June 1st, 2014 | 94 Entries

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94 Entries for “gamer”

  1. All those persons that took part in the Games were surprised to learn that the gamer had lost his job because of a misunderstanding, following the results of the final relay games, in which the favorite side had been disqualified.

    By victor URL on 06.02.2014

  2. She was a gamer. It made some people feel uncomfortable, when she slipped Minecraft or Skyrim references into daily conversation, but she didn’t care–she preferred her fictional, fantastical, virtual worlds to the real one. She lived her life in a somewhat normal fashion, but whenever she was out, she was always aching to get home and back to her fantasies.

    By Emma on 06.02.2014

  3. wow, did he dig in.he got down in his defense stance, slapped his palms on the court and stared at the guy’s mid-section like he was going to drive his head into his gut. ferocious!

    By Lee on 06.02.2014


    By GEET URL on 06.02.2014

  5. With a low groan the pillars of the feeble hut gave in and Gil folded with the walls and roof his eyes wide and nose pressed against a piece of plasterboard.

    “Boy!” he whispered. A tiny cloud of dust sucked within his cheeks made him cough. He held his breath struggling to tame a spasm of wind from trying to escape his lung. He could not hear the young gamer, but somewhere beyond where the section of wall and roof had collapsed Gil could hear the tinny music of whatever it was he had been playing on the little portable system.

    Rolling his tongue around in his mouth, Gil wrinkled his nose at the film of earthy filth that came away. He squirmed and hissing curses under his breath with the realization that his leg was trapped.

    By Killercoco on 06.02.2014

  6. Despite the gaming channel Harry had he really wasn’t that good at gaming and he didn’t enjoy it as much as he probably should but he did it mainly because his best mate Niall had dragged him into it so that they could play together and so that Niall could introduce Harry to his mates Louis and Liam.

    By Bri on 06.02.2014

  7. He was a gamer. Couldn’t live without that roller coaster thrill; pursuit and conquest.

    And I, the tamer one, became one of his beloved games.

    By Krys on 06.02.2014

  8. a person who plays games all the time and never stops playing a game and never stop playing a game and he`s in to it.

    By dantwanwatkins URL on 06.02.2014

  9. a person who plays games all the time on his phone all the time.

    By dantwanwatkins URL on 06.02.2014

  10. Kids that like to play games.

    By walter URL on 06.02.2014

  11. a person who play games all the time on his phone

    By dantwanwatkins URL on 06.02.2014

  12. a game , action games , fun , running , a person that plays games , or that loves games . video games ? someone that is really good or a expert on playing games . a gamer that have a probablity to travel around the world to play or compete . etc someone that is intrested on games and pays close attention and wins or never losses .

    By jessica on 06.02.2014

  13. the jabs whip my face, it falls off the hinges.
    i am only a victim in this cruel philosophy,
    the torturous screams jump out my
    parched throat.
    as he keeps the game rolling

    By Summer on 06.02.2014

  14. A gamer is someone who plays a lot of games. The games can be board games, video games and even sports. I think a gamer is mainly someone who competes.

    By Clayton Hall on 06.02.2014

  15. Someone who plays games and has fun doing it. They can play by themselves or with friends it doesn’t really matter. Someone who is a gamer usually has dreams of going into the gaming industry.

    By Nick West on 06.02.2014

  16. a person that spends most of there time playing video games in there free time.

    By daniel batchelor on 06.02.2014

  17. Gamers play games. Gamers play unrealistic things such as COD, Halo, and Minecraft. They also play games that have some basis in truth, such as World War games like War Thunder and World of Tanks.

    By Jon Conrad on 06.02.2014

  18. Video games play a large role in the creative thinking process. They also stimulate senses, and increase hand-eye coordination. The two main types of video games are AAA (Triple A) and Indie.

    By Cody Jarvis on 06.02.2014

  19. The term gamer is easily assigned to people who play video games a lot. It is more of a common place word rather than other things such as nerd. So that’s nice. I dislike that people think it has a negative nomenclature to it.

    By Nathan Gazey on 06.02.2014

  20. im a gamer maybe not a pro but stilla gamer and there are a lot of people that are considered gamers but don’t really think of themselves being a gamer. gamers are people who play games a lot for enjoyment and competitive side of it.

    By Joseph Williams on 06.02.2014

  21. everyone in this class
    spends all night gaming
    likes playing video games
    has an xbox
    spends most of their time and money on games, gaming systems, and whatever else that deals with gaming

    By Sasha Tillett on 06.02.2014

  22. This word describes a person who plays video games as a hobby. This does not mean that the person always plays games and normally carries negative connotations.

