January 22nd, 2011 | 254 Entries

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254 Entries for “furnace”

  1. I love the cold winter because its the only time that I get to really use my furnace. It keeps me and everything in my little apartment toasty. I even warm my mittens and gloves on it sometimes when I’m getting ready to leave for work in the morning. My furnace is hidden in the corner next to my reading chair because it is the coziest place in my living room.

    By danielle URL on 01.23.2011

  2. it is hot, red, fiery, blue, passionate, burning,

    By Alli on 01.23.2011

  3. I don’t have a furnace because I live in the south, so far south that on Christmas day we could wear shorts and flip flops. I live where we think that 30 degrees is freezing to death. I barely get use of any winter clothes, and I’ve never actually seen a furnace in my entire life, at least not in person.

    By danielle URL on 01.23.2011

  4. The furnace burned in the corner of the room, She stares at it while he talks. Finally, when he is done. She stares at him.. “How can you just, fall out of love? Say it’s burnt out?” She stares at the furnace again.

    By That one girl on 01.23.2011

  5. The furnace burned, and burned on. Unlike love, That burns out. Boy A can fall out of love with Girl D and go back to Girl C, Because..His feeling’s wear down.

    By Girl URL on 01.23.2011

  6. learn from furnace

    By hiddengurl URL on 01.23.2011

  7. It’s so hot inside this Yoga Studio – did we have to get the industrial heater that inside our mechanic’s garage? Geez louise I think I’m gonna bake.

    By Arjun on 01.23.2011

  8. the one place that reminds me of how hot it will be if i had to step on the sun. the incredible glow of yellow and the perfect hue of orange.

    By Vikas Birla on 01.23.2011

  9. It was cold outside. The mercury in the thermometer tried to crowd into the bulb at the bottom. The wind blew, mercilessly, whistling long and loud. The furnace was dead; dead and cold. Banging on it could only get you so far.

    By ZenListener URL on 01.23.2011

  10. Sun beating on sand, caloric waves bouncing off granite cliffs. South Sinai in the summer. Camels in the distance and thin fabric stretched over acacia thorns for a smidgeon of shade.

    By Asproulla on 01.23.2011

  11. i will throw everything into the furnace… and start all over again…I will. right now.. Just this moment.. All this will end. And we will have a fresh start.

    By apitcherfullofmirth URL on 01.23.2011

  12. something old, something warm that brings back memories of a different life, one that I’ve forgotten.

    By ehimare on 01.23.2011

  13. The other-worldly glow of the flickering flame cast a soft ambience upon my person; I relished the warmth of it’s tongue as it swept over me, from my loins to my breast. Naked and bespectacled by this new sensation, I lay there and took comfort in this new high.

    By Jamie URL on 01.23.2011

  14. furnace window
    the red horizon in puddles

    By iamlate URL on 01.23.2011

  15. Hot cocoa and warmth after a snowball fight. I hang my mittens above the furnace to dry. Winter is fresh and beautiful.

    By stephanie URL on 01.23.2011

  16. Something old, something warm, it’s something that brings me back to where i’m from. My memories burn on.

    By ehimare URL on 01.23.2011

  17. think of a hot place, somewhere all lifge becomes extinct, just a barren waste of burning hot flame and a airless vacuum of intensity which can literelly burn you alive

    By paul on 01.23.2011

  18. the old lady likes sitting by the furnace, it warms her cold bones and remind her of her days as the train condecutor’s child. The memories come alive again in the flames. And she likes seeing them again.

    By Granny on 01.23.2011

  19. they burned us in the furnace. it took us all night to find out own ashes. we broke the pipes. we took them off and shoved the black smoke right back at them. but in reality we only we wished we didn’t succumb to all the flames and gave into the light rather then the heat.

    By gabe on 01.23.2011

  20. a warm bed of glowing coals kept my fingers from frost bite. I didn’t know how long I’d survive without it when they all burnt away. But before that came I had other things to worry about.
    Surviving the onslaught. Of attacks.

    By Rebecca on 01.23.2011

  21. on the heater because people need to be worm in the winter time, frost bite is bad. i dont like to wake up cold it is not fun. one can use it to make oat meal. oat meal with raisens.

    By Adrianna on 01.23.2011

  22. I dont know what it is, but sure – something marvelous enough to make me write about it. Next thing I will do – some googling about it! :)

    By Ziemelis on 01.23.2011

  23. A furnace keeps you warm in winter. it reminds me of old cartoons and fairy tales for some reason. it’s a pretty old fashioned word.. no one really uses it anymore. i think i feel sorry for it. it also is kinda morbid.. for some reason i picture bodies being burnt in them when i think of them. it also reminds me of the titanic.

