January 22nd, 2011 | 254 Entries

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254 Entries for “furnace”

  1. Furnace is what I need right now. It is so cold out side.

    By TheDirector URL on 01.22.2011

  2. The extinguished furnace took up the damp room, a reminder of the lack of coal that season. Sitting down beside it to write, Ellie gave a furtive glance towards her brother, who was carefully probing the insides of what was left. I watched closely from the window, wondering if I should enter.

    By Mads URL on 01.22.2011

  3. fire filled the heavens, heat raised up from the floor, twisting, turning, a fiery burning. choking, the smoke filled her nostrils.

    By Alli, wordgypsy URL on 01.22.2011

  4. I don’t like this word. Give me another. I’ve had this word before, and I don’t feel like writing about it anymore. I also don’t feel like writing about it for 60 seconds because those would be a wasted 60 seconds, due to the fact that my previous 60 seconds on this site were devoted to this exact word. This subject has been exhausted thoroughly, and I wish to move on with my life now, thank you.

    By Mads URL on 01.22.2011

  5. It’s nice when it’s on. I don’t have to wake up feeling cold, and it makes getting out of bed that much easier. Warm is such a sweet blessing in the cold winter, even if the cold in Bordeaux is nothing compared to the bleak winter back home. Cold is still cold, no matter where you are.

    By A Bananie URL on 01.22.2011

  6. The fingers on both hands were turning a sickly shade of gray. He cupped them around his mouth and breathed warm air on them. God, what he wouldn’t have given to be back sweating in that factory, shoveling coal into the furnace.

    By Cameobug URL on 01.22.2011

  7. It’s hard to come up with a metaphor about a furnace without sounding cliche. “He threw a log into the furnace of their love.” “blah blah blah burned like a fiery furnace.” I’m not sure if i’m cynical or a bad writer.
    it’s such a round, good word. Furnace. like Forness, my teacher’s name. i love her. it’s a good word. hearth home warm hot good

    By Emily URL on 01.22.2011

  8. in the woods near Toulouse where the charcoal burners lived
    keeping the furnace burning, burning, never ending labour.

    By Ann URL on 01.22.2011

  9. You know, with all the money I pay (err, my father pays) for this apartment, you would think our damn heat would work. I mean, it’s only sub-zero outside. It would be nice not to sleep under four comforters and three blankets, not too mention all of the wool socks strewn about. It’s getting a little ridiculous.

    By Jessi URL on 01.22.2011

  10. Warmth. I like to be warm. I hate being cold; I can’t stand it. When it’s warm I like to stay in my bed. Waking up in the morning and climbing out of the warmth of my bed is my least favorite thing ever. You’re warm. Your smile lights up your face. Seeing you fills me with warmth and I can’t stand it.

    By Kelsoo URL on 01.22.2011

  11. The furnace vomits out heat as I shiver. Every inch of my skin is bulleted with bumps from the winter chill. I pray this furnace shall never die.

    By Sam URL on 01.22.2011

  12. You warm me like a furnace. Your face, your voice, your eyes, your everything. Being around you makes me so happy, so warm. Your body is warm. It’s like my own personal furnace. You’re the complete opposite of me, I’m cold. My hands, my feet. But you? Your everything is just so warm. I love you

    By Kelsoo URL on 01.22.2011

  13. she sat wrapped in a blanket listening to a series of random bangs coming from the basement. a moment later the furnace kicked on and she sighed in relief. a young man wearing dirty blue coveralls rounded the corner, he was wiping his hand with an equally dirty rag, she guessed it had been white once. “you’re all set,” he said. “but it’s a temporary fix, it’s an old furnace and this is a big house, it’s gonna need replaced sooner than later.”

    By Julie URL on 01.22.2011

  14. She climbed into the furnace
    Closing the iron door behind her
    She lay upon the burning embers
    Finding comfort in wild fire
    Raging wilder than her
    Burning, purifying, clearing the way

    By visage URL on 01.22.2011

  15. Our furnace in our house makes SCARY noises. Sometimes it reminds me of a demon. :/ But it’s nothing compared to our attic. Creepiest thing EVER. It’s in our room too. Eeeeeeek.

    By Shannon on 01.22.2011

  16. During cold winter months in the beautiful state of Alaska,I find myself dreaming of warm,far away places as I sit next to my furnace, and pretend the heat coming from it is actually from the sun kissing my skin …while I lay on the beaches in paradise…

    By Luckyanjyl URL on 01.22.2011

  17. Warmth, heating hearts, bodies, hands entwined, peacefully, change, lust, want, fire, heat, passion, want, now, touch, caress, love, need.

    By Rachel on 01.22.2011

  18. I turn on my furnace to stay warm with the chilly flurries flowing outside my window, I see the cold chill of a wintry morning, but my toes stay heated when held up next to my furnace, keeping my entire body nice and toasty, like a crisp slice of bread coming out of the toaster.

    By dehNlytnd1 URL on 01.22.2011

  19. The furnace blazed as he shoveled in the coal. The steam engine hissed and the locomotive gained speed on its journey to the new world. Keep shoveling, the conductor yelled!

