May 31st, 2014 | 56 Entries

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56 Entries for “adapted”

  1. Du bist etwas besonderes,
    das ist wunderbar bleib so.
    Änder dich nicht!
    warum lässt du das nicht sein?
    warum machst du da nicht etwas mehr?
    Warum bist du nicht anders?

    By Anuri URL on 06.01.2014

  2. Soap rubs in to the epidermis of your hand once furnished,
    lotion is massaged to lie perfectly in layers of skin,
    dandy thoughts get lofted when dampened in atmospheres of nefarious pestering,
    mining for adaptation amidst triggering insects that pester, flicking them off continually,
    is our salvation. Human kind is imperfect, flies will frolic around poop, slapping against the imperfections until adaption sets in to comfort us, remains to sustain.
    Loosing the sun that fuels your universe’s orbit, prolonging patience its change, is a set of planets that adapted. Acceptance, Acceptance!

    By Milad URL on 06.01.2014

  3. i adapted to my surroundings
    with minutes to spare.
    i asked the people to help me,
    but no one really cared.
    and as i adapted to everything
    i trusted in myself:
    for i could depend on no one,
    i could trust no one else!

    they never knew my name.
    i never knew theirs.
    they never felt my pain.
    i never felt their stares.

    By Mariah on 06.01.2014

  4. Adapted from the book. The book was so much better. It wasn’t even the same story. The lead looks nothing like how he looked in the books. I wish they would release the extended version. I can’t even.

    By Emma on 06.01.2014

  5. He adapted to her presence more easily than he’d thought he would.

    By 709 on 06.01.2014

  6. To be adapted. Oh how incredible that would be.
    To swim in the ocean and to breathe the salt like air,
    To climb a mountain without a rope,
    To see in the dark,
    To hear in space,
    To be adapted, to be a new race.

    By Cate Tren on 06.01.2014

  7. The changes take place so fast there’s barely time to breathe, let alone think. Is this really for the best? For the future? Is development beautiful when it makes us this ugly? Adapted for what, slaughter? Warfare? Pain?

    By Amelia on 06.01.2014

  8. i was so small then. i stumbled and fell. i was new to the world. i didn’t know what to do or what to eat or where to go. some of my brothers didn’t make it but not me. I’m a survivor. I adapted.
    -ruminations of the lion

    By Tommy on 06.01.2014

  9. It takes a great deal of strength to overcome being unceremoniously dropped into a foreign world and living… no, not living. Not surviving either. Triumphing. Not everyone can pull that off. Only the strong survive.

    By Claire on 06.01.2014

  10. An animal adapts to its environment.
    I adapted much like an animal to my environment. I fought my way through the rough times where I felt as if I had no place to call home. I was adapted at healing the wounds that the struggle of everyday brought. I was adapting constantly until I had finally adapted enough that nothing could hurt me.

    By Zoey on 06.01.2014

  11. It took time, but sooner than what I expected possible, I adapted. Like an animal just emerging from a hole in the ground, unsuspecting and finding his world had completely changed, yet determined to trudge on – I adapted.

    By Courtney Brewer on 06.01.2014

  12. he adapted to the tempretures of mars fairlyy well, but his fingers were scorched and resembled something close to burning hot copper wires of a bulb

    By Lucy on 06.01.2014

  13. The world can’t be happy in the state we are in.Every detail is killing us because we can no longer adapt to such harsh environment we have implemented on ourselves.All has been lost…

    By Aeris on 06.01.2014

  14. we had changed to the conditions of the environment presented for us in unison, convergent evolution that had also changed the way we interacted. the awkwardness found between the two of us eventually faded away into nothingness as over the nights we began to have longer and more lingering conversations that left a mark in my brain and reminded me that even though he wasn’t someone extremely significant, he cared.

    By verbomaniac11 on 06.01.2014

  15. Life? Life is all about adapting. Why? That’s a stupid question. A more suitable question would be why not? You can’t change the things that happen to you in this crazy world we call home, you just can’t. You must adapt to the things you have know control over. Hell, I’ve adapted. You just have to roll with the punches, deal with the changes you can’t stop and adapt.

    By elena tomasello on 06.01.2014

  16. The chameleon stepped from the desert sand onto the cool rock. Its body moved from beiges and browns into grays and dark greens. It adapted to its environment. As such, for our survival, we must adapt to what happens around us.

    By kd on 06.01.2014