February 8th, 2017 | 86 Entries

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86 Entries for “guidance”

  1. We all need some in some aspect or another. A lending hand that’s been through it before. That can show you the way and help you avoid the pit falls.

    By RobDuganJr on 02.08.2017

  2. let patience
    be your guide:

    they say time
    heals all wounds,

    but its truly
    that puts pain
    to rest—

    fight on,
    warrior women,

    our time
    has not
    come to pass—

    we are merely
    at a fork
    in the road.

    By vanessa wilkinson URL on 02.08.2017

  3. I send myself down the halls and corridors, yearning for it from myself. The guidance of others can only take one so far until you need some assistance from yourself. Words of health that form a path to follow.

    By Frey R. on 02.08.2017

  4. She was acting strange, so they sent her to the guidance counselor. But by the time the session was over, the guidance counselor was acting strange, too. Neither of them cared about the future anymore. They were caught drinking bourbon behind the school gymnasium. She was laughing, and the guidance counselor was telling stories. These stories dated back to several millennia. They were all about peace, love, and sex. Lots of sex.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.08.2017

  5. Guide me to the guidance of this word. What type of guidance is there that would guide one to the Gui Dance, invited by the grand gesture of Gil.

    By mike on 02.08.2017

  6. I lit a candle- watched the long flame stretch and lean
    watched the red wax drip
    red, a prayer for Lady Rage

    Some say the smell of roses when one is far from any rosebush proves passed love ones travel, communicate, through vehicles of sweet fragrance. Sharp is my longing to smell roses in the middle of a salt wind desert. All I can smell is the cracking of my gnose.

    By Saranda on 02.08.2017

  7. “On my knees, praying ‘Santa Maria, send me guidance. Send me gui-‘”
    “CUT. Jeez, don’t you understand Morales as a character? She just wants to be an actress, is that so hard to get? Yeah, ‘this class is nothing’, but so is your acting! Get it together!”

    By Paige B on 02.08.2017

  8. Guidance is something we ALL need. And something that some people REALLY need. I think it is part of God’s message to mankind, His guidance is of utmost importance. Guidance in the world and beyond.

    By Ali on 02.08.2017

  9. strength and guidance is all that im wishing for my friends

    I think i guidance is what i need now but not from anyone in particular but from the universe it self, or myself

    By Anima on 02.08.2017

  10. which way do I go
    fork in the road
    where do i look for guidance
    i can reflect back on my experience
    i might ask others who are further along than me
    i might bend my knee and beseech the sky
    i might study, i might plan
    in the end does it matter?
    for either way I choose
    i may win something
    i may lose
    if fate brings us to our ultimate end
    the path matters not
    for paths are shifting sands
    so i tred on with no fear
    the end doesn’t need to be clear
    just keep going

    By poetwarrior on 02.08.2017

  11. strength and guidance is all that im wishing for my friends

    I think i guidance is what i need now but not from anyone in particular but from the universe it self, or myself. Or do I already have the guidance I need and am not acknowledging it

    By Anima on 02.08.2017

  12. guidance is a light a torch a tree from which you find more sun. It can be passed in hand, found in the pages of a book, in the halls of a school, or within the quiet reaches of the soul. We seek it when confounded, and loose it when we’re lost.

    By Howard Sage on 02.08.2017

  13. In everyones life , there may have a guidance to point out the way we should go.

    By 賀賀 on 02.08.2017

  14. what are my guidance in life, I would say first my parents, my God and sometimes my concience, that’s a very thaugh work when I w

    By Nardjes on 02.08.2017

  15. The best and most important guidance I receive on a day to day basis comes from my Higher Power; that feeling of intuition deep inside you when, even though you don’t acknowledge or accept what it says, you know the truth deep inside you.

    By c_steen on 02.09.2017

  16. 1guidance=Giving Uniform Instruction Determining Available Nominal Choice Emperically

    By Garz on 02.09.2017

  17. I can’t figure how to beat this stupid game. I need guidance, but don’t know where to find it. I doesn’t matter, though, because in the end, it’s always a matter of crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.

    By Brooke on 02.09.2017

  18. My commander’s guidance will come at sundown and I will spent the rest of my night creating the Plan. It will guide more than ants – it will guide many men to their doom.

    By Paul on 02.09.2017

  19. She waited, patiently. Or not so patiently. She could feel her excess energy go through her foot and she tried to stop it. He seemed to puzzle over the advice, rolling it around in his brain and trying to get a feeling for it.

    By Bridget Grace on 02.09.2017

  20. My supervisor provided guidance on proper submission of my scientific work and instructed me about rules of a peer reviewed journal.

    By Johannes Siedenburg on 02.09.2017

  21. One day I asked my mom about her history and know she is my guidance every day at homeschool.

    By angel on 02.09.2017

  22. I need help. I don’t know where to go. Draco is away, Harry is out with Ginny, Hermione is very busy studying for exams.. Dumbledore. No. Never again. An old jar of mustard gives better guidance than that old fool. My heart is pounding my vision is going blurry. No. I can’t transform now! I can’t! No, no, I can keep it together. I can do this. My skin is turning brown. I feel a searing pain in my head as my hair grows and turns black. My teeth… it’s agony. But I need to find someone before I transform. I think of it just as my vision starts going dark. McGonagal.

    By Evangeline Potter on 02.09.2017

  23. blindfolded, subway station, loud noises, hand holding, dust in sunlight, mountaintop, ancient roof, temple in trees, rope vines, roadside grave

    By linet on 02.09.2017

  24. I was guidance someone through a game that they couldn’t beat.

    By takanye URL on 02.09.2017

  25. My Guidance counceler loves social studies.

    By xavier URL on 02.09.2017

  26. sometimes I need guidance in social studies.

    By camryn on 02.09.2017

  27. Mr.Bamsey gave me guidance in social studies class

    By chyua squires on 02.09.2017

  28. Help! I need guidance trying to figure out how to study my africa geography.

    By ?me? on 02.09.2017

  29. Guidance is when someone wiser leads someone less wiser to wards the right path of is a jerk and leads them down the wrong path on purpose

    By Shai Stephens URL on 02.09.2017

  30. Every kid needs guidance to help with social studies because in social studies you start learning about how to spend there money without spending it all.

    By Mya Buckins URL on 02.09.2017

  31. In social studies, guidance is needed for me when it comes to certain African countries.

    By Dayle on 02.09.2017

  32. I have guidance from Mr. Bamsey every time I come to Social Studies class. He guided me to do the right thing. The guidance he gave me was very good.

    By Sanaa May on 02.09.2017

  33. A compass is a big guiding tool when traveling the world and using a map.

    By Sidney Griffin URL on 02.09.2017

  34. in social studies we get guidance

    By cedrez on 02.09.2017

  35. A compass is a big guidance tool when it comes to traveling with a map.

    By Sidney Griffin URL on 02.09.2017

  36. Mr. Bamsey might have to give me extra guidance in Social Studies so I can get my grades up.

    By Amariya on 02.09.2017

  37. my guidance comes from my mom and grammy dad, not so much and my brothers always pick on me

    By ian URL on 02.09.2017

  38. advice or information aimed at resolving a problem or difficulty, especially as given by someone in authority.

    By julian on 02.09.2017

  39. Soldiers in WW2 needed guidance from there leader.

    By Kendell Pugh on 02.09.2017

  40. The United States of America is under Trumps guidance.

    By breyona jones on 02.09.2017