February 10th, 2017 | 33 Entries

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33 Entries for “disrepair”

  1. the whole country is in disrepair by the constitutional crisis that we have now. I want the quiet and sold footing we had before. Now everything is is scary and unsettling

    By Patricia Snelling on 02.10.2017

  2. Every country is divided and battles go on all the time. You’ve just been blind to it because you don’t pay attention, read enough, and/or are lucky and sheltered from it. Constitutional crisis is constant, that’s why cases go to the Supreme Courts every year and protests are regular. Those that think a whole nation is great and peaceful at any time are guilty of being part of the problems that make conscious people angry at those that “don’t see anything bad going on” or people that are dumb complaining about the people that complain and criticize people and governments. If you’re smart enough and good enough as a person then you will know that there are always injustices and battles to fight, people harmed by the way things are even if not yourself, and you will get involved and support the correct side. The world and the nation have always been in a state of disrepair. Read histories news articles and less fiction, then your opinions might be able to actually match with actual facts.

    By Patricius on 02.10.2017

  3. Today i feel that everything has fallen into disrepair. it has been happening for a while and I haven’t been dealing with it. It’s funny how just a small thing can make you feel so overwhelmed. When you reach your final straw it’s often strange how insignificant that thing can be on its own, but on top of everything else it can seem so enormous, so important.

    By Chloe on 02.10.2017

  4. because of him our building is in disrepair and everything could fall on us, if only he would have stopped once the first floor gave in.

    By Andréanne on 02.10.2017

  5. The wooden beams had blackened. The floor boards screeched in rebuke for putting weight on their backs, so much more than they used to. Back when I walked through these rooms with you. I try to summon you, let my fingers trace your skin in my mind, but the trail I leave is dark and set deep with rot. This is beyond my power to fix, that which I neglected and tore apart. I back out through the gaping door before the brittle wood breaks and swallows the rest of me.

    By Ai URL on 02.10.2017

  6. The old Queen Anne house was in disrepair and cried out for someone to come rescue it from being torn down to make room for town houses. It held so much history and it was a shame to see it become a ghost of its past.

    By Grace Topping on 02.10.2017

  7. The two sisters walked into the car shop to find it in complete disrepair. Their father hadn’t taken care of the place in his old age, nor had his hired mechanics, who had been paid so meagerly that their morale was obliterated, and they felt no need to keep the business running smoothly. Sarah and Laura both knew what they had to do. They stripped off their jackets, pulled on some gloves, and got to work.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.10.2017

  8. Peeled paint, I wonder what lead is left for the kids to chew on while they wait for their parents to stop arguing for long enough to make him some food and say more than a short frustrated word.

    By Mike Pinto on 02.10.2017

  9. my nails keep breaking
    chipping and peeling and my fingers are aching

    By ines on 02.10.2017

  10. My love life is in serious disrepair, especially after the latest episode. My girl of two short months was not working out, so I decided to quietly walk away. She, however, had other plans, and for the first time in my life I actually had to save a life by dialing 911. Now I’m alone, again, and will be for a long time.

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 02.10.2017

  11. I fell into disrepair, is what happened. My mom keeps looking at me like I betrayed her. I suppose I did though. I told her the night before I was leaving. I couldn’t bring myself to tell her earlier because I was self conscious and scared, but there’s nothing wrong with getting help. I know that now.
    Also, I have no clue what disrepair means. I gave it my best shot.

    By Paige B on 02.10.2017

  12. What is Disrepair? Opposite of disrepair. For me it means to redo a repair, that talks about an action post another action.

    By Kavitha K on 02.10.2017

  13. Stuck in DISREPAIR?
    relationship on the rocks?
    get some easy flair

    from Dark and Lovely
    to “saxy” Careless Whisper
    remind her you care

    melody and mood
    Barry White and Kenny G
    set it nice and smooth

    but… if she’s a bitch
    she is one you need to ditch
    don’t deal with bulls@%t

    [Let your heart AND MIND guide you. Kwaherini na upendo nzuri usiku huu!]

    By ! Haiku-Man ! of loving on 02.11.2017

  14. Sometimes you find you’ve built your life in disrepair. Sometimes the only thing to do is tear it all down and start over.

    By RobDuganJr on 02.11.2017

  15. Years had passed, and the opera house had fallen into disrepair. But the ghosts of dancers twirling onstage, musicians tuning up in the orchestra pit, and notes hanging in the air long after they’d been sung were still there, if you cared to look and listen for them.

    By Brooke on 02.11.2017

  16. I think of my life as out of a state of disrepair. I am at a point of building heathily, not constantly trying to fix problems…a good place

    By justme on 02.11.2017

  17. she was always in disrepair. If it wasn’t her hair it was her nails… something was always a little bit off so she couldn;t look her best. Why was that?

    By Alejandra Cisneros on 02.11.2017

  18. My life has fallen into disrepair. It was all going so well until it got so busy and overwhelming that my dreams and joys took a backseat to everyone else. Now, as my kids are growing older I see the time I had looked forward to vanishing into the abyss of caring for my mother.

    By Jan on 02.11.2017

  19. I don’t actually know what this word means. I tried to refresh the screen but the word just bounced back at me, taunting me for my lower level of comprehension. I guess it could be seen as the opposite of repair, an undoing of reparation. I’m just spitballing.