    By concertA URL on 01.22.2011

  20. furnace, well man, i like it. it’s all warm and, furance like, you know. Come home from work, school, a long day – what have you, and open the door, shut the door. throw everything on the floor and sit on the furnace. hm, cozy.

    I didn’t even know this game we were playing had a set of rules.

    By Brittney on 01.22.2011

  21. Burn, burn
    burn my soul
    burn my everything
    i just burned for you
    can’t you see it
    how it burns inside
    inside my heart is your fire.

    By zaza on 01.22.2011

  22. The furnace was acting strangely, she thought while cleaning. It didn’t usually make noises like that did it? Concerned she walked a bit closer and listened for a moment. She reached forward and tapped it. The angry noises increased. Was there a leak or something? She had no experience in this department, what was she supposed to do? “Crap.” she said when the flames suddenly began to spread.

    By Mandie URL on 01.22.2011

  23. brr it’s cold in here man! i mean like for real why doesn’t the furnace work. it used to work when we were young we would sit by it and sip cocoa with mini marshamellows and laugh about how we fell down while racing eachother down the ski hill. hmm i wish the furnace worked so we could do that again okay? i’ll fix it soon.

    By Katie URL on 01.22.2011

  24. Furnace.
    I recognize I’m not really writing anything. Okay.

    I sat by the furnace, just staring blankly. I wasn’t sure what to do. Despite the roaring fire next to me I was so, so numb. It couldn’t be the end of it all. It just couldn’t.

    By Sydney URL on 01.22.2011

  25. makes me of think of the hottest day in August when fires raged in the hills everyhting glowed a dirty orange especially the sky at sunset, my niece’s Hindu wedding taking place under the gazebo, a cauldron of fire the centerpiece, choppers dragging distended water bags overhead warned us to stop

    By kilma URL on 01.22.2011

  26. the furnace burns bright keeping the room alight, it causes me to be warm but my sun i must warn you against the evils that will haunt you without the people who help you in your life. All i ever do is follow the world and other around me and the people who i am with. Thank you

    By Remy on 01.22.2011

  27. hot. roasting melt cookies on you. delicious melted chocolate chips. Throw a blanket over you, then bring it into my bed. Oh furnace god, your warmth shall never elude me.

    By kayla on 01.22.2011

  28. hot, fiery, keeps you warm during the long winter nights. might be kind of expensive. could light things on fire if you left something flammable on it.

    By Julia on 01.22.2011

  29. The boy heaved another shovel full of coal into the roaring furnace. He wiped sweat and soot from his forehead as he blinked against the heat. Turning to glance outside, he saw with envy the horses running beneath the stars in the cool night air.

    By Spencer URL on 01.22.2011

  30. heat. thats about it.

    By Felicia Soard URL on 01.22.2011

  31. we sit by the furnace, it warms our skin and its lovely ambers make me smile. my family is very important to me. I see their love most on the nights like tonight, when we spend time together. by the fire.

    By Keela URL on 01.22.2011

  32. I like furnaces. They keep me warm when it’s cold. I hate cold feet. Those are the worst. I love big fuzzy socks, but they’re not comfortable with shoes.

    I feel like you are a furnace for my heart. You keep it warm and pumping with your love. That’s one of my favorite things about you. You are my furnace. :)

    By Samantha on 01.22.2011

  33. His soaking wet mittens are still on the furnace, should i let them dry before i place them on his grave?

    By lilldeh on 01.22.2011

  34. a furnace is a place that heats a house. sometimes children think it’s a monster because some furnaces make funny or scary noises in the basement. when i think of a furnace i think of a big tank, but i’m not sure if that’s what it is. our furnace is in a closet in our basement.

    By MacKenzie on 01.22.2011

  35. Fiery eyes peek from the corner of the basement, but I’m not scared. Never was.

    By Emma URL on 01.22.2011

  36. hot burns if toch while it is heated i like pie madison mcdonough madison mcdonough madi madi madi madi madi madi madi madi amdia mai mimadi maid madi madi madi madi madi madi madi madi madi madi.

    By madi on 01.22.2011

  37. heat is hot and war makes anger
    burn baby burn
    it is hot hot hot time to slumber in the heat of the summer

    By robynn on 01.22.2011

  38. The furnace blazed. The door glowed with the golden light of the flames. He stood there looking and not blinking and thought of all of the fuel in the firebox. That will fix ’em. A small smile spread across his face as he turned toward the stairs to fuel his other furnace in the kitchen with a tomato sandwich.

    By chole URL on 01.22.2011

  39. I like to sit by the furnace at school. It helps keep them away from me. The cold still creeps in however, they are gone. I’m sorry that I can’t keep you warm.

    By OtherJeff on 01.22.2011

  40. it was hot, burning. the heat stole her energy even as she looked for a way to escape. she said the words she thought he was looking for and it eased. the cool air was like a balm on her skin.

    By james on 01.22.2011