November 6th, 2009 | 639 Entries

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639 Entries for “oven”

  1. i like to bake things. but really, i don’t. i am a great cook. but really, i’m not. i’m a lot of things. but then again, i’m not.

    By meghan on 11.07.2009

  2. If she didn’t have a baby in the oven,
    I’d never marry her.

    That’s what I heard you say that day
    when we were only 15.

    By L. Wood on 11.07.2009

  3. The place where all of those delicious things used to always magically come out… Nanny would say, tell me when the timer goes off, and i would get scared that I would forget… I would sit and watch to make sure the cookies or cake didn’t burn. We never made cake from scratch together… always the boxed mixes. But they were still just as delicious.

    By Still a child on 11.07.2009

  4. i love eating stuff in the oven it is so yummy and great because it tastes sooooo good i love it and i like cookies a lot too and i like flowers and my arm has tennis arm (tendonitis) so my hand is hurting like a bitch right now but ahh i remember eating stuff like my moms cornmuffins ahh yummmy i love eating i love food xD xD

    By kathleen on 11.07.2009

  5. The oven dinged, irritatingly loud, over the argument taking place in the kitchen.

    “What was that?” Ginger whispered. Madeline turned to look.

    “The oven,” Elliot eventually said. “Don’t mind it. There’s nothing in it.”

    “…Then why did it ding?” Kelsi murmured.

    Elliot looked at her, confused, before scuttling over to it.

    By Keena on 11.07.2009

  6. theres a oven in my apartment. it is under the stove. I don’t use it that often. The last time i used it, I was using it to make pork chop with rice.

    By q on 11.07.2009

  7. The oven is hot – don’t touch. what I use to tell the kids when they were little. when I think oven I think of the smells that come from a hot oven: bread, cookies, pie, casserole, turkey.

    By vic on 11.07.2009

  8. still?! when will it change?! no-one can write a story motivated by the word ‘oven’ like. wahhhh? are u INSANE?! what would it even be about? the oven exploded and i got burned?

    By me && you on 11.07.2009

  9. still?! when will it change?! no-one can write a story motivated by the word ‘oven’ like. wahhhh? are u INSANE?! what would it even be about? the oven exploded and i got burned?

    By me && you on 11.07.2009

  10. I like the shiny new oven in my kitchen. It isn’t gas, that makes me glad because it means nobody can do a Sylvia Plath in my kitchen!

    By Abigail on 11.07.2009

  11. mitts…nice and toasty. thanksgiving christmas poetry…food accesories oventually

    By Ruthie Black on 11.07.2009

  12. I love to open the oven and take out a fresh loaf of whole wheat bread that I made from scratch. I feel so contented just knowing that I spent time in my kitchen making a wonderful loaf of bread for my family to enjoy!

    By Peaceable on 11.07.2009

  13. the oven is hot. The devils hands. I just cooked pizza rolls in the oven. i don’t know what else i’m supposed to write about and oven.

    By Anonymous on 11.07.2009

  14. Life is like an oven. The heat’s on until you’re done.

    By Tyler on 11.07.2009

  15. Harold was known for his world famous cookies. Every Saturday he would use his magical oven to produce the best tasting chocolate chip cookies in the land. His oven had just the right amount of heat and conventional style cooking to produce world class cookies.

    By Jay on 11.07.2009

  16. head in oven
    rocks in pockets
    so many ways to go
    if i had an unquiet
    little firefly
    buzzing everything awake
    in my mind
    i’d rip off its wings
    just to hear it sing.

    By victoria on 11.07.2009

  17. its hot and you shouldn’t burn yourself. of course, it’s where all the good food is made, none of that microwave crap compares it whatever is baked in here. just remember how to turn it on, and don’t forget to turn it off when your done

    By jessica on 11.07.2009

  18. The oven was hot to touch. The sent of baking bread filled the room.

    By Lady Psychic on 11.07.2009

  19. It baked so long. The oven looks toasty. That’s how Sylvia Plath died, ya know. She stuck her head in an oven. In front of her children.

