June 1st, 2014 | 94 Entries

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94 Entries for “gamer”

  1. Am I a gamer?
    Sure. I play everyday. With friends or family or alone. Sometimes up till 2am. And then right back at it by 6am. Although I don’t ever really stop playing. I level up year after year with commendatory candles. I’m a level 16 currently.I gain experience from dancing in the rain, laughing with friends, and reading in my hammock. I have only one life to live. My weapons are my wit, imaginations, and courage. I’ve evolved past my default setting but I still remember. I love this game I play. A roller coaster of emotions and experiences. Something new around every bend. This game I play called life.

    By Andi URL on 06.01.2014

  2. Gamer babes. The wonderful women in the bay area who love the San Francisco Giants. They cheer from the bleachers, in orange and black. Young, old, black, white. All good looking!

    By bonnie on 06.01.2014

  3. I am a hunger gamer, I have to kill the other contestants before they kill me. Only one can survive. this is the tribute we have to make because of the Panem revolution against the Capitol 75 years ago…

    By Gahel on 06.01.2014

  4. We were “gamers”. Or at least that’s what they called us. Neuro-linked to cybernetic constructs and replicants, we played against each other. And anything the Admin could throw against us.
    Our fans thought we were celebrities, our parents thought we were deadbeats.

    By Akriske on 06.01.2014

  5. I don’t know. I know a few annoying guys who play Call of Duty. I play Animal Crossing because it’s cute! I play Pokemon because I like stealing and enslaving wild creatures, and then forcing them to fight for me. Wait, I don’t like that! That’s just the premise of the game … Sort of?

    By nabila on 06.01.2014

  6. Someone who plays video games usually.

    By Nidhi on 06.01.2014

  7. A gamer is a person who plays lots of games. They’re probably addicted to it. I don’t like games, so i’m pretty sure i’m not a gamer and i suck at playing games.

    By Bridget <3 on 06.01.2014

  8. A game player, the people that love to play games whole day, properly are boys.

    By Xin Huey on 06.01.2014

  9. I took the controls and attacked the aliens with every ounce of force I could muster. The worst thing was, I knew I was going to run out of ammunition before I could zap them all. All of a sudden a great green blob came smashing forward. I sucked in a deep breath and pressed down. Blam!
    “Now you’re dead!”

    By MissKerryH on 06.01.2014

  10. Gaming has improved as time went on,eventually we had the technology to create video games and play in the comfort of our own home.

    By Muqri on 06.01.2014

  11. When a person plays lots of games and do nothing but playing games all day long, they never stop.

    By Farah on 06.01.2014

  12. A Gamer is a person who plays games and stuff like that all the time an they Do it everyday.For example The boys in the call room always play games they are gamers

    By Hasya on 06.01.2014

  13. Gamer is something like they keep playing game and they take a video when the playing game and they post it on youtube, i don’t like gamer because i don’t think the game will help you.

    By tianzhi on 06.01.2014

  14. I seen a gamer play a game called mine craft .It looked fun and I wanted to join in but they were to mean and didn’t let me play. He had big gaming headphones on and they were fancy . He had a macbook and was playing with two friends one called Steve and one called Bob.

    By Keely McBride on 06.01.2014

  15. gamer is what you call people that plays game all the time (the majority of gamers is boys)

    By munie on 06.01.2014

  16. He was no ordinary gamer, He had honed his craft and could beat the best now, it was no longer a game but a real battle. He would be watching a screen and seeing his army move, but and attack at his will, but it would be real people dying this time. There would be no extra lives to save anyone. The blades would be felt deep inside the flash. The warmth of the blood would flow out of the wounds. The stench of death would be all around them, but not Tidor. He would be the gamer running the war as if it was a game.

    By Bethany Herrington on 06.01.2014

  17. She was a gamer. So was he. But who got respect in the world of first-person shooters, MMORPGs, and gaming communities whether online or in conventions? He did. He was the king. He, with his silvery black soul-patch, twinkling blue eyes, and hair spiked up to the left side like a strange overgrowth of desert thorns.

    She was a gamer, and she was scoffed off. And when that happened, she pushed her cap away from her forehead, grabbed the nearest control, and growled, “Watch me, motherf***ers.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.01.2014

  18. The gamer was in the room playing a first person shooter. His brother sat behind him waiting very patiently for his turn, yet the the other brother would not give up, he would win. Then a knock at the door sent them both reeling. The bigger brother who had been playing went to answer the door, yet the only thing there was a letter stating, “Sometimes the only way to really win is give another a try.”

    By Vince on 06.01.2014

  19. She had died.
    You knew it. You saw the blood splatter and you saw the blade go in, in, in, sickeningly deep and startlingly accurate, piercing an artery, penetrating her heart. You could only shake there, in your shell of an armor, and you knew that she had died. You knew it. You wished, fervently, that you had a few extra lives on you.
    The only problem was, the controller wasn’t in your hand.

    By owl eyed on 06.01.2014

  20. the gamer came into the arcade waiting for his nemisis ron to walk through the old fashioned golden doors. Every saturday they said. Every saturday theyll come in and fight to death dungens and dragons is more than a game to then. Its pride ego a mans best friend in this lonely world

    By NANA on 06.01.2014

  21. “Hey, the boss is out! Let’s play some of this shit!”