    By upasna on 01.23.2011

  24. She crept down the basement stairs, holding the flashlight in her right hand, while her left hand held the hand of her older sister who’d insisted there was a monster in the basement. We held our breaths as we continued towards the outer cellar until, to her horror and my amusement, we found the furnace.

    By wemuma URL on 01.23.2011

  25. Light the furnace please, my dear. It is so very cold.
    Light the furnace, dear, to warm these bones so old.

    By liltig URL on 01.23.2011

  26. Unimaginable heat. Travelling through a tunnel of raging flames. Deafening roar. The only light is that of the dancing orange vapour.

    By nc URL on 01.23.2011

  27. it blows up your trash. your inner trash. it comes with dark smoke of your lungs and heart. so decontaminate yourself.

    By Stefana on 01.23.2011

  28. Althrough there are many kinds of metal. When they are in a furnace. They are all same.

    By tonwachara URL on 01.23.2011

  29. The furnace was shut down as the murderer left the room. It’s light left the room, leaving it in pitch black like the sky outside. Nothing could be heard from the room. The murderer had made sure of that. The curtains billowed, and sounds could be heard outside. The whole world was reacting to what had just happened, but it was going to take a few moments for us to actually feel it. It was a breezy night. Those kind of cool breezes you feel on summer nights, when all is dark and shut down, and a breeze comes up and greets you. And so, the murderer left on that breeze, leaving not a trace behind.

    By Feather&Tears URL on 01.23.2011

  30. the hot walls pressed in around her, she felt as if someone had thrown her from frying pan to fire, the world was like a whole new torture. The end seemed like a better place than this. She was stuck in something she didn’t understand, in over her head.

    By Sophia on 01.23.2011

  31. softnwords

    By sam URL on 01.23.2011

  32. Like a furnace, my room burned. Actual flames leapt from the walls, like long fingers trying to grasp me. I shrieked loudly, and backed up against the cool glass of the window. That should have been my first clue. Sweat dripped off my skin, and I cried, I’m going to burn. The thought that I was going to die in a fire kept going through my head, making me more and more upset. Death by flames? Or death by height? I looked out the window and decided at the instant that I would rather break my neck then burn to death in a fire. I opened my window and stepped out onto the ledge, just as my door banged open.
    “TILLY! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!” My brother asks as he wraps his arms around my waist and drags me from the window. At this moment, I was more confused then I have ever been in my life. What about the fire? Hadn’t he gotten burned? Hadn’t I?

    By Hana URL on 01.23.2011

  33. I already wrote about this word before. I wonder when we well get a different word? I am tired of thinking about the word furnace. How often does these words change? Furnace is a thing that makes cold people very happy. I wonder how much longer after the timer stopped will it stop me from writing? I’m going to keep going until it stops. Maybe here, or there? Nope keep going… Hey you know last night I turned my furnace up all the way, because my wife likes to sleep with a bunch of fans blowing on her and now it’s super duper hot, and I woke up sweaty! I had my blankets kicked off, and my grammar is totally crappy right now. I really don’t care right now, because I’m trying to keep this site going and going like the furnace is right now. Soon maybe it’ll stop or something… I wonder if I were to stop writing for a while it will cut me off? Okay, well it didn’t cute me off so I am going to click on the purple circle now. Bye you guys. Have a good day!

    By Luke URL on 01.23.2011

  34. It was late, the cicadas were still singing their high pitch shrill song. The room was alike a furnace and it didn’t matter that the window was open. Not a breath of air was filtering through the screen. The sheet that lay on top of her felt like a tonne weight.

    By Amimee URL on 01.23.2011

  35. What about furnaces? they let smoke out and they also improve houses’ facade..making them prettier. ok cool, :)

    By Ranya URL on 01.23.2011

  36. Not a great word for today, when the air is damp, my neighbour’s drains are blocked and there are watermen tramping all over the garden! Oh to sit by a fire and read! Rather than endure the chill outside.

    By joey URL on 01.23.2011

  37. On that one night, so long ago, a house came alive. Everything inside it starting attacking everthing that lived in the house. But the thing that attacked the most was the furnace. The furnace grew fangs and started to eat the humans in the house.

    By Madison URL on 01.23.2011

  38. I just wrote about a furnace. I demand a new word. I suggest the word Princess. Because someday, I will be one. I will also have a pet dinosaur named Deeno! :)

    By Madison URL on 01.23.2011

  39. i think of rust. I dont think most furnaces have any. but when i see the word. I think rust. That in the basement concrete floor rust. The kind of furnace that makes that small noise. But its warm.

    By Olga URL on 01.23.2011

  40. She felt the anger deep in her belly. The Chinese call it the “dan tien,” a furnace that fuels all change, all transformation. “This is gonna be good,” she thought. I’m mad enough to eat a Hatter.

    By Linda on 01.23.2011