone, something, to guide my back to the right track.

    By Rain Imber on 02.09.2017

  20. As I watched the kid loading my groceries into the bags, I thought about why he was doing such a poor job. He seemed to have the best of intentions, maybe he just hadn’t been trained. It wouldn’t take much time to demonstrate proper bagging and explain the whys behind the method. A little guidance goes a long way in life.

    By Jan on 02.09.2017

  21. This post really speaks to me. Thank you!

    By Kenisha Tarufelli URL on 02.09.2017

  22. La sueur, la douleur, les larmes et le sang; hors de ceux-ci, vous gagnerez le bonheur et la paix.

    Earn what you are given or demand to have as you have worked and earned for things.

    By Vince on 02.09.2017

  23. Alannah said that she need guidance for her homework witch she thought was very hard.

    By hannah on 02.09.2017

  24. This is fate maybe. But I need a guidance, a light at the end of the tunnel. For some reasons guidance is gone, only dark is left.

    By citrus on 02.09.2017

  25. The guidance I received from hitch hiking to Alaska has always come beck to me, in one way or many. Guidance is a personal thing, but necessary under certain circumstances. Open up.

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 02.09.2017

  26. if i could have more guidance i might be much more diffrent. if i could go back a few years with the knowledge i have now i wonder how much diffrent things would be. If you could guide the younger you, would it make you better? would it make things diffrent?

    By kalie jones on 02.09.2017

  27. A push over the edge.
    A word of advice.
    A step of wisdom.
    A path of guidance.

    By Mabel Robson on 02.09.2017

  28. I have had it i have given it i know it and feel it
    its what were all looking for in some way or another

    By Terese on 02.09.2017

  29. 1guiance=Grid Union Is Domain An-to Now Correct Enumerative

    By Garz on 02.10.2017

  30. His hand on mine. The streamers and decorations that turn a high school gym into a winter wonderland. The warmth of his skin, the smile playing around his lips. My date guides me through the mess of people, through the beaded dresses and crisp tuxes with creases you can still see. It’s a whirlwind of a night, it’s just a high school dance and it’s a HIGH SCHOOL DANCE and by the time I’m done I wouldn’t have traded it for the world.

    By SentientExistence on 02.10.2017

  31. Her hand was timid, pressing gently on my back as if she were to place her hand with confidence, I would slither out of her grasp. She was good at following, taking lead from my mirrored steps, easily able to reverse my steps from statements to orders. It wasn’t discomfort. It was uncertainty. The grander my gestures, the surer my steps, the more I took the lead, the smaller she seemed in my arms. We were nothing but a slow rocking back-and-forth by the time the song ended, a small motion that returned some confidence in her fingers; I finally felt the full length of her hand on the middle of my back as the song ended. Unwilling to part, though it was all there was left to do. I showed her how to let go, as well.

    By Ai URL on 02.10.2017

  32. Repay good parents
    by being Educated
    and being good too

    Offer your GUIDANCE
    of compassion and justice
    through generations

    Aloha Zai jian Ciao Oyasumi Nasaii Alles

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 02.10.2017

  33. Wow, I have learned that meditation gives me great guidance. 10 min in the morning and I think clearer and happier all day. Who knew it was so simple. Now to guide others…

    By Ann Deerhake on 02.10.2017

  34. Meditation guides me to have a happy and healthy day. I am new to it, but have grown to see its possibilities for me. A little quiet time makes all the difference!

    By justme on 02.10.2017

  35. Matz looked over to Zerk for guidance but he turned away from her gaze. She looked at his back, feeling that he was frowning and wishing that they had not taken such an inexperienced person on their team.

    She turned back to the person at the door, wishing that the team had not taken such an inexperienced person as well. The woman was still standing at the door, but this time, she held a gun in her hand.

    By chanpheng URL on 02.10.2017

  36. what parents tell themselves their giving you when they have no real power. Unless of course their hypocrites. Those fanaticswho force childeren- who never learned the power of autonomy, to do some loathsome activity

    By Maggie on 02.10.2017

  37. I don’t remember ever going to a guidance counselor in school. Did we have them back then?
    I went to my daughter’s guidance counselor once when I had some concerns. She was young and sweet and surprisingly, very helpful. I suppose that there are times when we all need some guidance in this crazy world.

    By Robin on 02.10.2017

  38. In order to do well with my high school courses, I rely heavily on the guidance from my instructors. Their help is very important!

    By Matt Rains on 02.10.2017

  39. I need guidance in my personal relationships to keep my heart from being shattered as it was the last time I fell in love and ruled with my heart instead of my head.

    By joan on 02.10.2017

  40. my way of thought is electric
    positivity always at the forefront of my mind’s perspective
    then I feed the bottom-less trench
    in which manicial demons burn
    my morning graze by a women-smirk
    push ups in the morning may cause my steering wheel
    to jerk
    so I space out life’s needs like its an agendua
    given under a doctor’s guidance
    contentious ones be ware
    a lush part of bostawana
    you may
    my mass appeal is where I invest it
    once someone gets to know me
    ask them
    they’ll attest it.

    By Milad URL on 02.10.2017