    “Whoaaaa, what’s that man? Some cool stuff you got there, bro!”

    By anugraharsya on 06.01.2014

  22. He never thought he was going to end up a gamer – but then she’d shoved a DS into his hands and said to mess around with it for a while. Next thing he knew, he was up all night with the handheld system lighting up his face. He could barely function the next day from lack of sleep, but he still tried to play. She started to get worried, but mostly annoyed with this new obsession.

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 06.01.2014

  23. fan, nice, i like this, i’m a gamer, gamers today get many money,

    By klis on 06.01.2014

  24. I used to date a gamer. He would leave me, still warm from our departing embrace, for the frigid, stale air of his basement and the clammy controls of the Game Boy.

    By Ingrid on 06.01.2014

  25. The millionth awkward silence passed between us. So much for Mom thrusting our new neighbor’s son into my face and hoping we’d be friends. Ugh…this conversation was heading down the gutter very, very quickly. “So, Jonathan…um, do you like gaming? Are you a gamer?”

    He looked at me, eyes holding amusement. Wow, his eyes were so blue…no. Don’t. Just hope he replies with a quick ‘no’ and go back inside the house. There’s ice cream waiting…my ice cream. “Actually, Rachel, I am. What about you?”

    I groaned inwardly, but…eh…maybe he’s not too bad. And I am a bit of a gamer, so… “Yeah, I am. Finally, something we can talk about!” I chuckled, and he smiled back, adding a small laugh of his own. Ooh, nice smile, bro. “Hey, you wanna come inside? I think we’ve got some ice cream in the freezer…”

    By AJ Kenobi on 06.01.2014

  26. He didn’t look like your usual gamer; she expected him to be paler, shabbily dressed, someone who doesn’t get out in the sun much. But what stood before her now was an Adonis; bronzed skin, golden flowing hair, and a rugged-jaw smile that almost made her gasp. What she didn’t know was that apart from playing games, he also spent a lot of time working on virtual reality,
    and he had figured out ways to enhance more than just his online image…

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.01.2014

  27. Words flew past the screen with lighting fast speed. She kept up with each letter as it ran right to left.

    “How do you even keep up with that?” Her mother questioned, with a slight hint of worry in her voice.

    “I’m a gamer, mom,” she responded, keeping her eyes glued to the screen, “It’s in my blood.”

    By JoDei on 06.01.2014

  28. tricky little bitch
    tie me up with a
    switch that comes around
    a corner no way for me to
    find that funny little rhymer
    always taking the punch and
    falling with the average climber

    By Protean on 06.01.2014

  29. a gamer is a fun thing to be. but its not the same in my reality. why mess with peoples feelings when u have alot of other games. be a gamer just not with feelings. all of these games and u still chose the worst kind of game.

    By ash URL on 06.01.2014

  30. This girls “got game”. That means she hits up boys, sees them and trails up them with her eyes and down and away and is gone. All in a moment. There is a faster movement in and through and out of that club than the one usually made, and the clicking of heels on the street behind her is calculated. The entire night went tactic by tactic and she left alone, not having seen a single person who was looking for something to defeat, who was ready to play.

    By Bèa on 06.01.2014

  31. every game you can possibly imagine was at my fingertips. whole new worlds, realms, universes take your pick. i battled countless droves of monsters, solved mysteries and fell in love. but when i power went out i was all alone with only my memories for company

    By Tommy on 06.01.2014

  32. To play the game of insight you only need one rule,
    You must pay attention when no one else will.
    But if this is not enough for you, then keep this second rule at hand,
    And that is to never reveal how much you know to either foe or friend.

    By Intuition on 06.01.2014

  33. Risko-
    denk nicht drüber nach.
    Alles auf eine Kart.

    Schalt den Kopf ab.
    Riskier was-
    Lass es einfach laufen

    By Anuri URL on 06.01.2014

  34. World of War Craft. I couldn’t imagine anything more stupid. Wasting away in front of a computer screen, indulging in some fantasy world devoid of meaning. I didn’t understand why my friends wanted to spend so much time on it. After school, they’d all go to a game cafe and play. I had to pretend to like it, or be left to my own devices.

    By KLJ on 06.01.2014

  35. many called him a gamer,
    a nerd, someone who was doing nothing with his life
    i knew differently

    he was a person who changed the world
    who created smiles and happy tears
    who provided things to the needy
    he was amazing

    he was not just a gamer

    By Caitlin on 06.02.2014

  36. he clickclickclicks
    and she watches the back of his head,
    those absentminded fingers pulling
    through his hair;

    she taps her own out on the keyboard
    leveling up
    attempting to be the kind of girl
    he’ll love online and off.

    By missfeathy on 06.02.2014

  37. I’m a bit of a gamer but not the xbox type, just scrabble, Sudoku and quizzes!

    By Alexandra on 06.02.2014

  38. a terrific world full of gamer…… nowadays number of gamers among teenagers keep rising. i’m worried about my chid hmmm…..

    By meow~~ on 06.02.2014

  39. There you are, sitting in front of television light, chasing pixels across the screen. It’s past midnight, past bedtime and definitely past your meds. And yet you play, humming along to the tune of whichever warped storyline you’re acting out this time

    By terroir on 06.02.2014

  40. you told me you’ll be done by midnight but you still mumble your plan of attack in your sleep

    By -/- on 06.02.2014