    By mookie on 11.07.2009

  20. oven

    By jamie on 11.07.2009

  21. the situation recalled hansel and grettel in a most grim way, as the tables were very rapidly and severely turned

    By jp on 11.07.2009

  22. ovens are wonderful. they heat things up, but frankly it takes way to goddamn long to make a hot pocket.
    hot pockets are supposed to be fast. but in an oven it takes 28-30 minutes, talk about slow!
    that doesn’t even include the preheating of the oven, which i heard was a myth btw.

    By teresa on 11.07.2009

  23. stove oven hot cook cooking mom chef dont touch profession fastfood panels expensive fire

    By shad on 11.07.2009

  24. I opened an oven. In it, was a man. And in that man was an oven – and so on for eternity.

    By Jesse on 11.07.2009

  25. Young Hansel had a hiding place where he used to listen to American GI radio and his mother threw tomatoes at him. What a life.

    Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

    By r.a. on 11.07.2009

  26. I pulled the chicken out of the oven. It was cooked just right, the skin crispy and brown. I love chicken at the holidays. It’s so tasty. My kids love chicken too. So does my family. But, unfortunately, the oven now smells like chicke and needs to be cleaned. I need to open the house and air it out or everythin will smell like chicken

    By dona_watson@mac.com on 11.07.2009

  27. where things are baked like buns which also refers to babies. one time i cleaned my mom’s oven to get enough money to buy my first concert tickets. i also caught one of her pot holders on fire on the oven.

    By ARM on 11.07.2009

  28. The oven was hot the baker started to load the racks with bread, cakes and treats for all ages. He hummed happily as he turned back to the dough

    By Elise on 11.07.2009

  29. Slyvia Plath killed herself. Head went straight in. For the longest time I didn’t understand. I didn’t know ovens could run on gas, only being used to electric. I imagined her frying.

    By Gret on 11.07.2009

  30. fuck this oven is not a new word, there should be a new one you fucking fucks. fuck faced fuckeroos! heres my minute you shit big fany sucking bulge grossers cock nuts!

    By WHHHAAAAAAAAALIBAH! on 11.07.2009

  31. Chika could feel the sweat drips down his face and he leaned over the over. A few more minutes and the sweat potato pie would be finished.

    By J Qvist on 11.07.2009

  32. drawer, oven mits, kitchen, fire place, coals, hot, brownies, mom uses it a lot. it warms our house, and i love when it’s used. it gives our house a heart.

    By emily sanderson on 11.07.2009

  33. The oven was burning. Not small flames, but very large, very dangerous flames. Mary ran over screaming, but she didn’t know what to do. her husband ran in, and thinking slightly quicker than his wife, threw a cup of water on it.

    By Megan on 11.07.2009

  34. My oven has stopped working. I place a frozen dinner in the oven, turned it on, came back 30 minutes later and the thing was still frozen. I have no idea what I will do for the holidays without an oven. I guess everything onthe stovetop.

    By kds on 11.07.2009

  35. I baked a wonderful cake today. it was so gratifying mixing the ingredients and smelling all the wonderful smells. I couldn’t wait for it to be done so I could frost it and eat it. I hope that it didn’t turn out too dry.

    By Annie on 11.07.2009

  36. Oven, heat. oven mits. muffins-tastey. Thanksgiving. home. food. heat. stove. oven light. Home made bread, tastey tasty food. yummu food eating lots. broiling. cheese sandwiches. squash casarole. yummu. im hungry now.

    By Katie on 11.07.2009

  37. I love to bake in my oven <3 It makes me happy to bake in ovens and without ovens
    Some things like no bake cookies dont need ovens just stove tops
    I love Ovens though… Breakfast lunch and dinner in an oven is ok with me
    OVEN love is good love

    By Kendra on 11.07.2009

  38. it was oven yesterday. you guys need to update. i mean it is only one word you have to put. hey i don’t mind dont ur job. hollerrrr at me :)

    By house on 11.07.2009

  39. There was something roasting in the oven and the girl was sitting on the floor in front of it. Just watching the colden skin and the juices pooling on the tray underneath it and she startled as her father came up to her and asked what she was doing.
    “It just looks so good”, she proclaimed.

    By Sanna on 11.07.2009