January 22nd, 2011 | 254 Entries

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254 Entries for “furnace”

  1. Her heart was

    By Ashlee URL on 01.23.2011

  2. The furnace was lit when she returned to her house, but the warmth didn’t erase the lonely cold inside her.

    By HDF URL on 01.23.2011

  3. Your body is like a furnace, purring warm against me in the night. My cold toes find a home and you don’t mind at all.

    By Pandy Fackler URL on 01.23.2011

  4. furnace is a place where metals are melted and made into molten state
    Its usually very hot

    By Abhijith URL on 01.23.2011

  5. Hell is like a furnace. Blistering heat overwhelms you while in such a hot place. Is it just the heat or the reasons behind the furnace hell? Furnace-like conditions are never desirable. Should purgatory be like a furnace? Hm.

    By Sara on 01.23.2011

  6. the wood burns in the furnace as he slowly paces around the room. decisions. decisions. it can’t be put off any longer. something has to be done.

    By Alyssa URL on 01.23.2011

  7. there is an old furnace in our house and it used to scare me to death when i was young! it makes a loud noise and used to remind me of a monster growling to eat me. i would always cry every night and sleep in my parent’s room.

    By Maggie on 01.23.2011

  8. the furnace ran out of fuel and we were going to freeze to death. we called a furnace repairman and he couldn’t come until tomorrow at the earliest. so we chopped down the tree in our front yard and threw it in the furnace, igniting it with charcoal starter

    By phpea URL on 01.23.2011

  9. The blazing fire warmed my face as I sat by the fire, but I knew I couldn’t sit there for long. Somebody would be calling my name soon.

    By Chelsea on 01.23.2011

  10. heat that heats the hearts the homes the hands of those you love. like the furnace in the basement of the place you’ve lived all your life. where so many parts of your childhood took place whether real or imagined. closer to dad. closer to the smell of that sawdust. which was too close to the furnace.

    By Amy on 01.23.2011

  11. the heat is exterme and it will melt you quickly, it will destroy everything in its wat with an intense heat no human should enter the furnace

    By paul on 01.23.2011

  12. The black furnace sat in a corner of the room and looked like a giant shadow to his toddler eyes.

    By Cee URL on 01.23.2011

  13. once upon a time there was a lonely furnace. why would a furnace be lonely you ask? well, who wants a furnace going on in the dead of summer? so one day the furnace detached itself from the wall and set off to find a family in need of warmth. he traveled far and finally found a family.

    By Leaa on 01.23.2011

  14. The night is cool. No. Freezing. We huddle beside the furance hoping to keep warm. You wrap your arms around me. You are my cuddly polar bear this night, while i am just your meal ticket of a seal. but you are a bear you wouldn’t eat me. in fact, i think you love me. and for that you hold me close.

    wrapping yourself around me so that i wouldn’t shiver. and we huddle by the furance hoping that, even though love can be enough, it wouldn’t hurt to have a backup.

    By Kit Kat on 01.23.2011

  15. My soul smolders like a furnace. The ashen fumes arise and touch my senses. Why is this world a prison and why are we held captive in our own bodies, souls and minds?

    By Katherine on 01.23.2011

  16. I had a furnace once, it kept my house warm. I like a warm house, it makes me happy. My toes are warm, and happy. And when my toes are warm and happy, I don’t want to stab people in the throat with an axe like I normally do when my toes are cold. Can you imagine being stabbed in the throat with an axe? I bet that’d hurt. Think of that, the next time you break your furnace.

    By marissa URL on 01.23.2011

  17. The old lady threw the fat children into the furnace and cackled as they screamed.

    By stellarlights URL on 01.23.2011

  18. My stomach, when I down liquid blades to remember and forget.

    By MONO URL on 01.23.2011

  19. The fire in my soul needs kindling. The flicker is there but I don’t feel that zest that I had last year. Before you came along. Give me back my energy. or more correctly: I shall take it back. Which is why you are so angry.

    By Amber Rene URL on 01.23.2011

  20. There’s a furnace there. Burning up the world. Very few are aware of its existence. But exist it does. Berried beneath years upon years of secrets it slowly devours our world. Someday it will catch you too. Then you will know what I mean.

    By The Freak in the Corner on 01.23.2011

  21. After being out in the cold for so long shoveling snow and trying to dig myself out. It is good just to lay by the warm furnace with my scruffy friend. Dreaming of summer.

    By Kitty56 URL on 01.23.2011

  22. The boiler room and furnace always figured large in school stories when I was young. it also loomed large in fundamentalist religions – burned in the fiery furnace was the fate waiting for sinners – doom and gloom all the way. I blame St Augustine – he was the chap who gave us a sense of sin and looming punishment. Nowadays we donj’t anticipate quite such a nasty end.

