November 5th, 2009 | 524 Entries

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524 Entries for “frog”

  1. hoppity, hoppity, hop.

    By greta on 11.06.2009

  2. i like frogs. they live in habitats and can be green or bluish tinted or many differnt colors of they are living in the tropics or are poisonous. They croak and most frogs’ throat will expand into a bubble thing. Frogs live in humid and rainy areas most of the time, for example rainforests.

    By Mia on 11.06.2009

  3. Zeus laughed at the frog who sat on his pedestal. He was always amused by the animals and mortals that lived down in the land. And sometimes, he would leave Mt. Olympus just to visit them. Whenever the mood struck him, he would change his form into a man. Feeling adventurous, perhaps a hunter.

    By Gouldin Lion on 11.06.2009

  4. frogs are green usually but they can be brown sometimes i think anyway yeah they live in water and i watched a prgramme once about them and it sucked. i saw a dead frog once it sucked
    frogs suck mainly. i dont like frogs they are silly and also frogs get eaten in fracen and this sounds

    By Anonymous on 11.06.2009