    By Hannah Gray on 02.11.2017

  20. Bu kelimenin ne demek olduğunu bilmiyorum. Konu hakkında yazabilmek için sanırım önce kelimenin ne anlama geldiğini bulmalıyım. evet bu kendime not olsun, eğer bu sayfayı tekrar görebileceksem tabii ki. repair ve olumsuz dis öneki

    By Sevgi Ekicigil on 02.11.2017

  21. Son günlerde içinde bulunduğum ve içinden çıkmaya çalıştığım ruh hali. Bakımsızlık… Ya da tamirsizlik mi daha doğru karşılar bunu? Tamir olamama..

    By aurora_se on 02.11.2017

  22. Disrepair popped in my mind, I didn’t care about people who hate me, I like who I am, and no one can not stop that!

    By Chloe on 02.11.2017

  23. I don’t know what disrepair means, does it mean to not repair?

    By Chloe on 02.11.2017

  24. The house sat, unoccupied, unnoticed, unloved for years. She passed that corner everyday and, though she wished she had been one of those people who looked at things and saw the beauty in them, she most ignored the house as just a general and unavoidable eyesore in her community.

    By Bridget Grace on 02.11.2017

  25. disrepair, even when its broken
    a token
    to another land of peace and grease
    leather jackets and sweet eats
    candie, sweet potato pie
    disguised underneath banners
    win here!
    a misanthrope I am
    when I feel elementary like green eggs and ham!

    By Milad URL on 02.11.2017

  26. She huddles near the fading light of the computer, her heart aching more than ever. A feather-light, cozy blanket is snug around her upper half and, with a hurried, rushed hand, she impatiently wipes away a few, dropping tears that glisten in the dimming light. With her shaking hand she –


    There he is, with his luscious, apple red lips grazing the side of her golden tan forehead, her pearly whites laughing with his laid-back, smoother-than-ever grin. His strong, lean arms are rested against her bony shoulder blades. Her rather mousy face is pointed upwards towards his, her smooth nose barely touching his. Billowing strands of platinum blonde hair rest in curls surrounding her head. Both of them are so close to kissing, and, almost as if they just remembered that they are in the camera’s path, they are pulled just a couple inches from one another for a beautiful effect of a captured, intimate moment.


    He’s with her again. This time, he has one muscled arm slung around her rounder, softer-looking shoulders. She’s smiling so wide that it almost hurts to look at the screen any longer. Her cheeks are puffed out, red and frozen from the slight frostbite that had blown through the gorgeous, lit-up city. He’s looking down at her, a soft, adoring, prideful smile adorned on his face. He has his hands wrapped around hers, which were clutched tightly around a clean, shining medal – Award for the Valedictorian. They are pulled back farther this time, but still so close that all they had to do is swerve their head and their lips would meet.


    Once again, they are together. Her long, bony fingers are brushed against his unshaven face and he’s staring long and hard into her shimmering, light green eyes. A single, plump tear is rolling down his cheek, but they’re both beaming more than ever as his soft, plushy fingers rub against the clean-cut, precise shape of the giant, glowing diamond placed perfectly on the rather dull, golden band wrapped around her fourth finger.

    She lightly presses the giant red ‘X’ button to the left of her browser. There’s no point in looking at something so masochistic as that. Forever and ever, in an infinite loop, she knows that it’ll be the same thing she looks at as soon as she opens up her laptop. She knows that she’ll see the radiant face of her once best friend and the equally luminous face of her soulmate – together, forever, as their statuses had said the day before the wedding. But she’ll continue the same trend of clicking and trying to let go, even though her fallen heart will always be in shattered pieces.

    Because, without any doubt, she will always be in disrepair, unable to be fixed.

    By Joy Wang on 02.11.2017

  27. She’s not sure how she got here. She looks around, confused by her surroundings. Of course she KNEW how she got here, it was her house afterall, and she lives here. But just how she got to this state, of disrepair was beyond her.

    By Christie on 02.11.2017

  28. disrepair
    my hair
    every time i dye it
    my life
    every time
    i give up

    By Anima on 02.11.2017

  29. splinters and shards
    crumbling paint
    squeaking boards
    weakening floor
    broken glass
    cobwebs and mold
    this body of mine in disrepair
    love lost
    i no longer care

    By alasthepoetwarrior on 02.11.2017

  30. I guess things were in disrepair again. Funny how that worked out. The steady fight against entropy was always a losing battle. But it was a way to keep going. There was always something new to fix. A new way to solve an old problem.

    By Ben Sabath on 02.11.2017

  31. everything is gliding past
    nothing is sticking anymore
    no footholds
    it’s all noise

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 02.11.2017

  32. A country can not function
    while it’s people’s goals
    are in a state of disrepair

    By Skip Ploss (aka Poemasabi) on 02.11.2017

  33. don’t fix it
    it’ll probably be ok
    someone else’s problem anyway
    regular maintenance is expensive
    everyone needs to share the burden
    people want lower taxes
    always test before using
    it might not hold
    repay the past by maintaining their work

    By Skip Ploss (aka Poemasabi) on 02.11.2017