    By doreen p. URL on 01.23.2011

  23. The furnance creaked below my feet as I walked across the rotten floor. From across the room, I could see her, tied with rope to an old wingback chair, knocked unconcience. Behind her the monster stood – the man who had once been my best friend.

    By Zoe on 01.23.2011

  24. Heat and fire.
    Warmth, but almost too warm.
    Able to get unstable at any moment
    Stoked it with whatever you’ve been thinking about and just let it burn to cinders.

    By Michael URL on 01.23.2011

  25. There wasn’t any time to think about it. Upstairs, where the children had been, was already swallowed by the fire. There was only time to save one more person. You could roll over and wake up your wife, or you could run to the basement, grab the housekeeper by the hand, your soft black mistress, shake her gently awake as to not alarm her and whisper carefully into her ear: If there were ever a better time to run away together, you’d be hard pressed to find it.

    By Ian Rowe URL on 01.23.2011

  26. Furnace, this burn is bringing me down to the ground, the way you might fall if you didn’t have wings, my pretty little Icarus. You’re a love child born of hate mail from cold winter nights in the middle of July. You’re a September I don’t want to remember, but somewhere I can’t forget. And it still burns when I hold your hand, and you smile the way your father did, when he was farther away than he was now, but still within reach. It’s hard having someone dead and gone, love, but you’ll learn.

    By Thirteen URL on 01.23.2011

  27. The furnace burned hot to the touch, the door was pulled shut, and we lay upon the floor.
    Now and then, when we need to defend, we head down to the basement door.

    By justinAnding on 01.23.2011

  28. The oranges and reds flickered. Paul threw the bloodsoaked dress into the furnace and then pulled the small metal door shut. It scraped metal on metal and his skin prickled at the noise.

    By Day-dream Weaver URL on 01.23.2011

  29. i heated a furnace. It became hot and ready for baking my cast molds. these molds would become the best known wrought iron artifacts.

    By Jasmine on 01.23.2011

  30. what is there to say about a furnace? they keep you from freezing your ass off. they’re warm, i have nothing against them. i don’t generally think about them ever, but perhaps i should more often because of how useful they are to me.

    By Kyle on 01.23.2011

  31. The heat was intense, I couldn’t look away though, the flames kept dancing in a hypnotic but comforting manner. A constant reminder that today was the last time we would be together, but we would definitely make the most of it.

    By jonah on 01.23.2011

  32. i dont really see anything, but the world i picture in my mind is a world empty of imperfections, a world in which ones deepest dream can come true…

    By Caterina Savorelli URL on 01.23.2011

  33. It’s the monster in the basement. It makes the scary noises that wake me up in the night. It’s alive. It’s terrifying. I hate the furnace.

    By Abby URL on 01.23.2011

  34. “We’re not stoking the fire, we’re lighting a furnace. A whole great big heap of heat that will keep the camp going for years”. Dennis looked out to the settung son and knew that it was just Mackinder’s hubris again.

    By E.P. Hantera on 01.23.2011

  35. I love having a furnace. When I was little, the first thing I’d do on a winter morning was curl up in front of the heat vents to warm my toes. It was so relaxing, sometimes I’d fall asleep again, right there on the floor.

    By liz on 01.23.2011

  36. My half the house truly is a furnace. The walls trap hot air like it’s gonna fill a balloon and take off like that old guy’s place in UP. Except it’s not funny because I’m so warm I can’t think.

    By Lauren on 01.23.2011

  37. Ah, the depths of hell await those who are the purest of evil. Like Hitler. I wonder what he would think to know that he has become the face of all evil. I mean, honestly, besides the Devil himself, Hitler has become the purest embodiment of evil. Talk about cosmic punishment.

    By Kyle Ω URL on 01.23.2011

  38. We took refuge in the chilly, hollowed out furnace. Ensconced in the bitter embrace of nighttime, I reflected on the irony of our predicament. It had certainly been a stroke of good fortune to find the furnace, but to hide in it for warmth? What a strange irony of fate that we found ourselves seeking refuge in a device meant to destroy.

    By Cyrus Willoughby URL on 01.23.2011

  39. One day the furnace caught on fire as I sat upstairs reading the newspaper. Ironically I was reading a story about a store fire, when my dad called me down. The closest liquid to us was Capri Suns so we used them to put out the flames.

    By Ashley on 01.23.2011

  40. he was a hot furnace,
    burning with energy and burning time and energy
    to stay so;
    self-destructive and self-creating all at once,
    he kept
    me warm.

    By helen on 01.23.2011