January 22nd, 2011 | 254 Entries

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254 Entries for “furnace”

  1. is good for cremating corpses

    By Sandy Cruden on 01.22.2011

  2. I burn like a furnace, not from love ,but from hormones. What kind of joke is the that God plays on women finally free to live the life she wants. It’s misery to burn without reason. In younger days I loved the furnace that was my heart. Now I fear it. damn.

    By Azdez URL on 01.22.2011

  3. hot fire

    By Kelsey on 01.22.2011

  4. heat. i stare at it as the my cat slides under than. when i touch it with my hand, it burns, but felix doesn’t feel a thing. maybe he is magic. yes. i own a magic cat.

    By helenka on 01.22.2011

  5. A warm heaping mess. Arms everywhere, go from one room to another. You feel his hot breath on your neck.

    By Em on 01.22.2011

  6. i have no idea what the hell that is, wait maybe i do? so wht is it again? errr, ace,,, ace as the card game? i doubt it oh good wht is that thing underneath, it’s like moving insuch a quick speed i probabully don’t even understood wht i wrote, wait i just wrote out wht i am thinking am i not that is so funny hahahah1!

    By Vivian on 01.22.2011

  7. He peered into the cellar to see where all the racket was coming from.

    A cloud of acrid black smoke washed over his face. Like a viking bezerker clad for battle, he took up his wrench and descended into the darkness.

    Only one of them was going to survive, and by god, it wasn’t going to be the furnace.

    By Jinx Strange URL on 01.22.2011

  8. Dark and scary and a little bit musty, you sit in the closet and make funny noises. You eat up our money with your inefficiency but even so I love your warmth. On the darkest of nights, in the dead of winter you click on with a rumble and away we go. Toes toasty, noses warmed and all snuggled besides. We couldn’t do it without you.

    By Gia on 01.22.2011

  9. the box upon which is placed a physical object to which a flame is applied agitating the energy of a material mass and convincing it to return to the ethers from which it came. Rather the entity being consumed be water turned to vapor or wood returned to smoke and soot. It re-enters the beings, every cell that creates all that we see and know.

    By Travis on 01.22.2011

  10. The furnace began to flicker. Tessa rubbed her hands together, attempting to keep any heat that was left in her. Suddenly, it went out. There was no light, no heat, no love in the room. She tried her best to find a door.

    By Kelsey on 01.22.2011


    By Kỳlynn Evergreene URL on 01.22.2011

  12. The furnace is a place for unused ideas. It contains everything we want to forget. It is lit by fires of self hatred. We all need a furnace, but we don’t want to die there. The furnace should only be at the back of our minds. Never engulfing our mind. Is my 60 seconds up yet? Or I will go mad. Mad! Mad!!!! MADDDD!!!!!

    By Alice on 01.22.2011

  13. The inferno leapt towards the inert form plastered to the top wall of the mantle. His eyes blazed in fear as the thick brush of his tail caught embers, his fur singed and smoking from the heat. The ashes afloat on the heat-laden air swirled upwards, sapping his strength and pride. His supply of energy waning, he clung desperately to the charred brick.

    By theimpact on 01.22.2011

  14. the dusty old furnace brought back so many memories from childhood as i watched the embers glow in the distance.

    By heather on 01.22.2011

  15. The house was a furnace. The heat had been on full blast all day long! They were wearing shorts in January… in 20 degree weather outside, it was 85 degrees inside!

    By David Saleeba URL on 01.22.2011

  16. A furnace keeps people warm. A person can be considered quite lucky to have one. He will not have to endure the bitter cold winds of a winter night that some other unlucky bloke will be forced to.

    By JoAnn on 01.22.2011

  17. I want to place your heart on a slab and put it into the furnace of desire, just to see how you dance when it’s roasting, and the juices drip down onto all the other hearts I’ve cut out of still-living men’s chests. Just to see what you do differently.
    You do everything differently.
    I’m just kidding, though. You know that, right?
    Just kidding…
    I wouldn’t put yours in with the rabble.
    I’d eat it in front of you, the way the Aztec priests did with the victims.

    By Thirteen URL on 01.22.2011

  18. furance is heat. thankful for heat and for furnace. I think the word is old fashioned. Reminds me of grandparents. I am thankful for heat

    By Jane on 01.22.2011

  19. As I sit staring into the misty window outside, I can feel the blazing heat emerge out of the furnace.

    By hassan on 01.22.2011

  20. It rested deep within a recessed corner of the basement. It was shrouded in webs of sorts I had not the imagination to fathom. At intervals it would spatterand hiss its place in the grand scheme. I was always fearful. Always cautious. I watched it as I descended the stairs. I would wait for its moanful complaint as I stepped barefoot onto the cold concrete floor. And as surely as I am now an adult, it waited for me. My second footfall – its bowel would ignite to the command of a single hideous spark, and it would roar to life.

