November 4th, 2009 | 877 Entries

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877 Entries for “shield”


    By on 11.05.2009

  2. The shield was heavy. So was his breath. He lifted it high and felt the ache of his weak arm and knew that this was not where he belonged. He wanted to run, but knew that he couldn’

    By Lauren on 11.05.2009

  3. metal, block, save life, cover,

    By y on 11.05.2009

  4. the shield comes and covers me protecting me from the world. In my own little bubble I rest. No alarms, appointment, or dates. I am here and no where else. My happy place. The place I go where I can be me and not think about anyone else.

    By Tree on 11.05.2009

  5. me, just me

    By david keller on 11.05.2009

  6. prote

    By Anonymous on 11.05.2009

  7. protect me form my foe nd help me to crush evils

    By randompuppet on 11.05.2009

  8. her shield was placed in front of her. she was never going to let that sort of pain get to her again. Never would she feel as much pain and suffering as the day he said he didn’t want her anymore. her shield was placed inf front of her.

    By sld on 11.05.2009

  9. She has always been a soldier. Always. As a child, she would stand alone in the back yard and feel the weight of a sword, a rapier, always, at her side. It was invisible.
    She grew up. She’s still growing up.
    But, she still feels that sword from time to time.

    By millikin on 11.05.2009

  10. It protects from harm. But what harm. And what is “protects.” This makes me think of blue cross blue shield but that doesn’t “protect” from shit. It just tries to heal and get money.

    By John Cala on 11.05.2009

  11. He charged into battle, shield raised high. A blood-curdling yell sprang forth from the chasm of chest as the dark arrows clanged against his metal savior. Here he was, shielding himself from imminent to shield his king from disgrace.

    By illyros on 11.05.2009

  12. uniquely

    By Sarah on 11.05.2009

  13. i used my shield of nothingness to protect my feelings. the shield i had developed since i was just a little kid. all my life i had been picked on and emotionally beaten down. so one day i decided i needed to protect myself; i needed a shield to keep my feelings from n=being broken into

    By Miranda on 11.05.2009

  14. I have a shield and I will hit you with it.

    By Steve on 11.05.2009

  15. i have a very hard sheild you can not penetrate it. it is a heavy sheild, which makes me a strong person for doing so.
    my sheils is silver with brass knuckle locks and comes with a free angel. running out of time to talkk about the sheilss

    By Anonymous on 11.05.2009

  16. i sheild myself from others i shield myself from the rain i sheild myself from pain i shield myself from you i sheild myself from it all i sheild i sheild

    By tiffani duncan on 11.05.2009

  17. be a shield for me
    protect me night and day
    protect my heart
    protect my soul
    do me no harm
    love me
    love me for who I am
    not just who I could me
    love me always
    protect me
    be my shield
    be my light
    guide me
    be with me

    By V on 11.05.2009

  18. why would i need a shield? what kind of shield would i need? a steel shield? a prayer shield? please tell me what kind of shield i should get because i want to be protected but i don’t know how to protect myself. i need a shield for my heart.

    By rocky on 11.05.2009

  19. sometimes it’s hard to hide. even when there’s some thing there to cover you physically. but nomatter what you are behind or what it in front of you, sometimes you still don’t feel hidden and you wish for a shield. but there will never be one.

    By Anonymous on 11.05.2009

  20. We shield ourself from the outside by living inside our house. We can also shield ourself from other people vy not being around them. Maybe it’s because they are a different race or maybe we just don’t like them.

    By Arden Haith on 11.05.2009

  21. shields are used to protect people from unknown forces. they were mainly used in the medieval times since they didn’t have good armor. sometimes they had pretty designs of them, or were just plain and silver. shields are pretty awesome if you ask me!

    By chelsea on 11.05.2009

  22. shit, i keep erasing.

    i’m thinking and not typing. oh well.
    i love shields.

    By Tripp on 11.05.2009

  23. sometimes it’s hard to hide. even when there’s some thing there to cover you physically. but nomatter what you are behind or what it in front of you, sometimes you […]

    By Arden Haith on 11.05.2009

  24. block things from hitting you. protective. i don’t get this. why?

    By djg2400 on 11.05.2009

  25. We shield ourself from the outside by living inside our house. We can also shield ourself from other people vy not being around them. Maybe it’s because they are a […]


    By Arden Haith on 11.05.2009

  26. The shield was heavy, made of bronze and dented in several places. It covered a good portion of his body

    By Shannon on 11.05.2009

  27. a great television show starring Mike Chiklis as Vic MacKey one of the greatest characters in a television show ever. It’s just been released on DVD. The complete series. Wish I could afford it. I’d love to have it on the shelf next to my complete Rockford and Homicide collections. The final season really paid off well.

    By kmw on 11.05.2009

  28. I don’t know much about this word, but it makes me think of knights and final fantasy when the white mages use magic to guard the other party members.

    By Trey Garlow on 11.05.2009

  29. And sword keeping the helpless safe from the forces of Evil and protecting the innocent of the world. Wielded by a worthy man, kept hidden by his angel and his cunning. (wow, this is totally a bad SPN fanfiction)

    By cas on 11.05.2009

  30. the one thing i tell people to have when going into battle. The movie 300 and the best movie of all time gladiator. both movies accentuate the shields. however shield cou

    By Dane on 11.05.2009

  31. me from this crazy world, so’s I may never come to harm. I fear the people who surround me and wish for them to disappear, not having to see them is the next best thing.

    By agor on 11.05.2009

  32. I need a shiel to prtect myself of you

    By diarioporcino on 11.05.2009

  33. i put up a shield in order to protect myself from the harm caused by family is a mess. i wish that i could solve all of the problems and he could move out and we would never have to look back. my shield is for protection- his is a disguise.

    By idontknowanymore on 11.05.2009

  34. Shields are a form of protection. Maybe something that plans on harming you or you jsut think it is. It could be metaphorical and someone jsut doesn’t want their feelings hurt so they put up a shiled to guard themselves. No one wants to be hurt.

    By Jess on 11.05.2009

  35. it is something that Achilles wore and many other Greeks war. Achilles shield was made for him speacailly. His mother, a goddess, asked another got to make one for him. It was lost and destroyed when his best fridend

    By Alison on 11.05.2009

  36. blank. block. protect from some darkeness within myself. obviously. Isn’t that what “writer’s block” is?

    By Paul on 11.05.2009

  37. A smile, a drink, a laugh. The vodka is getting to me, I’m starting to think.

    He excuses himself, the drink swirls in my mouth and I want to throw up.

    Shields down, he smiles, urges me over.

    I’ll do it.

    By s on 11.05.2009