November 5th, 2009 | 524 Entries

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524 Entries for “frog”

  1. green kermit north thought elliptical hopping gf’s sister Emily Pam thought lost in itself the world according to grawp thamer as rapist natalie slud stupid people lost amidst one another tummy ache

    By Abe on 11.06.2009

  2. the frog prince was kissed and turned back into a prince frogs like lilly pads and are green

    By Anonymous on 11.06.2009

  3. hi im just doing this to get what i wrote, so dont read it.

    By john doe on 11.06.2009

  4. A frog
    sat on a log
    said ribbit
    I’d like a nibbit
    of your ear

    By Janice on 11.06.2009

  5. the frog hopped over the heart of it all and never once failed to wonder if the change that had occurred was kismet or just a random coincidence but aren’t both just words describing the wonder of it all; the frog certainly didn’t have time to answer that

    By haha on 11.06.2009

  6. Frog sat on the log yesterday. I like the frog. It’s a pretty frog. It’s my pet frog. I feed my frog. I touch my frog. Bye, bye frog! The End.

    By Bethie on 11.06.2009

  7. The frog faces a delimma. Work out and get strong, but become a prime target for hungry French people. Hide and stay weak, but become a prime target for bored French people who like crushing frogs. Cest le vie.

    By Jacob Patterson-Stein on 11.06.2009

  8. The frog faces a delimma. Work out and get strong, but become a prime target for hungry French people. Hide and stay weak, but become a prime target for bored French people who like crushing frogs. Cest le vie.

    By Jacob Patterson-Stein on 11.06.2009

  9. green bloated kinda gross prince googly eyes beer belly

    By Michelle on 11.06.2009

  10. There once was a big fat frog. He always hopped on me. He was soooo chubby. He ate flies. He had a problem. The house was full of waste. The End.

    By Aidan on 11.06.2009

  11. Frog on a log and it sang a tune
    that echoed through the swamp
    in mid june
    and the birds sang
    and the bees buzzed it
    and the fly hummed it
    and the frog ate the fly

    By nellie on 11.06.2009

  12. frogs are the bomb. they are the one creature that is completely ant totally responsive with nature. every chemical they come in contact with in the air effects them in some way. frogs will be the first to die from our global impact.

    By kiernan cough. on 11.06.2009

  13. i like frogs. tree frogs. green frogs. little frogs, big ones too. i like that they hop, and that their eyes bulge out of their head a little bit. i even like toads. what’s the difference between a frog and a toad.

    By cbk on 11.06.2009

  14. Frog lake water amphibian slimy jump croak toad

    By Ashar on 11.06.2009

  15. Frogs are nice…. they remind me of my best friend, who has frog paraphernalia all over her room. They’re a sort of symbol of nostalgia for me, of friendship and renewing relationships… reliving the past in new ways.

    By Caleb on 11.06.2009

  16. green and long and slimy. It is a hopping creature of great potential. jumping leaping and long tongue that eats flies. Amazing animal, amphibion.

    By jon on 11.06.2009

  17. a frog is a green amphibian that dwells manly in forested areas that have plenty trees and bush. the can survive in water and on land, but require air to breeth.

    By andrew on 11.06.2009

  18. frogs are pointless to me. there are not in the city so they dont help me one bit. why do people even keep frogs as pets? they do even do anything.

    By Angel0 on 11.06.2009

  19. hi

    By Anonymous on 11.06.2009

  20. the damp mist swung through my hair as we raced to the stream in the heart of the woods, as i stopped to catch my breath, i noticed a small green tree frog on a leaf by my face. it felt great to smile.

    By mia on 11.06.2009

  21. frog named bob he lived not so long, nobody knew him nobody cared, everybody laughed at him everybody exect kim

    By Ian Miller on 11.06.2009

  22. Nora hiccuped and wiped her nose on the back of her hand. “I just can’t stand knowing that we’re still here and they–they’re gone. Never coming back,” she whispered hoarsely. She remembered that she had promised Anneliese she would sing at the intern reunion. That was going to be a problem, now that she had a frog in her throat from crying. She could maybe talk softly with no problem, but sing? Her voice would most likely be literally nothing but a croak.

    By Karla on 11.06.2009

  23. frog named bob he lived not so long, nobody knew him nobody cared, everybody laughed at him everybody exect kim

    By Ian Miller on 11.06.2009

  24. they are green and cute and jump around. some are larger than others, and thus have a larger hop radius. i imagine the most suitable frog name would be Marius or Gerald. and if Marius and Gerald were together, i imagine they would laugh and laugh while hopping around town.

    By Allison on 11.06.2009

  25. Trees. My brother had frogs for awhile. They cheeped. After awhile they died, and when the last one went no one really cared. I did. I wasn’t really sad for the frog though, I was sad because nobody cared about his death.

    By no on 11.06.2009


    By Anonymous on 11.06.2009

  27. green slimey prince flies kermit warts webbed feet croaks budweiser

    By chris on 11.06.2009

  28. The frog prince will always look for his princess but will never find her. He is eternally optimistic, sitting on his little lily pad pondering the day when he shall me his true love. He shall ponder forever, never realizing that he will not meet that princess. This is as close to heaven as anyone will get. I envy this frog.

    By Alex Lopez on 11.06.2009

  29. the little frog is so green and croaky. She’s jumping from the waterlily to the water. Plop! Then th

    By Lolo on 11.06.2009

  30. green croak flyes lives in a pond is really loud and cute i love those little froggies i used to catch frogs when i was little it was really fun, i tried to save them all but there were so many flies

    By Christy on 11.06.2009

  31. I was sitting on a little skiff in the river when I noticed something odd. An emerald frog was leaping towards me, deftly navigating over the lily pads. After his final jump, I caught him in my hands and, naturally, gave him a kiss.

    Turns out he was just a frog. Ew.

    By vish on 11.06.2009

  32. The green frog is a cute little critter. blah blah blah blah.djflsajdlfjadkl

    By yo on 11.06.2009

  33. A green slimy and sticky thing. Also, jumpy and unpredictable. Loves the outside,with water. Has long tongues.

    By Jenny on 11.06.2009

  34. I bent over to look through the display case glass, amazed at the coloring of the one frog. He (she?) was a kaleidoscope of bright green, Christmas red, and royal blue. As I stared, he stuck his tongue out at me. I blinked, glanced around to see if anyone had witnessed this, then looked back at him, and this time he winked at me.

    By Mousewriter on 11.06.2009

  35. Someone dropped a frog in my pants…

    I smiled.

    By Capn Kirk on 11.06.2009

  36. frog are cute. They are typically green and eat flies. Some frogs are poisonous. There are 3 animated frogs that are famous from the Budweiser commercial. BUD WISE ER they groaned.

    By Jen on 11.06.2009

  37. Frog
    In the pond
    So slimy
    You keep me awake at night
    Outside my window
    but I do not mind
    because you are just a frog
    and you don’t know any better

    By stephanie mott-elkins on 11.06.2009

  38. A frog was flying across a sea of tranquility. He flew as fat s the speed of light an he could see all the colours in the spectrum. He was on and thought to himslelf, this is hard!

    By Matthew on 11.06.2009

  39. once there was a kind little frog who lived in a pond in the middle of the enchanted forest. this dear little frog was named goodman. goodman was always sweet and ready to help a fellow amphibian in need…

    By Anonymous on 11.06.2009

  40. it sat like stones on stones, motionless but stern as its eyes paraded back and forth through sockets. i panther through tall grass and unknown thought that skimmed its quiet mind, like silver fish through pale blue waves.

    By polina on 11.06.2009