    By david reynolds on 01.22.2011

  21. Normally, considered to keep you warm at night. always cozy. i think of fireplaces as a old day supplement to furnaces. Part of your house that is always kept in the corner or out of the way. hot.

    By Casey Flores on 01.22.2011

  22. The furnace was never that welcome to him anyways.
    He’d just pass it by and walk into the living room.
    Why not peer into the furnace?
    You might find something you like about this plain-seeming place.
    But I guess you don’t think like that.
    Maybe that’s why you didn’t stop to find something you like about me.

    I have problems.

    By saraa.! URL on 01.22.2011

  23. From where I am sitting,
    Beside my bedside,
    Lays a hole in the ground.
    Listening to the faint tick-tock of the turning clock,
    I am lulled to sleep by the shallow sounds and warmth of the furnace.

    By Rachel Lace URL on 01.22.2011

  24. It stood there in the corner of the basement, its door open, the flames and coal soot roasting behind the cast iron, red belly scorching out heat and warmth into the room. And he watched it, shovel in hand, watched it and wondered what it would feel like to put his hand in, and to hold on for as long as possible.

    By rtperson URL on 01.22.2011

  25. fire. yeah, fire. i don’t really like fire cause it burns. burning fire. ouch. burns…. burning house! oh my god, my house is on fire! grab the laptop… the camera… oh my god i love taking pictures… but furnace… i like fire. it keeps one warm. actually fire burns. so ouch. ouch… FIRE OUCH I got burned! burned

    By Zion on 01.22.2011

  26. Furnace of flames surrounds encompasses this pain
    Druged up again by remembrance of your name

    By Tina on 01.22.2011

  27. it keeps you warm. it is very ncie. can be very loud. even scary. buddy the elf calls it a monster. i wish i had one. i’m cold. wow i love them. in friends theirs break. there was one in my ballet studio. i would use it as a barre sometimes. they are metal. cold, but give off heat. wonderful. who invented them? when did they get replaced? i don’t see many these days.

    By Sara on 01.22.2011

  28. my furnace is a big dark monster. sometimes when i was younger, i would go down to my furnace and watch the little blue flame that ignites our entire house to a nice heat. i love my furnace and miss it. memories as a child fade as i remember it being gone in the fire. yet the furnace was awesome, it made my life. it made me feel my innocence as a child.

    By Jen on 01.22.2011

  29. Heat, warmth and light. Cosy winter evenings, snuggled up on the couch with mom and the dogs. Sipping hot chocolate and watching the season go by.

    By kelly on 01.22.2011

  30. warmth to save on a winter’s night, closed around a love so tight, if ever a fire shed a light, then pair us together, I know we’ll fight.

    By Max on 01.22.2011

  31. in the furnace i saw faces.

    upon attempting to speak to them
    they frowned at me
    and said
    we will not speak for you.

    i grow old

    do you?

    you mustn’t be afraid they said.

    but i am afraid i say

    but they yet frown and burn away.

    By Ford Miller on 01.22.2011

  32. It’s dangerous. You’ve heard so many stories about people falliung in them, right? I mean, Veruca Salt? Those three guys from the bible? Although, they did survive. But it’s still hot. It’s like hell. But it keeps you all warm and snugly on a winter night.

    By Isabelle on 01.22.2011

  33. Veruca Salt. Did she ever survive? I mean, yeah, she was a bad egg. Real rotten. But did she deserve to be boiled up? Although, that is the old movie version. Where did she go with all the nuts? When was the last time you read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the legit Roald Dahl story? Too long, eh?

    By Isabelle on 01.22.2011

  34. in the furnace i see faces.

    upon attempting to speak to them
    they frown at me
    and say
    we will not speak for you.

    i grow old
    do you?

    you mustn’t be afraid they said.
    but i am afraid i say

    and they yet frown and burn away.

    By ford.baklvon URL on 01.22.2011

  35. Salt popped and cracked like sparks under my boots as I shifted in the cold, awkwardly shuffling for warmth. I slammed my gloved fist on the door a few more times, just for good measure. I could live with the furnace going out you know, you’ve always got your coat and all, but I sure as hell wasn’t paying rent ’til it was fixed.

    By chii URL on 01.22.2011

  36. the burning furnace placed within the grand house watches everything that goes on in this seemingly perfect household. It doesn’t say anything, it doesn’t judge, it just burns.

    By emily on 01.22.2011

  37. Furnace brings warmth. Warmth that fills the room and brings comfort. Warmth that makes us feel safe.

    By Kim on 01.22.2011

  38. the papers shriveling into nothing, all evidence burnt away to a crisp.

    By isabelle URL on 01.22.2011

  39. hot, firey, very nice to have…. not good in summertime. can be broken easily. can be fixed after awhile..furnacy… usually in the basement.

    By Jessica on 01.22.2011

  40. The ghastly smell was coming from the furnace. As the two sisters approached it, the smell became more pronounced and upon opening it, they discovered the source of the stench to be a clump of burning hair.

    By Olesya URL on 01.22.2011