    By Jon Thomas on 06.02.2014

  23. person who plays video games, person who enjoys video games, me,
    a gamer is someone who plays video games or board cames for enjoyment

    By Tristen Schuler on 06.02.2014

  24. When you hear the word “gamer”, people think of a geek or a nerd. This is because people are given the title of being a nerd or geek by playing video games. This is common because people tend to assume things, which is wrong in some matters. Video games can help you in many ways.

    By Ashton on 06.02.2014

  25. Creepy, fat middle-aged guys who have Cheetos fingers and have never been on a date and has bloodshot eyes and has an unusual smell about them.

    By Austin Petrat on 06.02.2014

  26. Weird hard to socialize, do not socialize in the traditional way. Creepy, strange hard to be friends with in the “real world”. Overall weird people

    By Justin Akers on 06.02.2014

  27. “My little brother once was the gamer of the family, until we introduced my mother to world of warcraft. That’s a sad dose of reality if you think about it, but really now we all have some qualities of a gamer in us. And I think we could say the same about you too.” she began as she tried her best to quench the spark that turned into a wildfire between the two of us.

    By Madison on 06.02.2014

  28. Someone who can change a situation for their liking or someone who appreciates the complexities of the creation of a game and understand the fundamentals of play.

    By Brandon Suncin on 06.02.2014

  29. The gamer was the best. Ussually is not as simple, but in this case was in this way.

    By maria URL on 06.02.2014

  30. I, don’t. Well. Weird. Gamer? What’s a gamer? I can’t respond to this.

    By Jim Ranger on 06.02.2014

  31. In this new world of technology a gamer is a sole individual fighting a fictional battle in a fantasy world. However, in our ever developing world these same battles played much the same as the gamers do will encompass real soldiers fighting real wars,with gamers pulling the triggers while viewing from a video screen. This new world takes out much of the real pain, the real horror, of a real war.

    By Freedom on 06.02.2014

  32. Gaming is such a futile and pitieful thing in my opinion. Yet others find such interest in it. I guess it’s like books. You lose yourself in them, just like people lose themselves in their video games. How interesting it is, when you look at it like that.

    By Jessica Raspin on 06.02.2014

  33. i am a fantastic gamer. i get three hundred points per game. my favorite game is need for speed.

    By elaina on 06.02.2014

  34. Nebyl to typický hráč. Jistě, dodržoval pravidla, ale přece jenom, byl něčím jiným. Někým, kdo si mohl dovolit podvádět a komu bylo vše odpuštěno.

    By Bee-Chee on 06.02.2014

  35. A gamer is a person who plays game. I like to think of the person as antisocial, and a victim of nowadays life. He will be incapable for physical actions but it will make him smarter. Games are useful in improving skills, and also many children are thought to be smarter when playing video games. A gamer is someone that plays games all the time and loves it, is passionate about it but deep inside the person feels the need to do or have something more.

    By livia on 06.02.2014

  36. A bottle of coke and half empty bag of chips.
    Were they there from last night? Maybe a week ago.
    He couldn’t remember. She told him she was a gamer,
    and at first he did’t believe her. Now he knew what she meant.

    By jane on 06.02.2014

  37. A bottle of coke and half empty bag of chips.
    Were they there from last night? Maybe a week ago.
    He couldn’t remember. She told him she was a gamer,
    and at first he did’t believe her. Now he knew what she meant.
    Not good at playing games on the computer, but good at playing
    games of the heart.

    By jane on 06.02.2014

  38. As the blood oozed from my friend’s body, a strangled sob ripped itself through my throat. What had I done? It had all happened so fast… One moment we were fooling around, talking about strategy in Halo and Call of Duty — The next we were rummaging through my dad’s gun closet and… And now, he was dead.

    By shan on 06.02.2014

  39. Time stood still, as Hodor took the blade in his hand and charged towards the screaming hoards of Orcs that rushed towards him. He was named after his favourite fantasy character, and wouldn’t put him to shame. The barbarian grabbed his foes hand and snapped it in two just before—

    And then the power shut off, and Mike was once again himself.
    Not necessarily devoid of bloodlust,
    Just devoid of the strength to conquer his fears.

    By Siege URL on 06.02.2014

  40. a word to the wise
    work wasn’t wasteful
    sit stoned situational
    a game to the gamer
    is fame for the fameless
    a love lost
    and never forced
    you’ve made mistakes
    and fallen into me
    but when you crash
    the car twists and turns
    i’m not going to wait another minute
    to tell you i love you.

    By matt m on 06.02.2014