February 18th, 2010 | 148 Entries

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148 Entries for “flashlight”

  1. flashlight of the lighthouse of your heart

    By Ioana on 02.19.2010

  2. The flashlight was blinding. Pushing through the mass of them, I heard my name being shouted several times. “Hiroki! Hiroki!”, they shouted. But I just didn’t listen. Who cares about them?, I thought. They are just going to spread a nwe rumor. No one needs them. Still, people like to read the trash they write. You know who I’m talking of? Yes? Right, Paparazzi.

    By Myself on 02.19.2010

  3. i saw a flashlight in his hand and he shone it in my eyes. My eyes burned, but i didin’t care. All I wanted to see was thatcold metal, grasping unto his hand. I knew it was cold, it had to be.

    By moriah on 02.19.2010

  4. flash, tickle. the light is too bright, but that is what light does, yes. ashmight. no need to fight, fistfight, lashflight why does this turning into conflict? what happens to you? don’t look away.

    By dog on 02.19.2010

  5. the dark room was unlit and i needed a flashlight to see i opened the door and saw someone jump out from behind the kitchen table with a knife. he had a mask on and had wild red eyes. he came after me and i ran. I tripped over the rug and fell down breaking my hip. I had to run on my good leg.

    By Elizabeth Smith on 02.19.2010

  6. in unexpected dark there is no greater comfort than a flashlight in your trembling hand. hold steady, shine on. don’t worry what’s behind you, the light has already been there.

    By kristina URL on 02.19.2010

  7. go with it into the ceiling. Move like a bean stalk in the dark with one speck of light at the end. my mother moved through the heroin tunnel but came out relatively unscathed: yellow skin from a challenged kidney which returned to opaque with time.

    By ts on 02.19.2010

  8. Oh, a flashlight is very useful in the dark. When the power is off at night grab your flashlight and find the candles and matches. Now you have a lovely candlelight atmosphere.
    Flashilights are handy camping. If you are brave youtern off the light and see the stars in the sky as theyt guide you.

    By Brenda Stone on 02.19.2010

  9. it was dark in the cellar. i reached from the wall, my hands searching for the switch. success, but no still no light. i looked for the shelf, where the flashlight always waits for me patiently.

    By Jeff on 02.19.2010

  10. Flashlight I need one to walk around my neighborhood at night. They turned off some of the lights to save money, but its dark out there.

    By Chris G on 02.19.2010

  11. Ilumina o que n

    By Ybyt on 02.19.2010

  12. flashlight is a simple word i mean it has flash and light i like flashlights they help me to see in the dark and they scare away the monsters and they scare away the demons. they are my bestest friends:) la la la la la

    By Kelsey on 02.19.2010

  13. I ran around romantically chasing her. Flashlight Peirce through the dark. She had left, gone with some man, doesn’t matter, ill stay her with my flashlight piercing the dark, as i did to her heart.

    By Andrew on 02.19.2010

  14. one dark night I stood upon the crest of drewberry hill. I shone my flashlight at the twisted tree dead ahead of me. Hanging from the top most branch, swayed the remnants of a young girls rag doll. It is an eiry sight, one sad, bringing back bad memories from my own dark childhood. “Why is the world so cruel?” I say aloud to myself.

    By shelby on 02.19.2010

  15. I shone the flashlight right into her eyes, and in that moment, I could see into her soul. I could see everything she felt. And I was so relieved. I could see that she loved me too, that she was afraid of what that meant, that she felt exactly what I felt.

    By j on 02.19.2010

  16. The forest was dark, and clouds blocked the moon. Without his flashlight he would be lost. He wondered if she would be able to find her way to him. As he swept the light back adn forth over the rocks and trees, he nearly missed her. She was leaning on a giant bolder, she was wearing lipstick and a low cut top, he had never seen her like this. As he moved towards her, the flashlight began to blink on and off, showing her in a stobe light. Eventually the light went out completely, them to find each other by other means.

    By J on 02.19.2010

  17. it doesnt really flashlight. it maintains light, its not like only a flash is given. but a solid beam until the battery dies.

    By Kore on 02.19.2010

  18. something that you use to see things in the dark, it is useful at night or on camping trips. little ones on keychains. big ones to work on utility stuff. uses batteries. like to play shadow animals with hands

    By cris on 02.19.2010

  19. This shines on everything that is in its path and it forgets about those things beyond its scope. It is dim or bright and it brings clarity and understanding to those things previously unknown. It is in the drawer in the kitchen and it useless during the day, but at night it could be a life saver. If the batteries run out, it becomes powerless and that which is unknown will continue to be unknonw.

    By Stacy on 02.19.2010

  20. The light flashes in my eyes out of nowhere. I can’t imagine where the light was coming from, it was a completely dark room with no windows, and only the one door, but I was staring straight at the door and it had remained shut. I called out, there couldn’t be someone else in here could there? Was I not alone in my imprisonment?

    By Amy on 02.19.2010

  21. illuminate the shadows of oppression, the world does no benefit from your confessions, so quit with the questions. one flashlight at night to lead the way, no matter what they say we pray for the sun. until my time is done. Flashlight.

    By Vincent on 02.19.2010

  22. Also called torches. They’re bright and very, very useful after a hurricane. Also fun during slumber parties and to make shadow puppets. I remember doing that w/ my cousins at my grandma’s house when I was like 2.

    By Victoria on 02.19.2010

  23. Flashlights are often converted to sex toys. They remind me of summer nights without power. Windows opened, playing uno by flashlight with my sister, sleeping on a mattress on the living room floor.

    By eli on 02.19.2010

  24. The flashlight, the check list, the man.

    What it takes to get into a bank and successfully alter your life. A breath, a stare, a bead of sweat on the dirty forehead.
    The man woke, he looked intentely on the security guard as the man he met a few hours before smashed the back of his head with the butt of his pump shotgun.

    By Chuck Lit on 02.19.2010

  25. in the dark there is light, a sudden flicker of light, of understanding, of spirituality…. breath,a sudden electronic sunrise that is mute but bright in mind and in the eye.

    By B on 02.19.2010

  26. One day, I found a flashlight on the streets. It was a very intriguing flashlight, for it had magic powers. I clicked it on, and it sucked me up into a whoorlwind of colors. Before I knew it, I was in a different world with lots of different colored items. I tried my hardest to keep calm, but it was just so hard when you have no idea what’s going on.

    By Nicole on 02.19.2010

  27. It exposes the shadows for what they are, shedding a little flash on the lack of light.

    Yes, my flashlight. A spot light in the darkness.

    By Kunze on 02.19.2010

  28. The light clicked off. It was night, and the asylum looked like a castle under the thundercloud. The earth was cold, it felt almost frozen. People’s dead spirits seemed to be present here, like they never left this place.

    By Scythe42 on 02.19.2010