February 8th, 2017 | 86 Entries

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86 Entries for “guidance”

  1. nothing comes to my mind again.

    By Phoenix on 02.10.2017

  2. I guess we’re all looking for some guidance in this wide world,
    this snide world,
    this nothing-seems-right world.
    I think oftentimes we miss the moments of guidance,
    Of clarity,
    Of charity, on our parts.

    But they’re there.
    Looking for a home,
    We just have to find them one.

    By Alex# on 02.10.2017

  3. guidance is for the dogs

    By Angelo URL on 02.10.2017

  4. Guidance means to guide somthing or someone like a parent guides you to right or wrong i would just go left :D:D:D its not that funny though

    By Angelo URL on 02.10.2017

  5. When your teaching them. Guidance is important. You need it to know right from wrong.

    By Angelo URL on 02.10.2017

  6. I would like to talk to my guidance counselor–the guy from 20 years ago that told me based on some arbitrary skills test that I had an aptitude for hands-on work. Maybe something in construction. Or in the auto industry. Something dirty.

    Sir, you were wrong. Dead wrong.

    I am, in fact, the most useless, soft-handed person alive, bereft of mechanical skill or anything manly. I do not know how to change the oil in a car. I cannot name most tools. I call for help when my furnace pilot light needs rekindling.

    By Joe Dirt on 02.10.2017